Sunday, October 31, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to a special bonus edition of a fun astrology podcast. We’re going to stretch the rope here a little bit. We’re going to go, not looking in parsing, astrological placements and cookbook alignments and things like that. We’re going to talk over the hill of what might be ahead of us energetically.

Cultural shifts and things that have been visible in the chart for quite a while, but are starting to come to fruition. I’ve got Stephanie here with me to help me with this. Stephanie, welcome back as always. Hi Thomas. Thank you for having me and, and I’m so excited to be a part of this conversation. I think it’s very important for where we’re at one more thing.

Because we’re talking about a shift between masculine domination and more feminine balance and the rise of this feminine shift that’s been taking place that is going on. We’re going to kind of focus on that for the next few weeks. Yes, that’s right. And we can get to hear from an amazing listener who we’ve developed a great relationship with, and she represents the younger generations and we can hear her perspective on where she feels it’s going to be going for her generation.

And then those after her. So this is just one of you who sent an email to me with some thoughts and they really jumped off the page, Stephanie and I discussed them. And then we just decided to bring her in. So let’s meet now. This is Lizzie grace. Lizzie welcome to the podcast. So what has your interest been in astrology?

I’m just curious, like what kind of background and what got you interested in it? I felt astrology in a, basically in a dark time in my life, and I found a lot of solace and a lot of fun and reading about astrology. After that, I went to an astrology conference in Chicago and heard all these like professional astrology.

Speaking and using the jargon and it really encouraged me to want to keep studying it independently. I have a lot of like background just through watching YouTube videos and reading, and I’m still devouring all the information. And it’s turned into this research into mythology because mythology and astrology are actually very linked together.

And I’m just, that’s my background. They are totally linked together and you have a, uh, command of it that I don’t have. I’ve stayed with just looking at the planets and you’ve brought a real interesting perspective and depth of. Persona through the mythology, um, to the table. And I think that’s what led you to your perspective on this new constellation that we’re going to talk about here in a second and why it might have a rightful place in astrology’s future.

Yeah, it certainly has a place in the future. So in blending that mythology with the, with the stars and the alignment and everything. What are you perceiving about? Why Ophiuchus would have a place at the table going forward? What shift are you sensing? I’m sensing a shift of our world becoming more feminine.

And I feel this because when we look at antiquity, there was a lot of wars and battles and bloodshed, and there are still wars now, but they’re not in our backyard. Luckily for us in America, but they’re also just not as much as our culture. Like we can wake up every day, go to work, focus on our lives. And I feel like we’re moving towards a more softer pole into the future, which is essentially feminine.

And so with that being said, I feel like Ophiuchus is revealing itself to us. Whereas in that was hiding. There was so much bloodshed. We weren’t ready to accept the feminine and as we become more and more female there’s a balance and Ophiuchus is ready to reveal it. So. Lindsey. Thank you so much for your perspective on this.

And I’m just curious as well. Do you see going forward with the future of astrology and the next generations after hours, uh, do you feel that Ophiuchus as something that will be incorporated in modern astrology? And that may be courses at like, say a junior college or State school will be offered on astrology instead of just maybe having to go to a specialized a school to learn more about it.

Do you think it’s something that’s going to become more mainstream? I think astrology as a whole is already becoming more mainstream and I feel like a few kits is going to be introduced in a way kind of how, um, we have Jyotish and tropical, and they don’t really step on each other’s toes. They seem to compliment each.

In their own. Right? And so I feel like with the evening of a few guests into our consciousness, it’s going to be its own study of astrology for awhile. And perhaps as people become more comfortable with that, they can see the parallels in it. I don’t think any of the systems in astrology are meant to overshadow the other.

I think they all speak to people individually. And that’s the powerful thing with astrology is it’s enables us to communicate in different matrixes, but they all exist within a similar plane. And so I feel like a few guests and the 13th Zodiac wheel is going to operate in a similar way to the ones we have today.

It’s just going to be. Like a compliment. Yeah. I love that. I could absolutely see that happening. And I would also like to know your perspective on, if you feel that incorporating this 13th sign will help us move more towards embracing more of the feminine in our culture. I think. And you see that in the mythology, considering like a scrappiness, wouldn’t be able to bring people back from the dead, without Medusa’s blood, which is a female.

So it really is that balance. And that’s what a few cars really reflect. So from a technical standpoint, if we and Lizzie, this was great. Lizzie sent her own natal chart with Ophiuchus integrated. And what happens is I think Libra gets a little bit cut back from 30 degrees. Scorpio gets way cut back.

Like it’s only about seven or eight degrees. Then you have Ophiuchus for about 20 degrees and then Sagittarius. So, this is interesting that she’s talking about Mars and that Martian dominant warrior energy being pulled back. Well, what’s the ancient ruler of score.

Exactly. So it is kind of interesting. And I could see, could you not see a battle in astrological communities of old school versus new? Could you not see the same war being waged, even amongst astrologers to work this. Interesting. Hm Hmm. Possibly from a psychological perspective as well. If we’re going more Scorpio, I mean, that’s, that’s as institutionally gripped as anything else that I think could be challenged.

See, this is why I wanted to open this up and to Lizzy for you to comment on this, because this is exactly the energy that’s going on right now. And here it is, you brought it right under our own roof. Yes. And a voice, a voice for, you know, the generations that going forward. Like how are, how is gen Z going to embrace astrology and how are they moving more towards equality of the genders and the non-gender, you know, the non-binary we want to be all inclusive and have it all compliment.

It’s fascinating to me that. Messes with the 30 degree thing, you know, for each sign, if you put an Ophiuchus I don’t know exactly. They would have to, I guess, completely engineer the degrees again on the wheel to include it. Yeah. I’ve that aspect of the whole thing kind of hurts my brain. And I’ve just taken the camp of, I don’t understand it right now, but I will, I’m sure if enough time passes and I just kind of let it sit there subconsciously.

And I feel like I’ve, I’ve learned a lot in the last couple of days and considering the whole concept of, uh, the rebirth with Pegasus and, uh, like Scorpio. The final end of it is an Eagle and a few guests in. Represents Pegasus. So I almost feel like Scorpio, a few guesses that like final form event. And with that consideration of like Scorpio merging into a few guests that helped me understand more of the compliment of a few guests considering like, you know, Scorpio and Taurus.

Or opposing one, another, a few kids seems to have nothing that’s like genuinely opposing it, but considering Scorpius like turning into the Pegasus into its final form, then I can see how tourists would be as compliment. And I didn’t, I wouldn’t have been able to understand that like a couple of weeks ago, but just from letting time pass and like, thinking about it, like things are starting to kind of make sense.

And so. I don’t have a 100% answer on how we’re going to figure out the numbers behind it. I feel like in time, things will make more sense. Yeah. And if you do look at it, how it’s placed in the chart, not many software programs can insert it by the way, Lizzie happens to have one it’s the Astro app, which is a browser based program.

I actually paid someone to do that. Yeah. And I asked them for their secrets and they did not respond. So in the corner of the, of the image there, it said Astro app, which is a browser based. And it’s one that you subscribed to at various levels, but it’s on your browser. So it’s like anybody could plunk down a month’s worth of subscription to get whatever level it is that does that.

And they could generate it, but I have not actually looked at whether solar fire or Janus or, um, I do know that my Astro gold, which I use on my Mac all the time does not do it. And I haven’t looked or to see if they do it. But interesting how Taurus does sit on the other side of it.

And Taurus is a feminine sign, Venus, Venus. Exactly right? Yeah. Yeah, very feminine. Like the class. Like divine feminine. I like all the points that you’re bringing up though, that we are awakening. I guess if you, if you want to use that word are becoming more aware of all of the different facets of the asteroids, um, and the mythology and how.

They do play a really important role in astrology as a whole. And I think we are looking to different parts of it instead of just focusing on, you know, say just the planet. So we’re looking at so many more different components to it and it opens up different ways of looking at it. Yeah. I love astrology for like just loving up these small rocks in the sky.

Uh, there’s so much more of there than the base. Like male planets, they’re all symbolized mainly with masculine characters, which is interesting. So it’s almost like we’ve explored the facets of like the divine male. Now it’s time to like explore the facets of the device email. If there are all these asteroids that are becoming to our awareness, isn’t that the truth.

And if you read astrology objective, You would have seen this shift built into all of the aspects of where everything is now. So it’s like, if you’re just looking at it purely objectively, especially if you’re a guy and you’re looking at it, you go, wait a minute. This is going to shift. These old structures are coming down then Saturn and Pluto hits last year.

And it’s almost like, okay, the, that was the domino effect.  How long is that line of Domino’s? Well, it’s, I think it’s as long as there is resistance to it, because that resistance will be torn down. So the wisdom, especially I’m talking to the guys out there and the husbands is you would be wise to realize what is taking place right under our nose right now is there is this shift to the.

And we need to embrace it. We need to facilitate it. And like you said, quit fighting, quit the war. That era is ending. So it is now time to embrace this different total presence that I think Lizzie, that you are really, I think it seems like to me, tell me if I’m wrong, but it seems like you are really spiritually psychically tuned into this as well as physical.

I must be. I feel like I’m just living and very curious, and this is where my heart’s at. So, and I think a lot of women have felt it for years. I mean, for a lot of my life, I mean, I’ve seen, you know, kind of grew up with the revolution, but now it’s entering into the consciousness. Yes. Yeah. I, my mom grew up in the seventies as a teenager.

And so my father was like in this early adulthood in the seventies. So I feel like they kind of whispered some things into my brain that kind of made me who I am right now with the certain motives I have and feeling. Yeah, it’s interesting. There’s definitely like a revolution to this moment right now.

That is very akin to what we had in like the late sixties, early seventies. Yup. And it does take a couple of generations to play it out. Yeah. Very interesting. Well, listen, thank you so much. Really appreciate you being with. Yeah. So glad to have this conversation with you and we’d love to in the future, probably get more perspective from you on where you feel things are heading and how we can embrace more of these different perspectives, especially the feminine part, because I think that for so long, we’ve been so programmed to, you know, even as women for my.

Push and push with the masculine and it’s just not really working. And I think a lot of us are finally starting to realize this and we want to embrace, you know, that, that age of Aquarius, the gender equality, both are important and non-binary is important. And how can we embrace all of these facets and to who we are.

Yeah. And I, I really feel like things are neutralizing. I don’t want this to turn into this like polarizing thing. And then this way, women, this what I really think what if you could Ophiuchus is trying to teach us is there’s a balance. Yes. Yes. I love that. I love that. It’s so important, Lizzie. Thank you so much.

Really appreciate it. Well, thank you both. I’m like beyond the moon and back that I got to be on this podcast and I’m really grateful. So, Stephanie, I’m just curious in wrapping this up. As a woman career woman astrologer. How do you perceive what we’ve been talking about? Yes. Thank you. Thank you. So for me, I am a little bit older than Lindsey.

I’m kind of at the start of the millennial generation, although I definitely feel like gen Y lines up a lot with my values and I’ve absolutely seen this shift happening, uh, since I was in school. I’m dating myself here in high school and the early, very early knots or the two thousands and where it’s at now.

And I absolutely see more and more people, not even those that study astrology like us or that are aware of astrology, but more and more people every day that are opening up and becoming more. Of needing that balance between the masculine and the feminine. And we need that blend of that energy, that equality.

And I think it speaks very true for, you know, going into the Aquarian age where each person is important regardless of their gender, regardless of you know, their orientation and any of that and embracing. Both parts of the energies of masculine and feminine, because we all have them is what’s really going to let us be the best that we can be.

And that, that blend to let us live more optimally and more spiritually aware and any evolving. I think our evolution is heading to that place where we’re all important, regardless of whether we are a male gender or not. So I’m grateful that this conversation is opening up that platform more and people can continue to just talk about this in the mainstream every day.

You are a trauma and surgical nurse opera in the, or by training. Yes. And I would imagine that that’s quite an interesting perspective to parse this through quite a lens to see because the nursing profession has traditionally been more female dominant. The medical doctor, surgeon profession has definitely been almost the other direction.

Male dominated. Do you see those coming together in some kind of a clash or battle? Do you see the turf wars kind of playing out there in that. Yes. Yes. Actually, I witnessed quite a little bit of it when I was in the operating room because you are correct. The majority of nurses are women and the majority of surgeons are men.

But I saw that shifting, uh, in, in the middle of the, you know, the teens that we went through that decade, there was quite a few, uh, female. That I worked with and then quite a few male nurses that we had a good blend going on. And every meeting we’d have, we make sure we had one female surgeon and one male surgeon, so we could get both perspectives.

And I think that that’s a trend that I see continuing to move forward. Uh, there are definitely no gender importances when it comes to nursing or being a surgeon, you can do the job. No matter what gender orientation you are. So I’m glad to see that that’s being embraced and. Actually ironically being in the trauma and surgical field in the operating room, I had to have a lot of masculine tendencies to keep me going.

It wasn’t really the soft, feminine, receptive bedside caretaking that I think a lot of people associate nurses with. I had to wear more of the masculine hat and I’m now learning how I needed to incorporate a bit more of the feminine with that masculine energy to bring a better blend. And my patients responded better when I did that unconsciously.

Uh, so that’s something going forward that I think a lot of practitioners are realizing this blend of energy is really important and it’s. About treating the person based on the gender per se. It’s more about treating the person as a whole. So I absolutely see that going forward as something that we’re going to continue to embrace, but I don’t see it as being something that’s going to be like fighting tooth and nail.

I absolutely think more equality’s happening across the board in medicine and in teaching as well, because that’s always been, I think, more of a female dominated field and I think a lot more male teachers are being more vocal now and being celebrated in that profession. How do you think this is such a broad question, but just from your perspective, how do you think women are doing broadly stepping into this.

Hmm. Ooh, could go on about this for a while. So I’m going to try to give a condensed answer. Such a great question. I do think it’s a bit individual. I think for someone like myself, uh, it’s a press of fresh air to embrace this feminine energy and to take a step back and realize I don’t have to always be in the masculine.

Uh, things done or to have a good life, so to speak. And I think for others, maybe it is a little bit more challenging. Maybe they feel that they’re having to be something a little bit like what they’re not. And I think it’s, it’s definitely a transition. I don’t think it’s going to be an overnight thing. I think it’s going to be something that plays out for each person individually over some time.

Uh, and I, I think even for men too, I’d love to hear you speak on this and your perspective. It’s something that for so long, we haven’t been aware of and we haven’t embraced that it is going to take a little bit of a transition. And then I think at some point, hopefully sooner than later, we’re just going to get to that, that space where we have embraced both parts of it and they can both.

Well, like I said, I’ve been seeing it coming for quite a while, just by looking at the chart and then perceiving where we are culturally and socially. And I think it’s a wonderful thing. I love the balance. Thank you so much. I appreciate you helping me parse this and let’s definitely keep this conversation.

Thank you, Thomas. I would love to keep this conversation going. I think it’s vitally important and that we just all stay very aware and conscious and, and keep evolving. So thank you for giving us a platform to do. Absolutely. That’s the whole idea. All right. We’ll be back with more bonuses on this. Not the last time you’ll hear from us.

Stephanie, you have a good week. Thank you, Thomas. You have a great one as well, and uh, I hope you still have some birthday cake or something left to treat yourself with and keep enjoying your birthday time. I’m going on a hike. All right, there you go!