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Monday November 1, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Hey NOVEMBER. How you doing? Good to see you again. We love your fall. Pumpkin’s least up here above the equator. You guys down below it, starting to warm up is thanks for joining us on the fun astrology podcast. I am tardy today getting this podcast out, but I am in a couple of days. Doctor ordered self care.

Dr. Bean. Me, uh, yeah, after getting the course launched and everything that happened this weekend. Thank you guys so much. Thanks for all the birthday wishes in the course. And wow. We’ve got it all up and running and I got to take a little bit of non-screen time just to take care of me. So that was yesterday and I’m getting in here a little bit late this morning, but we will get the wheels rolling on this week and we’ve got a great one to kick it off with.

It’s going to be a good week, especially for us because mercury is training Jupiter today. Communication is going to be blessed. So if you have something to say, shrouded in love and let it out there. The exact aspect was just after midnight here and the Eastern time zone of the United States, 1218 is when it was, but that is going to be lingering for several days, mercury back about where it was when it went retrograde.

So we’re about out of the, the other shoulder shadow period. And that Jupiter is at 22 degrees Aquarius. So we’ve got a nice little aspect there that, uh, we could take advantage of for putting things out into the. Now one, that’s kind of interesting and shaping up. What I’ve got my eye on this week is Wednesday.

The moon moves into Scorpio at about nine. O’clock just shy of nine o’clock Eastern time PM. At night, the moon moves into Scorpio. That means we will have the sun and the moon in Scorpio, which we do every time we have Scorpio season, but just saying that intensifies the Scorpio, Anik energy, then we have the new moon on Thursday.

Then on Friday, we were just talking about mercury on Friday, mercury moves into Scorpio. So once again, the three horsemen, the sun Mars and mercury will be back in Scorpio. They kind of chase each other down. That won’t last too long because mercury will put its speed skates on and just right on by pretty fast, but we will have them in there together.

And on the tail end of that new moon as well. So there’s going to be a lot of scorpion energy this week, especially after Wednesday. So we’ll keep a watch on it. We’ll get things rolling full speed tomorrow. I’ve just got to just get myself back in the saddle and. Yeah, of course is open. So come check us out.

Fun Thanks so much for listening today. Full episode tomorrow. SpeakPipe if you’ve got any questions would love to tackle those as well. We’ve got a little bit, little bit of space this week. We can do that. Have a good Monday. See you tomorrow.

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