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Saturday October 30, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the Saturday edition to the fun astrology podcast. Oh, Stephanie, wait a minute. It’s my birthday. Happy birthday. Happy solar return. Hey, thank you so much. So the big news really today is not only do we get to do this, but at two 30 this afternoon, Eastern, we are reopening the doors on the fun astrology 1 0 1 course.

I can’t wait. It’s going to be great. If you are interested in sending old uncle Thomas a birthday present. Two 30 this afternoon, come on in love to have you. That would be awesome. Woo. That’s big news. It’s so exciting. You know, just your presence in the course would be a great fix for the next year. That would be awesome.

So we would love to invite you to do that. Now, Stephanie, let’s roll on into what we have at hand for us. And this is a question about. Hey, Thomas and Stephanie, thank you for everything you’ve been doing. I have a question about Pluto. When you have either a transit going through your sixth house, or you have a natal placement of Pluto in your sixth house, how would you go about supporting someone’s health?

My husband is currently having a Pluto transit through his sixth house and my 18 month old was born with a stellium of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. Um, my husband has been having some ongoing chronic and new health issues and my 18 month old appears to be a little dare devil. So any insight would be great.

Thanks so much. Yeah. Yes. Excellent question. Thank you so much to this lovely listener for sending this in. It goes perfectly in the series since we had just talked about Mars and. Uh, so now going into Pluto and what is Pluto’s role in medical astrology? So Pluto has not always had the most positive associations with him since his discovery in 1930.

Things like obsession, possession, mass death, and horrifying plagues have often been attributed to him in his transits. On the positive side, though, Pluto has shown that many amazing advances have been correlated alongside him. Such as things in the field of genetics transplants, limb regeneration, as well as new methods for fighting viral and bacterial infection and play control.

The infamous Edgar, Casey noted that not all people are sensitive to Pluto, but his. The humanity is growing often, the bodily regions correlated with the sign placement of the natal Pluto in one’s chart appear to be in perfect health. Well into old age Pluto’s health effects in all the 12 Zodiac signs have not yet been observed since he was first discovered less than 100 years ago.

So there are no firmly established body association. It’s speculated that Pluto may influence DNA mutation and play a role in bacterial peracetic and viral replication. Pluto tends to be a prominent player in times of major life-changing spiritual decision. That require the utmost spiritual will such as when someone’s ready to deal with an eradicate in addiction.

He tends to reveal that which is hidden and to bring up that which lurks in the depths. So Pluto, even in traditional astrology for medical astrology as well, it’s all about transformation and regeneration. Pluto is not really the planet to look for for a acute or chronic health. That would be Mars for acute and Saturn for chronic and the lunar nodes are really important.

So I will probably do a follow-up portion on that. I want to stress that Pluto transits are more of a psychological and spiritual nature that really help a person to transform their thinking around a health issue or challenge. So it’s the mindset, the fears, the ailments of pure subconscious origin that are going to get regenerated when Pluto comes around, if you’ve led it.

So having a natal Pluto in the six house, and then what does it mean to have. Uh, Pluto transiting that six house. So a natal six house Pluto placement in medical astrology tends to make someone more interested in the psychological aspects of health exercise, nutrition, and it tends to indicate a type of healing gift to give to others.

These individuals are often avid exercisers, very healthy eaters. They love to research all things health-related and have slight obsessions around the topic of health. Now, a Pluto transit. On the other hand, through the six house, it tends to bring a psychological overhaul to fundamental health issues and daily habits.

So I want to stress that it depends on the planets that are in that 60. That Pluto’s lining up to conjoin with. So this is just kind of a general overview of what it means when he’s going through that house. So even if it’s an empty house, you’re still going to deal with things like taking responsibility for the whole self mind, body, and spirit exploring deep healing.

Madame. And finding one’s own personal power and how to manage their health on a day to day basis. Also really the best way to deal with this transit in my mind is to take a real, honest and deep look at what kind of toxins you are encountering on a daily basis. This is not just in your environment, but this is like anything that’s taking a lot of your energy out of your day to day and your vitality.

So it could be people you’re encountering. What is your day to day work life like, uh, all of these things, your social life, it all adds up. So Pluto comes around. It encourages you to dive deeper into those areas and to see what is really supporting your, your best health at the deepest level. So this is a perfect time to really transform the way you treat your body day to day and looking into alternative health methods.

And important thing to leave with is that any time Pluto comes through the six house, you know, we can either have enhanced health or weakened health. It really just depends on how we think and how we live. And Pluto’s there to remind us and empower us to let go of the past and take a transformative leap forward in our daily health and work life.

Thanks, Stephanie. And you know, I get the context from this, that. In medical astrology, especially as we’re starting to weave it into our lives. That we see a planet like Mars or Saturn or Pluto sitting in a specific area in our chart. And we go, ah, right. There’s that consternation of, oh, I’ve got Pluto in six.

That means health problems. And that’s just simply not true when you apply the full spectrum of astrology. That’s correct. It can indicate what direction things might unfold for you to work through, but don’t think of it as a curse or a life sentence of a particular medical issue with. A hundred percent.

And thank you for stressing that, because I think, you know, especially with, with, like you said, those key players, Mars, Saturn, Pluto, we tend to think of, these are the big baddies that are going to come along and going through the six house I’m going to deal with the, to day-to-day health issue, whether that be something acute for a little while or chronic, because Pluto, as we know is a longer, he takes a longer time to go through.

But I don’t feel that Pluto is really something to be feared. I think it’s actually something to celebrate because when he goes through a house like the six, it’s going to dig up things that maybe you weren’t even fully aware that you’re doing on a day-to-day basis, that aren’t allowing you to live your best life with your health.

And also with work, since we also know that the six houses work, but since this is medical, I’m just focusing more on. But those themes are, what’s going to be very important. And it’s really more of a psychological look and, and an introspective, uh, diving deeper and researching investigating what, what am I really doing on a day-to-day level that maybe I’m not even fully aware of and conscious of that is leading me to not have the healthiest body or not feel as good in my body is like, So it’s actually an incredibly empowering thing when he comes through that six house.

Cause you know, it’s going to transform that area of your life, of your health. No doubt about that. And I’m just thinking a couple of things here that we might go down a tangent or two, if you don’t mind. As you know, in January of 2020, we had the infamous now Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn and in my book, that’s really.

Thing that triggered what now we know as the COVID-19 pandemic, but really what’s behind that is this whole shift in the consciousness of the planet. Steve Forrest also argued that era’s little planet. We don’t still don’t talk about enough, but heiress was also part and it was the Pluto Eris square that also contributed era’s being of course, the planet of discord discord.

So with that, we’ve definitely seen a signature of what Saturn and Pluto can do if they want to. But what I’m thinking is that the collective consciousness is basically asleep and it took a big stick to get our attention, but boy, did they get our attention? And I think that’s the metaphor here and it doesn’t have to just be any two plants.

These two, have a historical alignment when they collide and Capricorn things change. But I think one thing that we can do is we can look at what are the structures, but I’ve always said, and I think this is totally true, that if you are living consciously and you don’t need the big stick, then you get the other side of these energies.

And with Pluto, it actually can be. And as you say, it can be psychological amplification, like your intuitive radar can get lit up. All of a sudden you’re a ham radio broadcaster radiating around the world. That’s possible. Yes. Yes, that’s right. And it’s like an energetic nature to when Pluto comes around, it’s way deeper.

It’s on a completely different, deeper level, you know, Saturn, like you mentioned, the structures absolutely in that can be more of a chronic thing that somebody might grapple with, but Pluto really comes to knock down the things that aren’t working and then you rebuild of what is going to work for you and your best life.

Well, I got to tell you this. As you’ve been talking, I just called up my own chart and reminded myself that Pluto is transiting my eighth house. And I ain’t dead yet.

Are you? And you’ve done a lot of deep diving soul. Absolutely. So still kicking at 62 and got a whole bunch more left. And I hope that you’re along for a lot of that ride because.

Absolutely. All right. We are going to put Pluto to use too on the course this afternoon. If you would like in on it, two 30 this afternoon, Eastern time, we’re going to open the doors. The reason we waited until two 30, Stephanie, you’ll appreciate this. The moon was void of course, until about noon or one o’clock.

And I was like, oh no, we’re not launching the course – way too much work to throw it to a void-of-course moon, no way that was. So two 30 this afternoon, Brittany and I will be available on email. If you need assistance, we will be there and we’ll be watching for you. So come wish me happy birthday this afternoon, Stephanie.

Thank you so much. This was great. Thank you, Thomas. And I hope you have a wonderful birthday go limit. Do something big and see the stars tonight. And then we will see you all back here next Saturday.