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Friday October 29, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the fun astrology podcast. It’s Friday, October 29th. Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. We got a lot to talk about today. We’ve had fun this week. If you enjoyed the questions, you guys ask the best questions. So keep them coming. That’s right there at the top of the fun astrology website is how you do that, where you leave a voice recording.

And you don’t have to leave your name or your email. You can make it anonymous if you please, and I will get to them just as quickly as we can, we’re going to have to stay with home-based business today because we have several things going on. First of all, today, we still have the moon in Leo and that goes through tomorrow.

So let’s talk about the moon. The moon is in Leo all day today. Void of course, when you get up in the morning, if you’re in the United States, Canada, Mexico, et cetera, it will be void of course, from three o’clock in the morning, Eastern time, all the way down to 2:09 PM when it moves into Virgo. So your day to day is Leo shine it out.

You’ve got a void of course, most of the day, too. Then you’ve got a Virgo Saturday night and Sunday, and actually Monday too, because it doesn’t move into Libra until seven o’clock Monday night. You need to put some detailed Polish on those projects Sunday and Monday. Be a good time. And, you know what I thought we had covered all the bases on the chart and I’m just realizing I am not releasing this course during a void.

Of course, moon, we’ll talk about this in a minute, but it’s going to be after 2:09 PM. Sorry about that. We covered so many other bases and I was going to tell you why in tomorrow’s chart, we thought, yeah, that’s actually a good day. To go ahead and announce the course thing. And I just, Brittany and I were talking about it and we just said, noon, how about noon?

And I’m like, no, we’re not going to do it at noon now because the moon is VOC. We will wait two hours. So the course will be open at two 15. Now let’s make it two 30. Let’s make it two 30 in the afternoon. That way that moon is boot scooting, boogie, and on down the way. We have another sign change tomorrow, and that is Mars moves out of Libra into Scorpio.

So that’s Saturday, tomorrow at 10:21 AM. Actually, that was one of the other criteria that we set up in looking at the tomorrow’s chart for releasing the course was getting Mars out of Libra, into Scorpio, where it is at home. Mars was the original ancient ruler of Scorpio and even a lot of modern astrology.

Kind of don’t attribute Pluto to Scorpio. They could argue that I think it fits, fits in a lot of ways, but Mars also fits as well. It’s intense, it’s passionate. It has a whack. It will fight to the death. And there are a lot of parallel characteristics between Mars and Scorpio. So there, it will be until mid.

No, retrogrades it just marches on through, but it is in its home sign. So that’s going to give us some extra power. Now the shadow side of Mars in Scorpio is that it could get testy. So we have about what, seven weeks here, I guess, seven weeks that we can really practice dancing that line between am I trying to move something forward?

Powerfully? Just. In the space of putting it out there, but yes, I’m putting my little bit of thrust behind it. Kind of saying, pushing the universe a little bit. Well, why not? I mean, that’s one of the characteristics of this energy is like, give it some elbow grease, but are you also trying to force something or.

Are you trying to push too much and crossing the line. So it’s kind of like seven weeks of intensity monitoring. Be present, be aware, be awake all the time to the dance between am I pushing too hard versus using power? Using my strength, using my own power, stepping into my own. And actually, if you are one who tends to hold back and shy back and that’s your comfort zone, use the next seven weeks to step out, give it a try.

The other aspect that we have tomorrow at 5 53 is the sun in Scorpio is squaring Saturn 5:53 AM is the exact time of that. Now let’s talk about the course launch. So now it officially just changed while you’ve been listening this to three. Tomorrow, and we’ll go ahead and stay with tomorrow. And I wanted to tell you why some of the reasons outside of the birthday that I thought tomorrow looked like a pretty decent day to launch the course.

So first of all, mercury is in Libra and it is training Jupiter. In fact, it’s moving toward, it’s applying that trine, which will be in a day or two. So that’s a favorable, I like the mercury and Venus’s realm of Libra. And I love that it’s attached to Jupiter in Aquarius, which we mentioned yesterday is in a sextile to Venus and Sagittarius.

So this really is a mercurial project in all ways. And to launch it with that connection to Jupiter and the home site, the home planet of Venus is just a great combination. Also talk about Mars moving over the county line, back home into Scorpio, right? When it does its sex tiles, the moon in Virgo, both at zero degrees.

That just adds to me like the Virgo means that this is going to be around for a long time and Mars that it’s going to be quite powerful. Now you could say that the sun. Yeah, but Thomas, the sun is squaring Saturn. You don’t want to do anything. I mean, you don’t even want to get out of bed when the sun in Scorpio is squaring, Saturn.

My gosh. Abandoned. Yeah. Which side of the coin are you looking on there with that? So optimistic perspective. I like to look at both sides of coins. And the other side of the coin is that if we lay the foundation, well, what is this whole thing? It’s the foundation of astrology. It’s helping you learn the foundation of astrology so that you can interpret the chart, just like we’re doing here.

And that’s a foundational. You can’t do advanced astrology unless you learn to speak the language and this gives you the ability to speak the language. So that’s actually a very powerful aspect. If you look at the right side of it, which I’m choosing to do the other aspect that I just really like is that the ascendant also with Saturn right next door at the time of this launch is in a, trying to the north node.

Okay. This is hitting me. You all. My water, my Scorpio water is coming up. Saturn has been so pivotal in my own life and in my own chart. And my chart has Saturn at the bending of the nodes. So Saturn has been overseeing my karma, all of my life and mercury rules, my chart and mercury rules, Gemini, where the north node is.

So what this trine says is that I’m finally putting out there to the world, to you, foundational material that can change your life and that in doing so that I am fulfilling my own karmic path. It’s been a long time coming. I’m not going to play the music. I’m just going to sit here with this because that just hit.

And that’s what it does. And when you’ve worked for almost 10 years to resolve and turn things around, and then finally you get this exclamation mark. When you’re doing this work, this is real. This is what this is all about. So the course will be available if you’d like to pick it up tomorrow,

Thanks for listening. Have a great Friday. Woo. Sorry about this, but I just want it to be real. I just wanted to be real. That’s why I didn’t stop and get it out. I kept rolling. Have a great day. We’ll see you back with Stephanie tomorrow and then Lizzie and Stephanie and I are going to talk the future of astrology and the future of consciousness, especially the shift to the matriarchal side of things that will be on Sunday.

Sending you love.

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