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Fun Astrology Horary Course by Robert Glasscock

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Learn how you can ask the chart virtually any question!

Robert Glasscock, who hosts the Old Soul New Soul Astrology Podcast along with Thomas Miller, is your teacher.
Robert has been practicing and teaching astrology longer than most of us have been alive. He studied under Linda Goodman in his early days, the author of the best-selling astrology book of all time: Sun Signs by Linda Goodman

Robert has perfected his style of astrology, using Equal Houses in all his work, including Horary. He is an air sign (Libra), so you know this information is going to be well thought-out, organized meticulously and delivered professionally. In his very early days, Robert was an actor in Los Angeles, and that certainly carries forward.

We have a page that explains everything about the course, has a video introduction from Thomas and shows you the Table of Contents.
There are two samples, including the first hour of Chapter 1.

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