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September 17, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the Saturday edition, the Financial Astrology edition of The Fun Astrology Podcast, September 17th, the date on this one. Hi, Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. Well, you know, when I reached out, what, a couple of months back asking Ray Merryman if we could read his weekly free market newsletter that comes out on Friday nights.

He said, yes. . That was a hunch that led to that and something that I thought would be good to fill this space of Saturday mornings with, and this week may have been a pivot week. We’ve been talking about this, Maryann’s been talking about this, the Saturn, Uranus Square, fourth time here in 2022. And I checked in with Robert Glasscock even yesterday on some things.

And yeah, I mean, . Okay. Let’s just get into this . We’ve, we’ve been going down this week. If you haven’t noticed, here are a couple of articles as always to get the newsletter started and we’ll dig in. I’m only going to do the first half today, and then I’ll refer this to you. You can follow along and you can find the newsletter at.

ma Right at the top, just click on the link to the newsletter and then you click One more time to get into today’s, and it’s dated the week beginning, September 19th. Now the first quote is from Reuters and interesting. The date on this one is September 13th. Article was entitled, fed Scene Getting More Aggressive as Inflation Sores.

The Federal Reserve is likely to raise us borrowing costs faster and further than previously expected. After data on Tuesday showed underlying inflation broadening out rather than cooling as expected. Overall, consumer prices climbed 0.1% last month from July. Economists had expected a decline and gained 8.3% from the year earlier period.

The Labor department. And then the second quote from September 1st from, the article, Russian Roulette by Dr. Paul Donovan. He says, the world economy is experiencing the biggest structural upheaval in 250 years. Being certain and decisive about policy is perhaps unwise. And I’m sure Mr. Donovan does not practice Astrology.

I would, I would guess, but he might want to look at it now. The newsletter from Ray Merryman, this is what happens when you combine a Mercury retrograde in an air sign with an applying double semi square to Saturn and Uranus from Jupi. It’s why chiropractors will be in great demand from the Whiplashes due to the whipsaws in the financial markets since September 6th, and are likely to continue into September 28th and maybe a little beyond.

With Mercury retrograde, we expect fake outs and temporary violations of support and resistance. That’s just the nature of the trickster. He likes to surprise. He likes to zigzag back and forth every one to four days. But when the trickster is operating under the larger domain of Uranus, which is its higher, Octa, surprises turn into shocks and fake outs turn into stunning breakout.

So it was last week for the global stock markets, which became a huge disappointment for optimists on the US economy as Mercury retrograde, otherwise known as the trickster struck hard with a surprisingly strong inflation report. On Tuesday, September 13th, the market tanked. Let’s review. Mercury turned retrograde on September 9th or 10th, depending on where you’re.

US stock indices had bottomed three days before September 6th and seventh, and the Dow Jones Industrial average rallied over 1500 points into Monday, September 12th, which included a game-changing bullish gap up from Friday, September 9th. The thing about Mercury retrograde, especially in an air sign, is that rallies can peak and reverse within four trading days of the tricksters retrograde.

Monday, September 12th was the first trading day following the retrograde and was in the band for its first revers. on Tuesday, September 13th. The unexpectedly high inflation number coincided with the sharp pivot in both the tricksters direction and the stock markets rally. The Dow Jones Industrial Average.

For instance, gapped down another game changer falling 1,276 points. Its largest decline in over two years. Suddenly a narrative about a soft landing being navigated expertly by the Federal Reserve turned into major anxiety that the US Central Bank is out of touch and has lost control with transiting Pluto in opposition to its natal Neptune.

The Federal Reserve is not just between a rock and a hard place. They may be caught between a hard reality. And a soft landing delusion where dreams turn into nightmares. The pattern of a cycle low back on September 6th and seventh, just before Mercury turned retrograde, followed by a very bullish break of resistance into September 12 and 13, just one to two days after Mercury turned retro.

Then followed by a stunning fall on September 13th that continued into the new weekly lows by Friday of this week. Yesterday, as was evidenced in nearly all world stock indices. The only difference is that some stock indices the us, the A X, the Smmi, China and Hong Kong took out their cycle lows of September 6th and seventh, while the others did not.

The Dax fse asx, nifty, NI and Bovespa noting that this type of intermarket divergence could be bullish if all indices do not break out to new monthly lows. This coming. With the powerful geo cosmic signatures in effect, these next two weeks, anything is possible. Just as the Fed is caught between a rock and a hard place over inflation control versus economic recession.

Geo cosmics are caught between the possibility of a real panic and washout versus a huge reversal in global stock indice. That’s just the type of uncertainty and potential danger that Mercury retrograde combined with Jupiter, making a double semi square to Saturn and Uranus finds attractive. As disturbing as the stock market behavior was last week, Gold’s performance may even be more alarming.

The precious metal fell below the critical support of 1675 for the first time since April, 2020, and that low support level, if you’re tracking 1675, is plus or minus five points. Silver, on the other hand, was well above. Its recent two-year low of 1740, which occurred on September 1st for a case of intermarket bullish divergence there as.

Crude oil is flirting with its lowest prices since January. As the sun approaches its opposition to both Jupiter and Neptune, the co rulers of crude oil, which occurs on September 16th through the 26th, Bitcoin and Ethereum exhibited intermarket divergence, just like the stocks as both dropped. But Bitcoin held its low of September 7th, where Ethereum did.

and that’s the first half of the newsletter. Now, the second section, short-term geo cosmics and longer term thoughts. I’m going to leave for you to read again, mma if you’d like to, gets into politics more than what we typically do. However, there is more extrapolation on this Jupiter Saturn, Uranus combination that he just discussed.

So I’ll leave you to the newsletter to catch. But let me add a couple of personal thoughts to this as well. Very well stated, of course by Ray. He’s been doing this since the early 1980s. He has forgotten more than most people know, and his specialty has always been tracking cycles. That’s what these outer planets show us are these cycles of human behavior.

But I’m going to bring all this back and put it under the lens of the Saturn Pluto conjunction in January 12th, 2000. In specifically the sign of Capricorn, that has been historically such a major pivot point of societal change in the world. Three weeks after that, less than three weeks after that, we were talking about covid.

And as you look back, historically, these things have always taken years to unfold. We now have an entity, the World Economic Forum. , which has been telling us their game plan and has every major politician, corporation, government swooning from everything that they put out and have been involved with this in a long time, and just look at what they say.

They’re advocating their game plan. By 2030, you will own nothing and enjoy. , there are too many people on the planet to the tune of billions. I don’t know what they’re planning with that one. They’re working directly with Microsoft to implant chips, bio tracking, social credit scores based on behavior, and I’m just talking the conservative stuff.

Again, you have every major corporation on the planet on board with this, and part of their plan has been an economic collapse. You can see now how the market is so jittery about this. They’re finally waking up to it. I’ve always had kind of a personal thought that the smart money always knows, you know, it’s like as long as like if everybody else is talking about gloom and doom, but the market is kind of stable or going up, you realize these people know what’s going on six to 12 to 18 months ahead of before it happens.

You can bet they’re not going to get caught flatfooted. Now, Ray Merryman doesn’t follow this, but there’s a market timing. Concept called the Elliot Wave Theory. It’s very popular also basically based on cycles. But the Elliot people are now saying that we have begun a wave three down leg that could take us down significantly.

When I was watching that, and I have not had time to even look at the markets this week, unfortunately, missed a huge opportunity this week to trade. But you know, the thing about short term trading is it’s always there tomorrow, you know? So I had to do what I’ve had to be doing here this week. But when I looked at the market Thursday and knew that the Elliot Wave people were saying up, we’ve started leg three down, and then it dropped quite a bit on Friday.

That was not a. now, what do you do about this? Well, number one, be aware. Be aware of the influences. And even like our doctor friend from UBS back at the beginning of the article, what they’re doing right now may not be wise. The only other person on the planet really who had any experience with this kind of thing.

In other words, steering the ship of the federal. Was Paul Volker, the Fed Chairman back in the late seventies into the early eighties that brought us out of that big inflationary spike in the late seventies. Paul Volker died in 2019. So as we look at the astrology, we see that there have been, and this is, Robert has been talking about this, we’re going to do some episodes on Old Soul, new Soul regarding this.

We’ve been talking about it here. There are challenging aspects in the. and we’ve got to be aware that that is baked into the mundane case. Now, does that mean that we have to play that game and see, this is where I’ve been using the astrology to know that there are opportunities on the downside to make a lot of money.

I just, my challenge is not the market, it’s time. But now there are so many opportunities and ways that you can participate on a short-term basis. On the short side, or you can take the flip side and realize that at some point markets always cycle, and at some point what is being created here is the biggest buying opportunity in the world.

So while it’s going down and shaking out, if that’s not your thing to participate in that, well get ready. Save your money because there will be a time when it will base and bottom out and start back up again. And then you’ll have prices that are much cheaper than what they have been. We’ve talked about this as well.

When the Nasdaq crashed in 2000, 2001, it took 10 years for it to come back, and as Merryman has been pointing out, it was also under a Saturn, Jupiter influence the 20 year cycle. So let’s just keep watching the sky together. So Maryann’s summation is that now through the end of the month, and I would say even into the first couple of weeks of October when Saturn and Uranus are both sitting at 18 degrees for those first 12 days of October.

Anything can happen. Mercury will station to go direct on October 2nd, so that will give us some new direction. We do have the eclipse coming up the end of October, so we’re rolling kind of from one thing to the next here and that’s why we’ll keep our eyes peeled on it. And all next week I am clear back, coming back in the saddle on Monday.

We’ll be here all week. We will do this together. I don’t want to be down, obviously, you know, that’s not my style. And I try to look at both sides and there are, you know, I mean there are other sides, but with the mundane astrology and I mean, I was checking in with Glasscock yesterday and it’s like you got to be aware.

You just have to be aware of what the sky is trying to tell us. I want you to be smart and awake. That’s why we’re doing this. All right. See you Monday. Have a good rest of the weekend. Bye.