Past Life Hypnosis and Astrology by Stevie McGuire

Stevie McGuire has been featured in two episodes of Subconscious Mind Mastery – Podcasts 314 told the story of the hypnotherapy session she and I did and Podcast 323 is an interview with Stevie explaining her work.

Combining the knowledge of astrology with the skill of past life regression hypnotherapy is, in my opinion (not giving medical or behavioral advice here, just my opinion) the fastest, best, most complete way to resolve current and past traumas in our life.

These two tools – astrology paired with hypnotherapy – goes to the very root of our incarnations, past and present. It helps you, not someone else, uncover your own issues that are buried deep in your consciousness. Often masked.

I personally highly recommend Stevie’s work if you would like to transform these hidden pockets of your soul.

  • Thomas

Stevie’s Website for booking and contact info:

Podcast Links:
Podcast 314 Here
Podcast 323 Here

PS – Stevie also does unique, hand-painted depictions of your astrology birth chart. More info on this in the freebies section!