Wednesday September 29, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

And welcome to hump day on the fun astrology podcast, September 29th, Wednesday Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. We’ve got a couple of things in the sky to discuss a couple of trines. So we’re going to be talking about some good energy and I’ve got some midweek keywords for you that I think you’re going to like as well.

So let’s talk about these two aspects that are going to be happening today. First Venus is going to be training Neptune. If you’re on the east coast, that will be during your lunch break at 12, 13:00 PM. If you’re on the west coast, maybe that’s just when you’re having your coffee or your second cup, maybe.

And then if you’re in Europe, you’re just winding your day to day. Now, if you’ve been listening to this for a while, you know that we are synthesizing to planets and this is what we are recording and actually blocking in and filling right now in the astrology 1 0 1 course, which will be back and available here.

Very soon, we are talking about merging the energies of two planets. So Venus merging with Neptune in a positive way, because this is a. So if you take Venus as an inspiration planet and Neptune as an inspiration planet, and yes, Neptune is in retrograde, but let’s just go with what’s there. We are talking about heightened imagination, visions, dreams, inspiration, creative inspiration.

And that’s showing up in the keywords too, because inspiration is right up there at the top 42. So this could bring some new insights or new inspirations into your relationship. Obviously, if you are in one, if not, maybe somebody comes along under this acid. You might get some clicks and inspirations for an artistic related project or a creative project that you’ve had swimming around in your mind for a long time.

And then boom, it just the clarity crystallizes, or you might have just a couple of days of blissful delight, where everything just seems unusually wonderful, especially for the times that we’re living. An amplified sense of love and certainly a real beauty around your spiritual practice. Now on the shadow side, well, illusion, delusion around love, basically, maybe something hidden comes to light, maybe something.

I mean, this could be energy that could terminate a relationship if it was on the, uh, the cusp of needing to be terminate. And even with that, you could say either you’re blinding your eyes, you’re closing your eyes to what is there. Or you might get that inspiration to wake up and realize, I need to get out of here.

We’re still talking about it. But Stephanie and I are talking about, uh, doing something on this Gabby Pitino case. You know, this is the kind of thing that I’m talking about is the masked reality of a bad relationship. One thing about that case that it teaches us is if you’re in one, run from it, I mean, leave the keys and go far better to be safe than sorry.

Now, fast forward a few hours to six, 19:00 PM Eastern time. And the sun trines. Here’s where the keywords kind of complete the picture because they really do fit with what’s going on today. So the number one keyword today is crisis. And that obviously could apply to sun Saturn of anything, sun Saturn, but we have inspiration is right up there almost at the top as well.

But then we come into things like brake, passion, sensibility, there’s a set Turney and characteristic big. Change is also on the list and yes, when Lord karma comes around, there could obviously be change and purpose shows up. And that’s another really good way to look at sun Saturn. So boy, I’m giving the Mastro software keywords, a tip of the hat today because they are nailing this chart.

So we’re talking about the structure and the discipline and the organization and the planning and the execution. Of your purpose. It’s alignment with your purpose, the sun, you Saturn the structure and foundation from which to build a legacy. And the thing that I love about the sun Saturn characteristic is that legacy may not be a marble building with your name on it as this is the legacy of your life as a monument to yourself.

No. It’s the legacy that you are creating in this life for the next life. In other words, if you take all those Capricornia and characteristics of just stability, day after day, determination, wisdom, you know, it’s the Gandalf wisdom. It’s the wisdom of the mentor. It’s the wisdom of the aged one who you go to for counsel, and it’s aligning that with your son.

Now, obviously always a shadow. So if you got on the wrong side of this, where could it show up? Well, it could show up by things just literally coming apart at the seams because Saturn has to get your attention. Saturn would say, I have been trying for the last, in my case, 50 years, five, zero Thomas fifth.

50 years, count them to get your attention. Do I have it now? Well, that was sometime ago and yes, Lord karma. You do have my attention. So it would be things like getting a structure knocked out from under you, which leaves you with a lonely feeling of isolation. So everything around loss, defeat, setback, taking away.

Could also just zap your energy if you’re on the wrong side of this, and it could even result in health problems and this gets over into Stephanie’s area. But remember the structure of Saturn, the bones, the teeth, the joints, muscle pain, if you missed Saturday’s episode, that’s what we talked about was Saturn and Capricorn also because Saturn represents the father in the chart.

There could be some issues around dad as well. So, this is just classic. Both of these are classic to say that whenever we’re presented with these planetary energies in our life, there are two sides of the energy and part of my messages, obviously you’ve heard it many times, which side of that are you on?

So these aspects, give us the chance to do a little self check. Ah, where am I relative to Venus and Neptune? Where is. Inspired beauty state in my life. Am I on the right side of it? Or am I keeping my eyes closed to something that I need to wake up to? And then with the sun and Saturn, am I laying that firm’s solid foundation for my life today?

And for the life that I will experience when I come back, because that’s what the business at hand is now. So if you’re not on the right side of that alignment list out three steps to take and start with the first one, the most important one. All right. Hope that helps. Good mid good mid-week aspect there to check in with.

All right. See you back tomorrow. Have a great day.