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September 19, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Let’s get a new week started. How about if we just scroll over to a whole new page? Anybody else for that? Yeah, I figured like Bob Seger. Turn a page. Turn a page. All right. Let’s get a new week started. Hi, Thomas Miller. Welcome to the Fun Astrology podcast. We’re talking about Monday, September 19th. I am going to tell a story on myself here.

This is like how movie illiterate I am. But most of you will remember this scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark, the very first one that was released back in the 1980s, and this was a big time special effect back then, shows you how much we’ve progressed in 35 years. Oh my. But you remember the scene where Harrison Ford was running as.

Fast as he could, and that Boulder was rolling in that shoot behind him. That was a big deal, special effect back then. But that’s how I’ve kind of felt about the last two weeks is running the Boulder . And by golly, I think I got out of the shoot without it catching me. You know, because of what I’ve done in my professional life through the years, I’ve always known the ebb and flow.

Being overloaded too much in the inbox, so to speak, versus having more ample time? Well, I knew a couple of weeks, about three weeks ago, I texted a friend of mine that this was coming. I knew it was coming, and I think his response was maybe a little casual compared to the severity of what I knew was there.

But we made it through and sorry about the gaps last week, but we’re. Now in our Facebook group, one of the themes that I saw yesterday was that people were really feeling last week, and we talked about it on our newly named Healing Convergence has now become Level Up, and basically that’s just trying to experiment with a more positive approach to taking whatever’s.

And just bringing it up. So when I left you last week on Tuesday, we talked about this. When I rejoined you on Friday, we talked about this. That was the sun’s opposition to Neptune. That energy was causing us to look at the shadow sides, to look at what is in there that needs to come out. And let’s frame this in the context, because we’re gonna talk about Neptune again.

We have it again this week. Not the same planet, different planet. Liz Green in her book about Neptune, which is incredibly difficult to read. , but is all about the path of regeneration. In other words, reconnecting with source. And the reality is there is a lot in between us in our humanity and everything that we bring in ninth House, 12th house in astrology and a few other places, versus that’s what the Buddhist would call pure enlightenment, where that redemption or that reconnection has fully matured, fully taken.

That sun opposite Neptune is us having to take a look at the shadows and yes, it caused a lot of people to retreat 12th House. Remember Neptune rules the 12th House rules, Pisces, that’s all interconnected. The 12th house is the place where you just want to crawl up and hide. Then you have to remember, put everything in the context of January 12th, 2020.

I keep hammering this for a. The what? Saturn, Pluto conjunction absolutely. In Capricorn, the very important component of that, because that is the overarching massive universal energy that literally shifts eras, and that’s shifting eras in our own life. So see, you came in with the. Just like we’ve seen in history with Saturn and Pluto, the morph from the dark ages to the Italian Renaissance.

Keep 1284 in your mind. I think that those of us who incarnated here, and we’re still here and we’re still working on this, we came in to shift an era of our life, if you will. Well, in order to do that, we have to clean the old out. Fortunately, astrology gives us a beautiful picture of how and where to do that.

So what are we looking at this week? Well, Venus is a major player because tomorrow, Venus Trines Uranus. So people are asking When will all this be over the episode we did on Saturday with Ray’s newsletter. Not until Uranus settles down. We’re still at least three weeks out from. So Venus Rines, Uranus, that Venus Energy stays with us through the week because on Saturday, Venus opposes Neptune.

There we are. So Venus is everything endearing to us. Everything beautiful, everything lovely, everything. That means a lot to us from the love of our. Is right now. I mean, we’re in the waxing last day before this aspect. It happens early, early tomorrow morning. 12:44 AM is going to try and Uranus, so already this could have shaken something around money, relationship home or just something that means a lot to.

Could be shaken or challenged. And then same energy as last week just applied to those areas of our life. When Venus opposes Neptune on Saturday, that one happens at also early morning, 4:51 AM So those are your applying phases right now. Right now we’re in the Venus, Uranus, so watch out for the shakeups, watch out for the changes.

And then the big theme of the week is we’re going in and looking at those shadows. Now, there are a couple of other aspects. We’ll develop these as the week goes on, but of note, a big, long void. Of course, that happens on Thursday. Thursday morning, early 7 0 6, Eastern time. We have a 20 hour void, of course, as the moon moves from Leo to Virgo, which it doesn’t do until almost 3:00 AM.

Friday. So see there’s that big one. And then of course we wrap up Virgo season this week as the sun moves into Libra, Libra on Thursday. And I know, hey, people are like Libra Delia. Don’t argue a Delia. And that booklet that I’ll pull out when we get to Thursday, I’ll pull that booklet out and um, show you where Libra comes from.

It’s legitimate, it truly is. All right, you guys have a great day. See you back tomorrow.