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Monday May 24, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Today’s Podcast:

Welcome in to a new week on Monday, May 24th on the fun astrology podcast. It’s Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. We’ve got a busy little conversation to get this week set up. We have several things that I wanted to point out in the chart. We have a big, not only full moon, but full lunar eclipse on Wednesday.

And we also have Saturn in retrograde. So let’s get started here. We have a lot to pick apart hope your roller skates and your Gemini mercury intellectual fly trap is working well today because we’re going to throw a lot at it. First, let’s set up the chart. All right. So as I just put up today’s chart and observe one of the things that you notice really quickly.

Is that all of the planets are on an axis between Capricorn, Pluto and cancer, the opposite sign of Capricorn, Mars, and everything else is in zodiacal order between Capricorn and cancer. So Aquarius, you have Saturn in Pisces, you have Jupiter and Neptune. Kayron is in Aries. Uranus is in Taurus. And then the big stack of energy, the stellium, if you will, the sun, the north node, Venus and mercury, all in Gemini, then Mars is in cancer.

There are no planets in Leo Virgo, Libra Scorpio, and then you have the south node in Sagittarius and I’m not counting. The moon, because obviously you can’t catch it with this. So right now all of those signs are basically predominated by their own rulers. But that basically, if we put the chart in zodiacal order with Aries in the first house, That stacks, all of the energy in the 10th, 11th, 12th, first, second, third, and fourth houses.

Now, what does that mean? Well, for you, it means finding obviously where your Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, et cetera, are all the way around through cancer and then sinking up what planets are in what signs and how that relates to your own chart. There’s the chart synthesis of the transits to your natal chart.

So right now, Gemini would obviously be activated and yesterday Saturn tipped into retrograde and it will be in retrograde until October 11th. So there’s Aquarius. And remember our big theme of this year is the relationship between Saturn and Uranus in Taurus. So Taurus is also under the spotlight here for sure.

And it wears your Pisces because Jupiter and Neptune, the co rulers are in Pisces. Now, if you go to fun to the blog, I’ve put on the right hand side, there a column with all of the retrogrades for the summer. So you can see the dates and the next one. And before mercury can tip toe out of Gemini, it goes retrograde on the 29th.

And remember, we’re still under that moon wobble an interesting over the weekend. Did you hear about the new solar flare? There’s a sunspot AR 28, 24. That was evidently discovered about a week or two ago that had gone kind of dormant for a couple of weeks. And then all of a sudden on Saturday, boy, it just started shooting off some flares and they were saying that there was radio interruption, uh, ham operators, et cetera, people that are.

Uh, sensitive to certain bands of radio frequencies could be affected by this. I have no idea if there’s a correlation here or not, but I was driving around on the blue Ridge Parkway over a let’s see, Friday. And my other car navigation system on my, on my new vehicle went out twice. So it’s like, oh, maybe that was it.

And the Schumann resonance was also high yesterday in particular. So now let’s focus on Saturn and Uranus because crypto has been grump II over the last. Well, really since just before Jupiter in Grest into Pisces. And before Jupiter went into Pisces, I think the crypto community in general was looking forward to a pop, but the other direction.

Well, what, this is kind of indicating now we have to sync this up with Saturn and Uranus. And there’s a whole thing that we could do on that. And maybe what I should do as a special, because I’m very sensitive to our time together. And I don’t want to take too much of your day, but I do have some clear thoughts on this that would take a little bit of time to elaborate.

Maybe I’ll do a video. And we’ll put it on the website. I think that’s a pretty good idea because I know a lot of you are interested in this and now that Saturn is in retrograde, it is going to come back and square Uranus again. When glad you asked June 14th is when that will take place. So I do think that this Saturn retrograde is going to have some financial elements about it.

That’s what it’s looking like. It is definitely shaping up now. How do we play Saturn retrograde? Well, internal structure and foundation. See, it’s not about the external. Now the focus becomes internal, so securing everything so that it is solid. Now I have a personal example that you can relate to because this really involves all of us.

And this happened on Thursday and Friday. So right before the retrograde. So podcasts, apple is by far the biggest distributor, somewhere around 70% of the podcasts are listened to on the apple devices. And if you’ve been following this, you know that over the last months, at least if not a year, they’ve been migrating off of the iTunes platform and they broke all of that up.

So now there’s apple music and apple podcasts, et cetera. Well, the way you set up a podcast is you, you sign into this thing called apple podcast connect. Well, I had been on there in the, within the last month, but I needed to make some changes. So I went in on Friday to log in and guess what no account.

It said, please set up your account register and hit the new agreements. Like it was a brand new account over the ID that I’d had my podcasts on since 2013. And on top of that, I, as I affectionately say, I’ve been in the penalty box for the last couple of days. Because I’ve just so much going on with here and the other various things in my life.

And I got I over did. And when I over, did I pay the price? My little old heart goes . So I’ve been in the penalty box for most of the latter part of last week and the weekend getting my sea legs back under me. And I will tell you that having your podcast website basically wiped out is not something that is therapeutic when you’re trying to heal your heart.

That was a moment. Well, I just set an intention that all was going to be well. And the short of the story is that I guess maybe they were doing a reregistration or something, but everything was back on Saturday. But I realized that, I mean, especially with all that we’re doing together now with the website and all the products there and the readings and the blog and just everything like the fun astrology, uh, presence has really taken off over this past month, has it not right?

And that’s something to take care of to shore up. So the other thing that I did over the weekend and just stumbled into this was the security program that I have on the website. So just as a matter of what, you know, you’re getting into, when you come to the fun astrology web website, it is a secure platform.

The security is there. So it’s HTTPS and it will forward you to the secure side. If you come in just by typing fund astrology, and then if you buy something, well, it goes through WooCommerce. And it’s all a WordPress site. And when you go to enter your credit card or PayPal, then it takes over Stripe takes over for credit cards and PayPal takes over.

If you check PayPal and they have their own levels of security, obviously. Well, I have another program that I just had the free version. And all of a sudden Saturday, again, right before the retro grade, I get these emails that somebody in a foreign country, not the United States is trying to ping in and hack into the website.

Thank goodness this program flagged it. And I’m sitting there watching them, lock this person out. I’m like, great. But see in Saturn, Retrograde, shore it up, make sure that as many screws that you can screw down are screwed down. I bought the pro version and I grabbed those URLs and made sure that they were isolated and basically it stopped.

And I changed the password to about, uh, six digit password, you know? So it’s like the kinds of things. See, there is a perfect example of what you do in Saturn retrograde. You proactively look around your life and see what you can shore up. And then if you don’t find anything, you just, in the space of, when these things come up, you take the extra steps and you put extra security, extra foundation in those areas of your life.

Where things come up and there will be more because obviously we’re writing this one out now all the way until mid October. So we’ll have plenty of opportunities to do some inner work here. Now we have Saturn and Pluto in retrograde. Oh boy. We have so much to talk about. All right. We are going to use the next two days to set up the full moon lunar eclipse.

That’s coming ahead of us on Wednesday. All right. So that’s what’s ahead and we will see you back tomorrow on the fund astrology podcast. Thanks for stopping by. Sorry to take so much of your time, but have a great day. Bye-bye.