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August 17, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the fun astrology podcast. It’s hump day, August 17th. And we have a nice, clear sky overhead, which I think is just an absolutely beautiful picture, especially in light of what is happening tomorrow. Hi everybody. Thomas Miller on the fun astrology podcast. Thanks for joining us. Thank you all for the messages, the texts, the emails, et cetera, of the well wishes and particularly in our Facebook group, as I’ve been recovering from a little heart episode over the weekend and doing well and getting bounced back just fine, but thank you so much for the love.

I really do appreciate it. And we talked yesterday about the two BIC planets, Jupiter and Venus that are going to be trending at four o’clock in the morning. So we have all day today with no other energetic aspects taking place. That we can really enjoy this energy. Now, if you’re looking at a chart, you are probably observing what almost looks like a grand trying, but not quite, but we do have some nice trying aspects in today’s chart and sex tiles as well.

so mercury still coming off of that. Trying now it’s waxing, it’s moving away, but it still is in the orb. So we still have that effect and that is back to Taurus the north node and Uranus specifically, and the moon is going to be moving into that. So there’s some really nice energy around that. Mercury trying back to TAUs about thinking our self talk.

In fact, grounding our self talk. In fact, doing what I did the other day. Getting out into your meditative zone and finding that space of evaluating your carmic path. I had felt since the trip that I had gotten a little bit off course, and a couple of negative things had shown up in my life as a result.

And I did, I was off course just in my thinking perfect example of this mercury. Where you put your thoughts and attention expands. Choose your thoughts. Very carefully. Now, another trying that we have is with Pluto back to mercury, it’s wide, it’s seven degrees today, but mercury is closing and we’ll close it fast.

So we are in the applying the fast applying phase of that aspect that. But Pluto and Capricorn old structures this time it’s, Arine, it’s not a negative aspect. So we’re bringing those old structures in. Remember that old gospel hymn gimme that old time religion. Well, sometimes we need that old time religion, whatever that religion may be, but we need the grounding of our ancestry.

We need the structure of what used to. I think that’s been my biggest sadness in watching the latest events in our world is that idealistic perspective of what used to be, or what could have been, or should have been, seems like it’s being just dismantled and taken apart. That’s sad. We need that structure.

We rely on that structure. So we use this trying to reframe our thinking around the changes that Pluto is. Inevitably bringing things are going to change. We have to change with them. Virgo mercury. Doesn’t like to change that much. It likes the organization and the structure. We have to think differently.

The chart is taking us there. It’s leading us. It’s guiding us now here at Pluto is where the apparent . If you were just looking casually. Grand Rine breaks down because Pluto is in another Rine it’s to Mars and TAs, but it’s too far to be a grand trying. So we just have three nice, beautiful tryings. Here is what we end up with, but this is the one where I did check the news app.

Before I recorded this this morning. Mars still on the alert of being a trigger. Although it seems that since it did leave the pack of the north node and Uranus in TAUs has been a little bit more docile and this aspect is separating as we’ve talked about. So the exact trying happened on Sunday. Since Mars is in TAUs.

One of the areas that we would look at or look for would be financial, right? And as we look at the markets this week, we had a high yesterday and then it has started to pull back off of that. And I saw somewhere, a guy from bank of America, who I guess has some kind of a track record has said to fade the market or start selling if you’re shorting, if you’re trading from here.

So I don’t know, uh, maybe that would have a little bit of an implication. Of Pluto in retrograde, hitting that Mars maybe reversing the market here possibly, or maybe just at least a day or two of correction as it is continuing to separate. I don’t know that’s a stretch, but throwing it down now, there’s one other aspect that we need to talk about, and that is a yacht, the witches hat aspect.

So what is the base of the witches hat? The sex tile Pluto. We’re not getting far away from Pluto here. Pluto is in a sextile to Neptune. Both of those dogs are in retrograde. And then the top of the witch’s hat is the sun. The sun has moved into position of being basically, and it will continue tomorrow.

Actually tomorrow will be the midpoint of the peak of this, but 24 degrees, the sun in Leo. Pluto and Neptune at the base run the witches hat up. There’s the sun. So you can tell from that sun that we’re talking about, the collective, we’re talking about all of us talking about you, individually, me, individually and us together.

We are talking about transformation, Pluto, and it is spiritual Neptune. Also we have to factor in the very prominent part of Neptune right now. Is it lies and deceptions or is the truth coming through? The witches hat is a description that gives you a visual of what the aspect looks like. The finger of God is the moniker that tells you what it’s all about.

So this aspect is applying today. Peeking tomorrow as the sun will be right there in the middle of the two at 25 degrees, and then it will start to wane or separate from. But the other thing this yacht could be doing, because Neptune is in Pisces, is that the restructuring that Pluto is bringing. Could certainly be happening behind the veil.

This could be something that we don’t hear about for a little while, but it is brewing in the caldron right now. Things are taking place that will not be public for a while. That’s definitely possible, but we’ll see, just keep that one in mind. The yard. Of August 17th, 18th, and 19th. All right, you guys have a great day.

We’ll wrap up our week tomorrow. I’m gonna take Friday off, so we’ll keep it a little short, but we’ll set up the weekend in the morning. Have a great day. Love you byebye.