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Part 1 of 2 Friday November 19, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

You knew we had to do that right?

Friday, November 19th, we’ve got eclipse day hi! — Thomas Miller. Welcome in to the fun astrology podcast. And we are going to jump right into the eclipse and I’m actually releasing this on the 18th Thursday evening because I wanted to get really clear on the time and the aspects and everything around this eclipse in case you wanted to get up and see it live in the morning.

All right. I, I, you know, I’ve kind of, we’ve talked about the eclipse through the week, but I really have not wrapped my head around it until today, which I’m recording this on Thursday. So this is Friday’s podcast recorded on Thursday. But as I go to time and, just to drill down on kind of what’s going on here, what do we have in front of us?

Great website to watch eclipse information on, and it gives you if you just search up the time and date eclipse, it’s the one right at the top, and it will show you the map of where this eclipse will be visible. So basically north and south America, most of Europe, at least partially, uh, the west coast of Africa.

Going all the way down to, yes, Hawaii, the Pacific ocean, all of you, the north Pacific and the south Pacific. So that’s New Zealand, Australia, the far east into, and a lot of. I guess we almost should say who isn’t going to see it. Parts of Africa, the middle east, and some parts of east central Europe, but you can check out time and for that.

I’m going to give you some resources here. Now, if you want a list of eclipses, this was one that I found that bless her heart. She put a lot of work into this list. This, which many of you might be familiar with and probably have read some information. Annie is the author of cafe astrology.

And she, I got to say, Annie tipping my hat. This is a great piece of work and took you a long time and it shows, but if you search cafe astrology, eclipses, you get a list. I mean, extensive list that goes back to let’s see, before we were all born. March 23rd, 1940 as the first one on this list. So if you want an extensive time date, solar lunar sign that they were in, et cetera, and even the degrees, it’s a great list.

Cafe, Now, while I’m throwing down resources, I’ve got to add my buddy. on this. He has a great article, just search astrology king eclipse, November, 2021. His article is also worth reading and kind of a shout out to Jamie. He’s been going through a battle with cancer.

It looks like he’s doing fairly well. I see that he recently, I think has added readings back. So that’s a great sign. You know, the astrological community is a tight community and Jamie’s one of the white hats. He’s one of the good guys. So I always like to give credit where credit is due and he writes a wickedly.

Great. So those are some resources to do a little extra work, and I’m not going to take the time to do that here because I want to put my own spin here and then you can read those other resources for additional. So if you’ve been with us for a while and oh, by the way, Stephanie, we’ll be here tomorrow.

Yes. And we’re going to be talking about the north node, which kind of fits into the landscape of the eclipse season as well. We did the south node last Saturday, north node in medical astrology tomorrow. But if you’ve been following for a while, I’m kind of, of that persuasion, that eclipses are well, as in fact, astrology king, Jamie Partridge said.

Full moon on steroids. You know, what’s been funny is I’m seeing like in our Facebook group, subconscious mind mastery podcast listeners, also some other posts, people are feeling this energy right now. I’m seeing something that was interesting. Last night I was logging on to Robert Glass Cox, solar arc class, and people were having trouble logging on almost like mercury retrograde, kind of.

And today when I came into my audio booth, I had to reboot everything because it wasn’t working. Right. And this thing sits here. It is, you know, it’s designed in a way to be fired up and go. So there’s, I don’t know. There’s something electrical going on. Sames seen it twice in just over 12 hours. Then we have the nodes of the moon.

So right now let’s see, we’re sitting at the eclipse at 27 degrees, 14 minutes. The south node north node are sitting at one degree, 47 minute. So that’s what, a little over four degrees orb. So maybe just past the astronomical phenomenon of what happens in our world when these shadows are cast, then maybe it would be that we just take a look at the nodes and we focus on the karmic work.

Now, what I think we’ll do is stop here for this. Podcast. And I’m going to release this on Thursday because some of you might want to get up and see the eclipse. Then what we’ll do is our regular podcast for tomorrow morning, that will be released at the regular time. And what I’d like to do is refer you again to these other sources, particularly Jamie partridges, astrology king blog.

Fill in the details there. He covers them, all of the other things that I’m not going to. When we come back tomorrow, we’re going to talk specifically about the nodes and the karma around the eclipse. If I tried to do it here, this would just go too long. So we’ll do it in a separate one that will be released at 4:00 AM.

Eastern time, Friday morning on the 19th. Hope you enjoy the eclipse for what it is. It’s a beautiful, wonderful, natural phenomenon. Where we get to celebrate the heavens. See you back tomorrow morning for part two.

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