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30-Min Astrology Reading with Thomas – $50


Scheduling, Contact & Full Description Below

Description & Instructions

2 “Musts” For Readings:

#1 – You must have an accurate birth time for these readings! Sorry, I don’t do rectifications and my style requires an accurate time of birth.


#2 – Readings scheduled without payment will be canceled after 1-hour and can be re-scheduled at any time for a slot that is open. Please pay, then schedule per below. 
Thank You!


Click Here To Schedule After Paying

*Appointments scheduled will be held for 1 hour without payment

30-Min Natal Chart Questions

  •  Natal Chart Overview / Specific Questions
  • Current & Upcoming Transits or Solar Arc (not time for both)
  • Consultation Chart
  • Annual Profection
  • Specific Questions
  • Other Areas You Request

Sessions are offered Live on Zoom and are recorded as well.


Please only schedule when you are ready to pay. Appointments will be held for 1-hour. You can always re-book available slots when you are ready. Thank you!


STEP 1 – Order and Pay First

    • Scroll up and Add the Reading to the Card (beside the photo)
    • Go to Checkout (Direct Link is in the Menu Bar at the Top)
    • Fill out the Birth Info on the Checkout Form
    • Return here to book the reading appointment – Step 2 below:

STEP 2 – Book the Session Here

    • Note: You may have to scroll down on the calendar to see the entire month or advance to the next month.
    • Add your birth info and what you want to cover when scheduling (these are both required fields)

STEP 3 – Watch for emails from and confirming your appointment and instructions to log on for our session.