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Tuesday June 22, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

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And welcome in to the fun astrology podcast for Tuesday, June 22nd. Thomas Miller back home in Mayberry, North Carolina, and asking almost the rhetorical question this morning. Do you know what day it is? Of course you do. We talked about it yesterday. It’s the day that mercury turns back direct, right? Yes.

But wait a minute. Not so fast because mercury is at home in Gemini. Now I’m a Gemini rising go figure, but I’ve got to tell you that it’s kind of nice having mercury in your own home rising sign. Now that mercury has done its little retrograde two-step dance. We’ve got to move it on to cancer. That will happen on July 11th.

So as we are, yes, celebrating mercury, turning back direct, we also have to be realized that if we want to capture that mercurial energy in its own sign of Gemini, we have narrowed a bit about what three weeks left to do. Note to self I’ve got a little project that I need to wrap up in three weeks. Oh yeah.

Thanks for asking. Mercury turns direct tonight at 6:00 PM Eastern time in the U S we mentioned yesterday, it will stay in the shadow period until July 7th. But I really think that that’s minor compared to really getting this thing moving forward again, especially in Gemini. So I wouldn’t be giving a lot of credence to it.

But it will be catching speed. And as it catches speed, it has cancer on its sites. Couple of other things going today, first of all, the moon will ingress Sagittarius. So we get to say goodbye to that Scorpio lunar energy at 8 55 this morning after waking up this morning, if you’re in the United States, likely to a void, of course, that began at 2:43 AM.

So kind of a long void of course, a little over six hours today. And I’ll give you a heads up the way that the moon wobbles and goes. Now we’re not in a moon wobble that we’re done to say the way the, the lunar orbit goes. This is going to be moving quickly through Sagittarius because the moon will also go void.

Of course, tomorrow night that at 10:08 PM and it will be void of course, for nearly 11 hours. Some of you have written in that you are sensitive to void of courses. So are voids of course. Voids of course. Voids of course. I think it would be some of you have written in that you are sensitive to VOC.

So, so be aware that you have two long ones one today and then one overnight, tomorrow night. So while mercury is busy, so is the moon. And of course we tied the two of those together yesterday. But since the moon was involved, that aspect is long gone. Now there’s one other one that I thought I would mention before tomorrow.

And that is that the sun trines Jupiter tomorrow morning at 6:11 AM Eastern time. So while we’re on the retrograde theme, Jupiter in retrograde training, the son of Jupiter training, the son is always like, oh, any astrologer, just perks up their ears at that aspect. Ah, that’s like rays of sunshine shining and flowing down on our lives.

But what about if Jupiter is retrograde, which it is? Well, it just brings that special shower of blessing. For our inner purpose, more so than our outer purpose. Does that make sense? So in other words, don’t be looking out your window tomorrow morning with binoculars, looking for the Wells Fargo truck to pull up in your driveway and leave a few bags, but you might have a conversation, for example, with mercury now.

Direct as it will be tomorrow. We’re talking about tomorrow. Now I’m just giving you a kind of an advance on this because it happens so early that there might be a conversation around something that gives you spiritual insight that you never had thought of before. It’s like, wow. Now we’re under that right now.

I mean, that is only a one degree orb as we’re talking here this morning, but I’m talking about the exact aspect happens tomorrow morning at six. So you can enjoy it all day long today. You’ve been enjoying it for the last several days, but tomorrow is going to be the sweet spot. So that catches us up on all the big ones.

We did talk about the other big aspect in the sky today. We mentioned it yesterday. That is Neptune training Venus. So Venus in cancer, Neptune in Pisces. If you didn’t catch yesterday’s episode, we kind of pick this apart at length toward the end of the podcast, into the show yesterday. So you might go back and listen to that, but it, there is a lot of spirituality, envisionment, idealization, dreaminess fogginess desire, separation connection, all sides, all angles around relationships.

But since this is a trial, It is going to be more favorably oriented. In other words, these two are trying to work together. So Neptune is trying to bring its wares into Venus’s home, but it is doing so in a more cooperative fashion. So yes, while there could be those elements of the shadow side of Neptune, at least it is for a purpose of trying to work out some kind of harmony.

Agreement cooperativeness, even if it is even saying goodbye, but it might be along the lines of Nama stay. And as we mentioned yesterday too, it also might create a great desire for a relationship if you are not in one. So there’s a lot of energy coming. Major water around Neptune and Venus right now.

Lots of emotions. All right. You guys have a wonderful Tuesday. We’ll see you back tomorrow. And I think we’ll have some time the rest of this week to answer some questions. So if you have one, leave it for me up there on speak pipe on the website at fun. Ciao.