NEW - Compatibility & Romance Combined Report & Scores

This is an amazingly accurate report, based on my own experience. It often highlights key energies that are likely to show up in a relationship, based on each person’s astrological composition. It combines signs, planets, aspects, midpoints and harmonics to derive the analysis and scores.

This is a 2-part package.
See examples of each report with our fiery fictitious couple from opposite sides of the United States, Nathan (a Leo) and Jolie (a Sagittarius):
1 – Detailed Report – For Nathan & Jolie’s Detailed Combined Compatibility Report – Click Here

2 – Compatibility Scores – On key relationship areas, see how the author of this report scores likely compatibility – Click Here

You get both reports for one price!

Important Instruction:
Obviously, for this report to be an accurate portrayal, I need both of your birth times and they must be accurate! Often, I have experienced one partner’s times not being accurate, so please verify and insure the accuracy with your partner before ordering. I do not store birth times, so if a time is wrong, you will need to purchase another report, because it is literally a do-over. Thank you for understanding. 


Delivery Instructions:

  • I will be notified of your purchase via email, which I check frequently.
  • At checkout there will be a Notes Box to enter your birth info for Both Partners – Date in Jan 1, 1995 format
  • City, State and (Exact) Time
  • Reports are run within 24 hrs, generally toward the end of each day; sometimes sooner.
  • (Please still check your spam folder because sometimes it still catches it!)