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August 24, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the fun astrology podcast. Let’s crank it up for hump day and Uranus retrograde day. Thomas Miller. Good morning. Good afternoon. Whenever you’re listening. It’s August 24th, Wednesday. And yep. This morning at 9:54 AM in Nashville, North Carolina, at least Uranus stations retrograde. We have a new episode out on old soul, new soul astrology podcast with Robert Glasscock about Uranus going retrograde.

So if you’d like to get his thoughts on it, you can check that out. He references the rewords revisiting reapplying, reassessing, and I’m I know you guys are like, no, we don’t need any re surprises around here, please. Well, let’s take another tact at Uranus because I’ll refer you over to that for that conversation on all the rewords of Uranus, but let’s think of another, it’s actually a reword, but not in the same context.

Revolutionary revolutionary Uranus represents not only that, which surprises us, but that which revolutionizes us, you know, sometimes revolutionary ideas are not traumatic. So we know astrology is built on polarity. So let’s get on both sides of this. You could have a revolution. I’ve got an interesting story in my history, my family ancestry, my mom’s dad was a railroad.

And he ended up going to the top of that business. Actually, he was a very prominent figure in the transportation industry back in the 1930s, forties, et cetera. But before that, in his career, he was sanctioned or hired as a surveyor for the Mexican railroad ended up building the line that went from Mexico city up to the United States border.

He was the chief engineer of that and then ended up running the whole thing. So he was in Mexico city when president Diaz was overthrown in 1911 that was obviously when the socialist uprising took place. And he was the guy that smuggled Diaz to the coast and got him out of the country, arranged a train at, uh, two o’clock in the morning or something.

To look like a cargo train and Diaz and his family and entourage, small entourage were STED away as cargo basically. And that’s what got them out of town. Well, that was a revolution that was a Uranian experience, even before they knew that Uranus was actually sitting up there visible, but they couldn’t tell at that time that was a revolution that did have chaos that resulted in change.

Right. But then let’s think about some other revolutions that were not traumatic, like the Wright brothers, for example, when they finally realized that this contraption that lifted them off the ground actually propelled them for a few feet in the air. Wow. Or think of new Zealand’s sir. Edmond, Hillary who?

In 1953 with a group of Sherpa and a couple of others. Finally looked at the summit of Mount Everest and realized that the likelihood of them standing there in a few hours probably was going to happen. And then it did. And as they were summiting taking those final 5, 10, 15 steps to the very top of Mount Everest, thinking of all of the people whose bodies were still on the mountain, all of the groups that had tried and failed.

And now they were standing on revolutionary ground or on May 6th, 1954. When Roger banister became the first person to run a mile in under four minutes, they said it couldn’t be done then within a matter of weeks and then months. Dozens hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands. And then eventually millions of people exceeded the four minute mile.

Well, when a planet goes retrograde, we think of the re aspects about it, but let’s remember revolutionary because now also one of the characteristics of a retrograde planet is that it brings the energy of that planet more internal than external. So hopefully maybe some of the things that we’ve seen Uranus cause externally get a little bit muted.

We’ll see how it handles Saturn in October. . But as we think about revolutions that are favorable, that don’t need the shake up. They don’t need the turmoil in the square as happened in Mexico. In 1918, we can focus on having personal breakthroughs of revolutionary proportion under this retrograde. How long do we have to work this out all the way until January 22nd, 2023.

So as we continue to watch what is taking place, obviously in the world around us, remember we can chart our own destiny. We choose our path through the storm, through the chaos, through whatever else is going on around us. What the world needs. And this is a call toward is personal internal revolution so that we can help change the consciousness of the planet.

So that’s individually what the high timeline people are going to be focusing on between now and January. And Uranus is there to support us every day between now and then hope that helps shed a little bit of new perspective on an old transit retrograde Uranus 2022 and 2023 version. Let’s roll only up and we’ll see you tomorrow on the fun astrology podcast.

Thanks for listening.