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Thursday August 5, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the Thursday edition of the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller. Thanks for stopping by. I thought that we would be doing a listener question today, but I kind of doubt it. Why? Because we have a yard in the chart. We sure do. We have another yard in today’s. So let’s dig into this. Thanks for being here.

I really appreciate you coming back day after day after day to see what’s going on up in the sky, and it’s just fun to do this together. It’s fun for me and it’s, I hope it’s fun for you, and it is really fun having you here and hearing from you when you write in. So let’s take a look here at what’s going on.

I, I was just checking out and this is a real subtle one because I checked the chart early in the morning. This yod is going to mature during the day. So in other words, it’s applying into this position. So when you listen early in the day, then it’s getting there. And if you’re listening up toward mid day and into the afternoon, it’s peaking, and with that fast of movement, you would have to know that we are talking about the moon.

That’s right. The moon is the pinnacle of this yacht. Now look, we’ve been doing this together since March of 2019, getting together most, every day to talk about what’s going on in the sky. Have we seen as many consecutive yards since then? I think we’d only seen, I don’t know, two or three, and there were probably more that we just didn’t get to, but very few up until July 17th.

Just three weeks ago. It was that Saturday. And we talked about the double yod that was in the sky. And I still think that one was super significant. In fact, the pinnacle planets of yod number one, where the conjunction of Mars and Venus now that’s huge just in and of itself and the base planets of that one where Neptune and Pluto, I mean, can you just feel the essence of that Neptune?

Pluto Mars, Venus. And then yod number two. The pinnacle was mercury the messenger and the two on the base were Saturn and the south node. I mean a message of karma. So the first one was basically, as we were saying, every man and woman under the sun, and then, and then the sun, of course, on that day, two was opposite Pluto so that every man and woman under the sun.

And the message of Neptune and Pluto. I mean, that’s a big transformational message. And then the mercury messenger, Saturn south node karma. Wow. All right. What is this one? The moon we already talked about that is at the top Saturn and the south node are at the bay. And you know how some people have the it factor, you know what I’m talking about?

Sports figures, celebrities, people in your office. I mean, you know, there are just people that have the it factor. Well, the yod has the it factor in astrology. It just has that vibe. It has that reputation, people respect the yod people stop in their tracks when they hear the word yod it just carries a certain power.

It is a letter in the Hebrew alphabet pronounced yoed, but in astrology, I guess it must’ve been Southern astrologers that figured this out, but they drawled it out from yo Yoda. Yod y’all hear about that. Yod, that’s probably how it came about. Well, today we have the sun way and we’ve talked about these other aspects, cause everything else in the sky, basically we’ve covered this week.

So we have that sun training Kyron. We talked about that yesterday. We have Uranus squaring, Neptune. That’s still in place. Mars is in a separating aspect from Jupiter and we even have a loose T-square between Saturn Uranus and the sun and mercury. So you can see if you’ve been feeling this energy in the sky.

I mean just it, even without us going drilling down on each of those, you can just hear by the names of them. You know, that there’s a lot of business being done up over our heads right now, and then drop into this, the finger of God, the yod with the it factor with the moon and cancer in its own sign with Saturn and the south node, just screaming, karmic work at the bay.

So I think for a lot of us, the energy has been mixed. We’re doing this healing convergence on our Facebook page. You are welcome to join us. We would love to have you the energy on that is so crazy strong. We’ll be doing it again on Sunday night. So if you’re not with us, come join us. Subconscious mind mastery podcast listeners on Facebook, and just make sure that you say that you’re a podcast listener.

And not a robot or bot or whatever gets into your podcast group, your Facebook groups, but the energies there from the one that we did Sunday night, we’ll do another one. This coming Sunday night, just high vibration. And then like myself two days ago on Tuesday. I mean, I was struggling. I felt a heaviness.

I’ve had a lot of friends say, it just feels like something is. Well, I’ll tell you what, as far as I am comfortable taking astrology, and I’m really doing this in my own life too. I am not looking into this chart personally, to try to forecast what might happen. I am sharing with you what I am interpreting for myself, but I do know who these players are.

Saturn Pluto, Saturn, and Pluto started all this back in January of 2020 Neptune. You can run, but you can’t hide. I mean, we’re going to go deep. We’re going to pull out all the deep secrets. Now. Jupiter is back in Aquarius. We’ve got the moon at home and cancer, deep, hidden emotions, the subconscious, the unknown, the unconscious, the finger of God, Saturn karma, south node, karma, mercury messenger.

You see how I’m saying? Oh, it gives me chills. Doesn’t get you. Did you just get chills? Do you see where I’m saying the sky is trying to tell us something? And I think if we were to try to take it any further, um, and, and bring in any kind of discussions other than these things are being worked out and the hand of God has once again showed up in the sky.

So we need to live. And we’ll watch and we will observe together neutrally. See, I think that’s our best position is try to get as neutral as you can and not be on one extreme side or the other. And from that perspective, Then you can really see what’s going on and see it a lot clearer. All right. We will be here.

We will be here as long as there’s electricity. I’ll get these out. Thank you guys so much. Have a great day back tomorrow for TGI Friday. Love you.