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Part 2 of 2 Friday November 19, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the fun astrology podcast. We’re going to do part two to the eclipse show today. Part one was released yesterday, so you can catch up on that one. I just, you know, I really like to respect your time and keep these within a certain timeframe. And we were going to obviously go over. Plus I wanted to make sure that you had the specifics on the time in case you wanted to get up at about.

Now, this gets released at 4:00 AM. And the eclipse is at full peak right now, as this is coming out, I’m going to pick up where we left off yesterday. And that is talking about the karmic alignment of this eclipse being so close to the nodes as they always are. So what we have today is the sun in Scorpio.

And you realize that Sunday is Sagittarius day, right? Sunday is the sign change. So we were in the waning days of Scorpio. And the sun is sitting four and a half degrees away from the south node, which is in Sagittarius. The moon is sitting four and a half degrees away from the north node. And. We have a great listener.

Mary Susan in Northern California, whose nodes are exactly backwards from what we just mentioned, where they are in the sky. Now, node is in Scorpio and my south node is in tourists. What could I possibly expect from this now? That’s a great, because she’s looking at the placements in her. And because this is all about a transiting aspect.

In other words, this is moving fast in the sky above us, and it involves the nodes. Wherever your nodes are, would be worth looking at where you might be activated by this eclipse. Simply because we have the sun conjunct, the south node, we have the moon conjunct, the north. Now, what I would say to Mary Susan is to take a look at the December 4th, solar eclipse that will be in Sagittarius with the sun and the moon in Sagittarius.

There’ll be a little bit farther away, a little bit wide, even to be a conjunction, but they will be in the sign with the south node. Now let me throw one other log on this fire. And that is what houses the sun and the moon are in today. Because this is where the money paradigm comes into the picture here.

The sun is in the second house. This is as the eclipse is happening. Now the sun and the south node are in the second house. And right now I’ve turned my chart to equal houses. So that’s what I’m looking at. You get the same thing from plus. And the moon and the north node are in the eighth house. Well, we’re talking money here, folks.

So the sun and the south node are in your money area. The moon and the north node are in other people’s money area, but related to your life. And I would like to throw one other aspect onto this mix. And that is that the moon is in a trine aspect to Pluto. Which puts the sun in a sextile. Now Pluto related to money always makes your little Spock ears.

Point up Pluto is extra strength, extra power, and a very much transformational theme. And it’s training the eighth house, which is ruled by Pluto, which is death and rebirth transformation. Do you see the picture evolving here? See, what’s morphing into reality. We are talking about transforming money. Now this all moves very fast in relative terms because not only will this eclipse be here today, gone tomorrow.

I mean, just in a matter of hours, right? I mean, it’s gone. But the nodes also changed sign Merry Christmas, December 23rd is when they move north node into Taurus, south node into Scorpio ruled by in modern terms, Pluto, you know, we say this a lot and it’s, it’s scattered throughout the 1 0 1 course.

Whenever you find threes in astrology, you find a chart that says the same thing, three different way. Then you can just about take that to the bank. And when we started talking about Saturn and Pluto, all the way back to January of last year, what I think is like the foundational pivot of everything that’s going on in the world right now goes traces itself back to Saturn and Pluto.

January 12th, 2020, we started talking about one of the big aspects for this year was going to be the square. Between Saturn and Uranus, which is in Taurus. So now we’re kind of bumping this eclipse in there. We’ve got Pluto in the hangar. We’ve got Saturn that is moving toward its third. Number three, count them Ono, those trace square to Uranus this year.

And they’re going to be elbow bumping all year, next year. And for the United States, I open up today’s headlines and I see that the secretary of the U S treasury is saying that the government might run out of money by December 15th. And we don’t get into politics on here, but I’m seeing that politically, uh, that this could be a leverage against, uh, the two parties.

So in other words, one party could actually. Hold out and let this debt ceiling expire. So I don’t know how all that’s going to play out, but you see, look at what’s going on other people’s money and you know, it begs the question you and I can’t go out and spend money abandoned Lilly and have that end.

Well, well, neither can you even energetically with governments? So you just wonder, I mean, we’re sitting here. I don’t know how you can further paint this. Oh, how about a T square with Jupiter? That’ll work. Sure. Why not? A T square with Jupiter in rebellious, Aquarius squaring, this money eclipse, the saddo side of Jupiter being excessiveness and being in a square saying, ah, we’re going to stop here and we’re going to deal with.

Now let’s bring this personally home because I think there are some lessons. One is, this is a great time to take a look at your own financial situation and see where it needs to be shored up. Where are debts that could be paid, whereas extra income that could be generated where our savings that could be maybe amplified, maybe a savings program, where you could say, we’re going to dig a little deeper and stick a little bit more away and get it invested properly.

Maybe realigning your investment portfolio around this center. Buddy of mine actually texted earlier this week and said that he had done that he had restructured some things and he said, money is energy and it has to be moving in order to grow. Ha I love that. So as best I can see it from this chart, Mary Susan, we are talking about money.

So I would be looking at that area and realizing that in about three weeks, not quite three weeks, this will be coming back around and we’ll be sitting right there. On top of that. And the fact that it’s kind of backwards to the nodes. I think I would give that more of a directional thing. Right? What are you moving from and what are you moving to?

So that’s how I would look at that. This has been a great, wow. We really pick this up. I had to kind of get in gear for this, but I think we, I think we did all right between yesterday and today is part one and part two. Hope you have a great one. Yes. Back tomorrow with Stephanie. And we will be talking about actually the north node in medical astrology.

So have a great Friday and we will see you back tomorrow.