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Horary Question Answered with Thomas – $25


Scheduling, Contact & Full Description Below

Description & Instructions


STEP 1 – Add This Product To Cart and Check Out

STEP 2 – Please Send Your Question via the Purple Chat Button in the Lower Right of the Webpage

    • Make it a “Bottom-Line” question about the “core” issue (see below)
      i.e. – is it about the car (engine repair) or the money (should I spend the money or buy a new one?)
    • As close to “Yes/No” as possible
    • You can ask up to 3 “sibling” questions – i.e. – If question 1 is yes, then “x” (2nd question). And based on that, “y” (3rd question)

STEP 3 – I will reply to the email you send in the chat.


Horary Questions Answered

  • Ask “Space-Time” For Guidance
  • Yes/No Questions
  • Answers and Accompanying Chart Will Be Emailed
  • Further Elaboration on 30-Minute Readings if Requested


  • Is it time for a new car?
  • Will my lost pet come home? If so, when?
  • Is it possible my partner is cheating on me?
  • Should I (take the job, quit the job, ask for a raise, etc.) – work questions
  • Should we go to California for vacation this year?

You CANNOT Ask: 

Horary questions only apply if you have a direct relationship to the outcome. 
These questions do not qualify for Horary Astrology:

  • Who will win the election?
    Or the ballgame? (You want to place a bet)
  • Will the market go up tomorrow?
  • My son wants to know if he should break up with his girlfriend? (have him ask directly)