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September 1, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Well, it ain’t August no more. it’s September. Welcome in to the Thursday, September 1st fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller here. Thank you so much for joining us. Glad you’re stopping by put a video on TikTok Tuesday that blew up. Got over a 20, almost 25,000 as I’m recording this. So, Hey, Hey, if some of you are coming over and listening to the podcast for the first time, welcome, we talk about what’s going on in the sky generally.

And on the first days of the month, we talk about the month as well. So we have quite a bit to set up. I thought I would get to listen to Robert hand. Huh, my radio show kicked back in. I’ll have to take that up later. I haven’t had time to go back and listen to that, and I don’t see it happening in the foreseeable future, but we’ll get back to that and I will report back to you once I’ve had a chance to go back and review the notes.

Let’s take a look at the sky today. First of all, we have Mars in a 60 degree sex tile angle aspect to Jupiter Mars in gem. Jupiter in Aries. Now this is a sextile. So that’s an easier cooperative aspect between two planets, but this is a very good reason not to take one aspect by itself. You have to look at the whole integration because remember Mars, you stop right there and look at what else is going on.

and it’s instilled that separating, but very tight aspect to the sun. And I’ll tell you what I keep kind of looking over my shoulder because the chart has this setup in it, that stuff could happen. It’s just, there are triggers. If something does trigger, it definitely is set up for it. We talk about here a lot that triggers can happen in all kinds of different ways.

And our listener Nancy is mourning the sudden death of her 37 year old son. We send her our love comfort piece and in the Facebook page, there’s some great comments of love sent her way. Nancy, we are giving you a big hug and that’s what I’m saying is it can show up where it shows up. So here today, we have Mars of fire planet in Gemini, an air sign, sex tiling, Jupiter of fire planet in Aries of fire.

You get the idea? How many times did we just say fire? And yes, Jupiter is in retrograde. Okay. Bring that fire home, bring it in. Bring it inside. Now, remember we talk on here a lot and Robert and I are talking a lot about this on old soul, new soul as well. Which side of these aspects, are you going to choose and create yourself to be?

Because if we step away from the maleic Mars and we step into the powerful Mars, this aspect should be like creation on steroids. Fact, uh, the TikTok video blew up under the applying last few degrees of this exact aspect. Mars in communication, Gemini sextiling, Jupiter, and a video that I had felt the compulsion to put out.

There’s just surfing. The energy gets expanded. Ju. So, this is where as we understand the aspects and the things going on in the chart, then we know when to amplify or game up at creative side to live on our highest timeline. Now let’s cruise into the weekend because I am going to take tomorrow off. So the moon enters Sagittarius tomorrow evening at 6:40 PM and then almost at 10 o’clock tomorrow night.

So we’re applying today and tomorrow on this one, mercury oppos. Jupiter. And that mercury is definitely slowing down because it turns retrograde in just NA a few days, Saturday and Sunday are super light. So that’s a perfect segue transition into taking a quick look at September. Now the TikTok video that I put up yesterday was about the launch of this new fed now program that is supposedly going to launch between may and July of 2023.

However, there’s some news about that. They’re doing something in September and I’m not sure exactly all the wherewithal of it, but as we look at the sky, We do see quite a few Venus aspects toward interestingly, you can’t make this stuff up the second and third weeks of September. And one of those is a trying to U us Venus trying Uranus on September 20th.

So go figure that the fed would be doing all of this stuff to completely change our monetary system as we’re under the Saturn Uranus square. That we had three times last year that we’ve talked about on here quite a bit, that traces back to every major recession for the last a hundred years. And now here we are sitting with it again.

Wow. All right. Couple of sequences for us here in September. First of all, Venus is going to be leaving Leo and entering Virgo on the fifth. And then mercury does go retrograde from Libra eight degrees, 55 minutes, and it starts moving backwards on September 9th, way late in the evening, 11:40 PM. So if you need to catch some things before mercury goes retrograde, you will have one more day.

If you’re a procrastinator, you’ll have the whole day of the ninth. And then we’ve got a full moon on the 10th. And then following that mercury retrograde, it will go back out of Libra into Virgo that happens on the 23rd. Now I mentioned that Venus enters Virgo on the fifth. It’s a quick transit because on the 29th, before we close out the month, Venus will move into li.

And then if you’re wondering, how long will we have to endure that mercury retrograde it’s stations direct October 2nd, it will be at 24 degrees, 12 minutes Virgo when it’s stations. So it will have what about six and nine, 15 degrees or so to retrace once it, uh, turns direct again, and then we will be completely clear of.

The thing that we are not clear of by any sense of the stretch is Uranus and its influence on this chart. So expect the unexpected in September. And then we have the 12 days of October where it will be at the exact square degree with Saturn. So that sets you up for the next several days ahead. I am going to take a little seventh inning stretch tomorrow, and I’ll see you back for Ray Merriman’s financial astrology on Saturday and back here again on Monday.

Have a great weekend sending you all kinds of love. Let’s be sure to give Nancy our big energetic. Together collectively and give her a lot of support right now. Thank you for remembering her and your prayers. Have a good one. See you back Saturday and Monday.