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Astrology found Laura Taft as a teenager when she first picked up an astrology book in a old bookstore.

More recently, through some Uranus & Pluto transits, she studied with Steven Forrest Apprenticeship at BlueSky Ranch California 2014-2017 completed Level 1 Astrologer.

She is currently working on her Kepler Professional Diploma in Astrology (KPD)2020- present.

She uses many different techniques in readings such as Profections, secondary progressions, Solar Returns and declination to see the deeper patterns in a chart.

Laura’s Introductory Podcast Interview with Thomas
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Client Comments: 
I just had an insightful and spot on reading with Laura Taft. Her genuine care and deep knowledge of astrology truly helped me as I navigate these new cycles in my life. She gave me journal prompts to help me get in touch with the energies I am currently surfing. Thank you, Laura, and Thomas for spotlighting her!

My experience with Laura Taft and her gift for Astrology readings was incredible. I found her through the Fun Astrology Podcast with Thomas Miller and was so pleased with her explanations of my birth chart. She gave me clarity and alignment for what “comes easy” to me and what aligns with flow and ease. Life isn’t meant to be hard and I know the universe supports me, so her reading was a gentle reminder of my strengths. I even cried once because my chart indicates that I have a tendency toward self-worth struggles, but this is actually my greatest attribute because I am on a mission to teach it. I highly recommend a chart reading with Laura Taft! She helped me catapult into my next chapter in life.

~Laura M.

My astrology reading with Laura, was better than any psychotherapy session I could have undertaken. My initial reason for seeking her out was to discuss relationship patterns. She explained my North and South nodes positions and how they affect my behaviors, my progressed sun, which clarified why I don’t always feel like my sun sign, my profection year in my second house, with suggestions of dealing with that energy, and my out of bound Moon, among other things. Having said all this, I feel Laura’s reading explained what I have been questioning all my life.
-Arlene T. Massachusetts

I was looking to find out about where my career was heading, and instead got so much more! Laura’s technique was very thorough in making sure you understood what she was saying and how she came up with the information she was providing. The way she explained the transiting chart made complete sense ( if the planets go through other signs, and it is as above so below, humans can as well.) and it gave me a new perspective on astrology and what it means to me. I have had other astrology readings, but this
one made the most sense to me personally. Thank you Laura, and you will be hearing from me again!
-Shaun T. Iowa

“I booked my first ever Birth Chart reading with Laura Taft, as a Mother’s Day gift from my husband.  I am a daily follower/listener of Thomas Miller’s Fun Astrology podcast and his episodes on the three astrology readers, helped me to find my reader, Laura Taft.  Each had their outstanding qualities but something about Laura Taft resonated with me and after a few clicks, I had booked .  It’s taken me a while to write my review because honestly, it was a lot to process.  Laura reaffirmed details of my natal chart that I have been studying and analyzing but what I really found to be truly magical was her interpretation of my progressed chart and what I should expect 5 years from now… let me just say, everyone needs a reading and Laura Taft is the astrologer to do it!”
-Laura R.