NEW! - Extensive Detailed Natal Report

This is from one of my favorite software programs from New Zealand. These are excellent astrologers with years of combined experience. The report covers all your planets, signs, houses and major aspects. It is a comprehensive review of your chart without having to go online!

See Oprah Winfrey’s Detailed Natal Report below to discover how she was “wired” not only as a master communicator but also for wealth, after resolving early-life issues. “If it’s in your heart; it’s in the chart!” –

For Oprah’s Report – Click Here


Delivery Instructions:

  • I will be notified of your purchase via email, which I check frequently.
  • At checkout there will be a Notes Box to enter your birth info –
    • Please use Jan 1, 1995  (to eliminate international format confusion!)
    • City, State and (Exact) Time
  • Reports are run within 24 hrs, generally toward the end of each day; sometimes sooner.
  • (Please still check your spam folder because sometimes it still catches it!)


Length varies based on number of aspects.