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Tuesday September 28, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

It’s the fun astrology podcast for Tuesday, September 28th. I’m glad you’re here. Thomas Miller. Thanks for stopping by. We’re going to follow the moon first of all this morning, because at 9 33 Eastern time, the moon moves into cancer from Gemini. It’s been void of course since midnight.

So if you are an hour, hour and a half late to work today, just tell your boss, “Thomas said to chill out until nine 30.” I mean, tell your boss you don’t want to do any good productive work under avoid of course, moon. Right? No, don’t give them my email. Please know. Now, as the moon moves into cancer, it is leaving behind an interesting grand trine. In fact, there are two grand trines in the charts, day, two big triangles in the, in the chart that are all 120 degree try and aspects.

And even though this one is waning, it is worth mentioning that the moon has been tied to Jupiter and mercury, which of course just went retrograde and Jupiter’s in retro. By the way on the website, finished on down where we have the chart and keep everything up to date. Brittany has been helping me with that, just doing a brilliant job, but added the eclipses to that list.

That’s the list that’s on the right. You’ll see it there. Just scroll down a little bit, find the chart. And then we’ve got all the weekly aspects when everything is coming out of retrograde. And then as we look forward to November and the eclipse season, when those occurred. Also tonight marks let’s see.

When is it? 10 o’clock tonight, Eastern time, the moon will be at its midpoint between full. Now I’ve been trying to catch up on some great questions that you guys have had. So we have time today because that’s about it up in the sky. So while we’re focused on Libra, let’s listen to this. Hey, Thomas, I really enjoy your podcast.

I had a question about Libra being in March right now in my personal chart. My Mars is in Libra as well. Does that mean I have different effects than other people during this time? And w great question for where we are right now. She’s asking about Mars transiting through Libra right now, the Libra planet stack is this it’s a stellium because we have three or more mercury just went retrograde at 25 degrees.

So it’s there for the. Six weeks probably or more. And then Mars is at eight degrees. That’s almost where mercury is going to come back. So they will conjuncture during this mercury retrograde. And then the sun is at five degrees and of course it clicks through at about a degree per day. So there’s your Libra?

So this caller has Mars in Libra in her natal chart. So Mars is returning it’s back to its natal position. It does it about every two and a half years. So this is not a Saturn return, nothing to get that excited about, but it does bring Mars back to its original position. And yes, obviously when any planet returns back to its original position in your chart, there is major amplified energy around that.

But for all of us, we can find Mars in our own chart and then see what kind of aspect it has to where Mars is. Now I’ll use personal example. My Mars is right next door in Scorpio. So right now it’s a 30 degree aspect to where natal Mars is. And my Mars and my chart. It’s a minor aspect, not anything to just get all jot up.

But if you had a square, so if you had Mars, either in Capricorn or in cancer, yeah. You might take a look at that. If your Mars is over on the other side of the pond in Aries, on the opposite side of the chart. Yes. You definitely, probably would be feeling some poll. Then you can look at what houses, those, that Mars is positioned in and see where those things might show.

So for this young lady, she might find what house Mars and Libra occupy, and that might give her clues as to what area of life things might show up with. So a really good question and timely question for where we are right now with this Mars transiting through Libra. That’s how we can all apply. This is to find the planet and you can do this with any planet.

Obviously, if something is returning, then you know, an aspect in the sky today. Well like mercury retrograde, find Merck. Where is it in your chart and check out the houses. And maybe that would be an area where you might take a look at an impact from this mercury retrograde hope that helps. And we’ll see you back tomorrow for hump day, midweek, Wednesday, have a great Tuesday.

We’ll see you tomorrow.