"Millionaires Don't Need Astrology; Billionaires Do"

That quote has widely been attributed to J.P. Morgan, who believed an edge was necessary in order to compete effectively, even in a century-old business climate. While there isn’t a precise source for the quote, we do know that Mr. Morgan consulted perhaps the most popular astrologer of his time, Evangeline Adams, who ran her astrology consulting practice from her Carnegie Hall office, as documented in her 1926 autobiography, “The Bowl of Heaven.” 

President Ronald and Nancy Reagan regularly consulted astrologer Joan Quigley regarding important matters. Many attribute Mr. Reagan with shifting the axis of the modern era. 

Today, The NY Times, Fortune, Monster.com and other mainstream publications have recognized astrology’s revival in the modern – something that would have been unthinkable even 20 years ago.

Especially Millennial-aged managers are bringing their affinity for astrology to work….and with amazing success. 

At Fun Astrology, we have assembled a team of talented young, not-so-young, experienced and certified astrologers to help your company make decisions that are aligned not only with your Mission Statement, but also with the stars at the time you implement those decisions.

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Areas Astrology Helps Companies

  • Directional Decisions – Best course for short & long-term planning

  • Timing Decisions for Optimum Outcome 

  • Best Time for Product or Campaign Launches 
  • New-Hire Evaluation and Decisions

  • Evaluation of the Company’s “Natal” Chart 

  • Competitive Analysis – Your strengths & weaknesses vs. your competition


Robert Glasscock

Heads our Corporate Astrology program. Robert, now in his upper 70s, is busier now than ever. Co-hosting a podcast, booked daily for personal readings, producing instructional courses and writing a book! No slowing down for this Libra with Capricorn rising! 


Robert brings nearly 60 years astrology experience and having consulted with nearly 60,000 individuals over the years. He also had the privilege of working closely with Linda Goodman, author of the still-popular “Sun Signs” book, which has remained the #1 selling astrology book of all time. 

Thomas Miller

The “ring-master” of the Fun Astrology team. Thomas started the daily “Fun Astrology” podcast in 2019, which has methodically grown into an enterprise of its own. Thomas first looked at astrology in 2009, having been raised that it was, well, “evil.” Good thing he finally took a look, because the rest has been history, as they say. 


Thomas also has narrated 5 books for internationally acclaimed astrologer, Steve Forrest: The Elements Series of 4 books and The Endless Sky. He hosts and produces 3 podcasts, a YouTube channel and is in the process of writing and recoding his second book. 

Kristin Lawhead

 Kristin runs the Fun Astrology Discord channel, where hundreds of podcast listeners converse about all kinds of astrological topics. Kristin is currently in the Organization of Professional Astrologers certification program and has been conducting consults in her “spare time.” She’s the mom of two preschoolers and step-mom of a teenager! 

Laura Taft

Laura has been practicing astrology for over a decade and crafter her practice through the Steve Forrest Evolutionary Astrology School and now thought the certification program at Kepler College. Well-studied and highly popular with her clients, Laura brings a wonderful depth of astrological knowledge and wisdom to our corporate consulting team. 

Alyssa Ariss

Alyssa grew up with astrology, basically. She recently extended her practice to now include consultations and a weekly astrology meditation on Tuesday nights on her YouTube channel. Alyssa brings a beautiful spiritual element to our team, with an emphasis on the Divine Feminine. 

Lizz Grace Christy

Lizz is a Portland-based artist and astrologer who sees the world through her beautifully unique lens. In some corporate situations, bringing the asteroids and other fixed stars into the reading will add valuable insight, and Lizzie is not only certified in this sub-specialty of astrology but offers gifted insight to contribute to our team as well. 

Packages & Pricing

Corporate consultations take many factors into account in order to establish the best analysis of your specific issue or question. Thus, we are flexible to accommodate what you need. Whether it is individual issues that come up periodically or you want us on retainer for on-going communication and consultation, both options are available. 

Per-Engagement Packages

Any Engagement can be customized, so let us know what you need and we will work out the best option for your situation. Meanwhile, here are broad guidelines of what services might look like: 

Quick question; quick answer “Yes/No/Maybe/Unanswerable                          $100

Timing Question – “When should we launch?” (Team consultation)         $500 & up
Employee/Hiring Evaluations
Company Natal Analysis 

* Estimates only. Actual pricing based on complexity, time and team resources used 


On-Call Retainer Packages

Some companies prefer (like President Reagan and Nancy) to have astrologers “on-call.” The Reagan White House ran everything by astrologer Joan Quigley. 

Our Team is available for retainer services and is priced based on your specific needs. For example, who will we be interacting with? How many departments will be using our services? How often do you expect to have specific questions, etc. 

Retainer packages give you virtually 24/7 access to one of our team members to answer granular astrology questions and keep you aligned with your highest planetary possibilities.  

Email: Thomas Miller - admin @ funastrology.com