Friday May 21, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Today’s Podcast:

Welcome in it’s TGI Friday. Let’s light this candle and do okay. Let’s get this week behind. How are you, how was the week for you all in all the Schumann resonance chart has been like off the charts this week. I checked it yesterday afternoon. I just had a crash yesterday. Probably pushing too, a little too hard for me, but check the Schumann resonance yesterday.

And it was not that bad. So at least we’re hopefully, maybe coming out of this energy a little bit, but I wonder how it has been the last five to seven days for you. We have a Virgo in moon for all of today until nine 35. The seasoning, when it ingress is Libra and there will be a void of course, on that from 4:00 PM.

It’s three 55, but say four o’clock. 4:00 PM all the way until nine 30. Somebody wrote me once that they were really super sensitive to the voids. Of course. So I guess we should say if it was, if you are very sensitive to the voids, of course, then that three 55 is significant for sure. And of course that’s Eastern us time.

Now the moon will stay in Libra until all the way through Sunday night, 11:00 PM, Sunday night, the moon will ingress Scorpio. So we will get up Monday with a Scorpio moon, enjoy the weekend from a Scorpio. Okay. Oh boy. Here’s something that was interesting in the chart that I thought would be. A little bit off the beaten path for us to explore.

It’s a T-square, which there’s nothing off the beaten path about that, but the way I was looking at it, I thought, oh, I wonder if you could apply the same thing that we talk about with a bending of the nodes of the moon to what’s going on here. Okay. You’re saying, Thomas, what are you talking about? Okay.

First of all, let’s dissect. What was just said, a T-square is when you have two planets opposite each other. In the henceforth example of today, we are talking about Neptune and the moon. Now, couple of things, you know, as you’ve been listening to this for a while, if you’ve been hearing how I like to synthesize and put things together, one of the things you would instantly pick up from that is the moon and Neptune.

We are talking about our deep inside. We’re talking about our subconscious mind. My other podcast. If you guys have not checked out the subconscious mind mastery podcast, start at episode one and work your way through. It’s an audio blog of my crazy dysfunctional life that got me into all of this to figure it out.

But Neptune, moon, subconscious connection to higher self intuition, inspiration, and possibly from that Neptunian side. Cloudy vision. So those are the things that you would pick up when you hear moon and Neptune right off the bat. Now, the other thing that you would pick up on is not going to last long because the moon is going to move off fairly quickly.

So we have a line just think of a circle and just draw a line straight across it. Let’s say from 12 o’clock to six o’clock. And then over at nine o’clock, let’s put mercury at home in Gemini. So what do you have? Well, you have a triangle, right? Because you have a straight line from 12 o’clock to six o’clock and then you have two squares or you have two 90 degree aspects coming off of that nine o’clock position, connecting up to 12 and six.

That is called a T-square. And it basically is two squares and an opposition. Now, if these were the nodes of the moon, this is what we would do. So we would take the axis from 12 to six. And what planets are for what’s positioned there? Well, let’s say the north node is up at the top and the south node is at the bottom.

We’ll make this easy. And then we have mercury over at nine o’clock. So we would start up at 12 o’clock and we would come around. The three o’clock position would be considered the south bending of that axis. And the nine o’clock position would be considered the north. Now you would interpret that pretty much like this.

The three o’clock position. The south bending of the node position would be like a retrograde planet where the focus is more internally on you. And the nine o’clock position would be more like a direct planet where the focus is more outward to others into the world. You could even keep that straight by saying, we have to do the work first inside three o’clock position, south Ben, and we have to, then we take it out to the world.

As we have done the work inside. Well, if you look at this particular axis, Neptune would be up at the 12 o’clock position and the moon would be at the six o’clock position and mercury would be at nine o’clock. So it’s at a north bend to Neptune. Now, honestly, I don’t even know if this works, but I’m saying let’s play with it and let’s think outside the box a little bit.

So what would that mean for today? Well, mercury and Gemini is very much about communication. Neptune is about our reconnection with source Liz Green’s keyword is redemption, basically our finding our way back home. So wouldn’t it make sense today as we close out this week, that we look for opportunities to encourage others on their path, some kind of spiritual morsel, given it just the right time in that communication, strong communication paradigm to help encourage them on their spiritual path or at least on their way.

They’re spiritual. Great. If they’re not then just to encourage them on their way to reconnect with that, which drives them from within and especially to encase it in love. Now let’s flip it around the other way, because the moon is down at the six o’clock position and let’s rotate over. So the nine o’clock position is obviously the first thing we come to when we go clockwise.

So that makes the moon in this position with mercury internalized. So, what do we do with that? Ah, self-talk use today’s energy to mind the communication that we give to ourself with that moon, we bring it inside. We connect to our intuition and as we are communicating with, with the higher side of ourself, then that’s what emanates out.

When we spin it back around with Neptune. You know, I didn’t know, as I started out on that, that if it was going to work, but it works absolutely beautifully, doesn’t it? So, in other words, do that internal work first engage in that self-talk with your higher self and then take that love out to somebody who needs it today.

All the universe will cross your path with just the right person in your world. To hear from you just be looking for it. It’s quiet over the weekend, up in the sky. So I will be quiet too. I’ll see you back on Monday. Have a great Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and I’m sending you love. Take care.