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Christmas in the Carolinas!
December 20-27 Open to families/singles with kids!

If you don't have Holiday Plans this year and want to share the time with a spiritual family,
bring your family and come join us!

Holidays in Western North Carolina

Intentions of the Trip

  • To truly create Memories of a Lifetime for ourselves and the family that will be created here. 
  • To provide a family environment for anyone who wants to share this holiday with a spiritual family. KIDS ARE WELCOME! 
  • To have a full week to experience fun activities, go to a Tree Farm to harvest and decorate a tree, tour Biltmore & the Arboretum in Asheville and have a lot of fun together! 
  • To create love, peace and harmony that will be our theme for 2023!   
  • To form life-long family-bonded connections with each other. 
  • To tap into the high spiritual energy of the area to bring Holiday Magic alive for all of us!

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Lodging Info

We are looking for a group house with 5 bedrooms. Couples will have a room to themselves. Singles will be sharing rooms by gender (because some rooms will have 2 beds).

Reservation Process: 
Coordinate with Thomas via email at thomas – at –

Once we solidify the lodging (this week), we will be able to hold your spot. 

The total cost of the cabin will be divided by 10 to determine the per-person cost. (We will figure out pricing for kids once we have an indication of interest. We will keep it as minimal as possible, if any charge at all. Depends on the venue and the number of people/families). 

At this point, it looks like $400-$600 per person range for lodging only. Food and activities and some shared expenses (like group food, snacks, a Tree we will get from a tree farm, etc.) will be divided evenly. 

Important Regarding Refunds:
Because this is a rental home, reservations will be secured by full payment. Refunds will NOT be possible. If you book the room, you are committing. If you cannot make it, we will attempt to find a replacement and you can receive your money back. If not, the money paid will go to the total cost of the home whether you attend or not. This is important to understand in advance. We cannot increase the cost for others if someone commits and cancels. 

More details of how the deposit and lodging will be handled will be shared with participants

Travel Info

Check-In: Tuesday, December 20 by 4:00 pm

Airport information: 

Asheville – approx. 1 hour away
Greenville, SC – approx. 1.5 hrs away
Charlotte, NC – approx. 3 hrs away
Atlanta – approx. 4 hrs away
* The hub airports are cheaper but require a half-day drive

We will be able to better judge the vehicle situation once we find out who is coming and how they are traveling. Plan to provide your own transportation during the trip, but there will certainly be some shared-rides available. 

I cannot provide airport shuttles, unfortunately. Uber, Lyft and Waynesville Taxi all service this area. 

Additional Info

We will be cooking at home some and eating out some. At-home food costs and snacks will be equally shared.  

Christmas Tree:
To bring holiday cheer, it would be fun to go to a nearby Tree Farm and cut our tree. Brielle Keller is already planning decorations! 

Will be group-decided. We are talking about visiting Asheville one day for the Biltmore and Arboretum. We can hike. The other part is to simply be together and focus on “being” moreso than “doing.” 

It is likely that all stores and restaurants in this area will be closed Saturday and Sunday.