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Wednesday, August 4, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in hump day on the fun astrology podcast. You know, it’s amazing here, how we just get the week started. And then all of a sudden we’re talking about hump day and you just turn around twice more and it’s TGI Friday. Wow. All right. We’ve got a couple of things that I wanted to just go back and pick up from yesterday because in our Facebook group, subconscious mind mastery podcast listeners, kind of our combo group.

That somebody put in there about an incident that they had related to their car and their cell phone yesterday under that energy of mercury and Uranus that we were talking about. And I had one too. So I’ve got this booth where I do all of my recording. It’s a very nice professional audio booth, and I have two microphone arms.

I use one mic for the audio books and one mic for the podcast. And I walk in here and the podcast mic just sits there. That’s all it does. It just sits there. It was down on the desk. Top the microphone arm had broken at the swivel point, right at the desk. How did what I talk about the Jack in the box boiling.

And I just laughed because I had just interacted on the Facebook page was somebody else who said that they had their Jack in the box moment? I just laughed and thought, well, okay. I get to replace the microphone. Happened to have a spare, but I need to order another one for a well, because I need another spare.

Uh, the things that go on that’s under the, you can’t make this up department also kind of yesterday’s energy was heavy. Wasn’t it? I heard from some of you and checked in with some people who I know, read energy daily energy pretty well, and it was confirmed just so if you have felt heavy energy around this, well, you’re not alone.

We have two things basically happening in the chart today, overhead the moon will ingress cancer at five 16 this morning, and then all the way to this afternoon at 6 41, the sun will be training Kyron. So first of all, put your intuitive hat on for the next couple of days, because that energy is certainly amplified with the moon at home.

And. There’s something, a decision that you need to make a choice between a or B directional questions or challenges. Should I go this way or that way, use your intuition. It will be higher for the next couple of days. And then that son trying Kyron. Well, that just brings us back to our wounded healer, dealing with it in a positive way.

Which could also mean some kind of a synchronicity might appear that would bring you to face something that the universe is giving you a little elbow to the ribs to say, Hey, let’s take a look over here and it’s doing it in a more kind of way with the trine. And Kyron is actually in a trine with the south node.

There’s that connection of bringing up stuff from the past, which the south node then is in a trine with the sun. So we get a grand trying, or I should say a grand karmic trying out of this, let’s make sure that it’s of the nature of exactly where it’s coming from. This is all about our past karma. Key words for today are mixed crisis achievement or there’s two polar opposites, right?

Chance change, commitment, success, joy power, also slips in there. So really I would say the scales are tilted more positive. So I’m really not sure where this energy, this heavy energy is coming from. But I do know that it was very real for many. And we know that as these times continue to unfold, that we have all collectively been on a whale of an energetic journey.

Have we not? All right. So tuning into the intuition, number one, tuning in and looking for opportunities to work through something. And boy, if you get it, make sure journal is in hand meditation time. Ready? Go on a literal physical. Physical activity, bicycle ride rollerblading in the park, whatever you love to do, work it out because the energy is really strong for that over the next couple of days, we’ll be back tomorrow.

If any of you have any questions, be sure to leave them on the website, the speak pipe up there. I do have a couple though that we have yet to answer. Maybe we’ll get some time for that tomorrow. See you back then have a great day. Bye-bye.