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Beautiful Mind Coach Lynn Schaeffer

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Lynn Schaeffer is a regular on our Facebook Page and you can tell from her upbeat, fun, and funny posts that she has a great personality with a “beautiful” sense of humor! Lynn is also a highly-skilled coach, particularly related to breaking and re-programming subconscious patterns that are stuck in our unconscious minds. These can come from all kinds of sources, but Lynn’s technique is bullseye-accurate at seeking them out (with you doing the work with her guidance) and then using cutting-edge tools and techniques to re-program them. And all of this happens within the same session!

One of the main comments she receives about her work is how fast it not only gets to the problem, but also offers a re-programming. This isn’t a bandaid, it’s eradication and replacement. Big difference. Find out for yourself!

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Here is an Interview with Lynn about her work from Subconscious Mind Mastery: