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Monday, June 21, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

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Welcome to the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller on Monday, June 21st. We’ve got a post solstice episode today. Thanks for stopping being in remote microphone today. I’m in wetlands. That tropical depression that had been coming up from the Gulf of Mexico came right on up into Georgia. And it’s just been a soggy rain for the last couple of days.

So I decided I best just hold back a day and, uh, be on the road instead of Homebase for today’s podcast. So let’s talk about the week, first of all, let’s set the stage. So obviously we kicked off yesterday with solstice. How was it for you? Because it was mostly well toward evening or end of the day in the United States.

This will really be the first full day of experiencing that solstice energy. And of course, Jupiter turned retrograde yesterday morning, again in the U S so we covered all of this last week, but Jupiter was in retrograde at 8:00 AM and the solstice was about 8:30 PM. Now today’s moon stays in Scorpio. It will move into Sagittarius at 5 55 tomorrow morning and tomorrow, big day on the calendar tomorrow.

Drum roll please. Mercury turns direct bottom lobe bolt at 3:00 PM. Eastern time. There’ve been a couple of things that I’ve been holding off, either buying or launching online until then. So there we go. We’ve got a green light. Now it will not return back to the place where it was until it gets out of the shadow period.

That will be all the way to July 7th before it gets back to where it was before it turned red. But I’m going to just count tomorrow has gone mercury rich her grade. Wasn’t that bad, I guess in my realm this time, it really wasn’t. Wasn’t that terrible. So glad to have it back direct as of tomorrow now looking at the rest of the week, full Capricorn moon on Thursday.

And if you’d like to get online and go on a dating site might wait until Saturday because Venus moves into Leo. Huh? I didn’t think of that. Well, I actually, as I’m looking at Saturday, The moon will be in Aquarius. Venus will be in Leo and mercury will be out of retrograde. So anything technologically related by Saturday, especially love related, especially.

Yeah. I’m thinking putting yourself out there might be a good time to do. Now let’s bring the thing back home to today and talk about a couple of aspects that jump out. First of all, there is a quincunx, so there’s the 150 degree or in conjunct, as it is also known aspect between mercury, which is at home and Gemini and this Scorpio moon we have today.

So the thing about that, you know, period, biotically we mentioned these days where you count to five, so this could be a count to five energy. Just watch that be mindful of it, lock it in. If you’re listening to this in the morning, get out a little sticky note and go put up just a big old five on it. You know, write five on your hand, on the back of your hand, just count to five day to day, but there’s a really cool aspect.

Neptune and Venus are exactly trined today at 23 degrees. Neptune is in Pisces. Venus is in cancer. So if you have, again, here’s this relationship theme that kind of is kicking off today and we’ll continue through the week that I think we can really play with this Venus in conjunction with Neptune today, moving into Leo.

This has a big relationship theme, too. So maybe we should just camp right here on what could we do? First of all, you are in a relationship. What would this look like? Well, number one, it’s obviously amplifying the spiritual component of your relationship. If you’re in a relationship with a partner that maybe is not as let’s say not on the same page where you are spiritual.

This could be a really good time to just have a soft conversation about that. Watch that Gemini moon, but it’s the energy is here for a couple of days. We’re right in the middle of it today. But, or it might even be a thing that you take a few actions around some spiritual movements, like looking at for a conference that you might go to together this summer, or maybe you select a book that you’d like to try to read together.

There’s taking that mercury, Gemini energy and using it positively, or the moon in Scorpio. You know, if you’re at that point in your relationship where honey, we need to talk. And this one is going to be deep. That energy is there as well. If you use it right. And if you go soft and if you count to five, this would be a good energy to have that deeper conversation.

Now, if you’re not, and there are several other things you could do, but just for the sake of time, if you’re not in a relationship, you might be feeling the call of a relationship. You might be feeling that dreamy if serial Neptunian, envisionment. Have a beautiful relationship. And wanting to draw that into your life.

That would be absolutely in this energy. And like I was saying, you could wait until Saturday to put yourself out there because then Venus is not so much in that Ken Syrian, watery world of the inside. It will be in that fiery Leo, put me out here and come find me Leo outside the fire. So what you could do with that this week, all week.

If you’re looking for a partner and you want to be in that arena, do your envisioning, do your inner work, do your manifesting, do you’re creating make the list of the ideal partner? Uh, the best relationship advice I got was from a friend of mine who was at this juncture in his life some years ago. And so a friend advised him to make a list of all the qualities that he wanted in his partner.

And he did, he made a very extensive detailed list. And then he took it back to the friend and the friend said now become that list. So you’ve got a week to become your list, create and become your list because that energy to put it out there. Would be on Saturday. And that would be a great time to kick off that launch.

We’ll talk about that when we get closer to the weekend, as far as how to time that, but yeah, I mean, that would be very powerful energy indeed. All right. Time for me to slip out of here and I will see you back from home-based tomorrow. Happy first day after solstice have a great day. I hope this one has helped kind of a cool energy in the chart today.

Enjoy playing with it. I’ll see you back tomorrow.