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May 30, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to a new week and a new month. This week, we will experience on Wednesday moving from may to June in the United States. This is a holiday day, but not around here. We’re gonna do a podcast and talk about what’s going on for this week. It’s actually going to be a fairly light week in the sky, but a pretty significant week, because one of the biggest things that happens this week, are you ready for this?

Friday mercury turns direct yeah. And even at 4:00 AM. So it’s like really Thursday is the last day of mercury retrograde. Can I hear a great big, amen. Yeah, I know. You’re happy about that. Mercury retrograde just seemed to be like, wow, what happened is this thing over already? And on that note related, I guess to communication, our discord group is back up and humming.

Kristen has been working on that over the last couple of weeks. And let me know this past week. She’s like, we’ve got it going. So if you’d like to jump in on that discord conversation, just look for the funnest astrology podcast group on discord. That’s where the 1 0 1 course students communicate in their section.

And then everybody there’s an open channel for the podcast. She said there’s some fun conversations going on there. So would love for you to be a part of that. Now the big, big, big one that we’re still, uh, right in the shadow of today, Monday. Is yesterday mornings, Mars, conjoining, Jupiter. That happened at six 30 in the morning.

And then we’re under a Gemini moon, Gemini whose ruler is fumbling around backwards. So in the sharpness of that Mars, conjoining, Jupiter, I mean, that is a lot of energy right there in Aries. Of course. Be careful what we say. This is a time to watch our words. This is how we left things on Friday. Just being sure that we count to five or 10 or 20, whatever it takes.

I mean, the point is, is that we’re just being conscious of the fact that this energy is in our space and we are going to be respectful of it. And of others, those of you who have been following this for a while, know that there are times. Hit the gas pedal and there are times to hit the brake. And this is one that just says there could be some sharp energy there, respect that and be cautious.

The other thing of note today, the new moon is at seven 30 this morning. It’s in Geminis. We mentioned from its transit in there yesterday afternoon. Now looking at the big picture, mercury turns direct at 4:00 AM Friday, and then Saturn goes retrograde on Saturday afternoon. That will be interesting. And will talk about that toward the end of the.

Then the other big station is going to be the end of the month, the 28th. We won’t have to worry about this for a while, but Neptune then stations retrograde. So here we are coming into this four to five to six to seven month period that all of the big outer planets at one time or another during that stretch are going to be going backwards in the sky.

You know, I know that everybody is feeling this off energy. If you. So we really, really need to start thinking about June as a transition month of high spiritual practice. As we’re getting ready to move into this period where the energy that’s off with everything moving forward, except mercury. Is going to feel more off when these big planets get into retrograde full on.

We remember last summer when the virus started to amplify angst on top of angst. So many of us did not participate in that because we did spiritual work and we are the lighthouse. You know, you gotta say there’s storm, storm, storm. And yet that ship out there in the sea needs a light. That it can lock onto, and that’s what we are, that’s you and me.

And we get our direction from the sky. So really, I, I can see this month being a month of transition where we really need to game up and game on because coming up after this Jupiter goes, retrograde, Chiron goes retrograde. And then in August, Uranus goes retrograde. So we’ve got some stuff that we’re gonna be dealing with.

So, what is this chart doing or giving us to support us? Well, first of all, the fire in Aries, I mean, we’ve got it all. Jupiter, Mars, Chiron in Aries. It’s a lot of fire to get things done. In fact, until things move into Leo later in the summer, that’s the biggest fire that we have to move things forward is right now.

And it’s there and it will be there for the rest of this month. Saturn in Aquarius is still sitting in that T square bending of the nodes position between the north and south nodes of the moon in Scorpio. And TAUs. And I know for a lot of us, these carmic things have been coming up. There’s that energy allow it to come up.

How else is this chart supporting us? Venus is at home in Taurus. I know you say, well, yeah, but Uranus is there too. And Uranus has been there for years. Venus is at home. That’s a big deal. That’s a big energetic deal. Right now. There is a collective hunger for calm and peace, even amidst the storm. Because you are listening to this means that you know how to connect to that inner piece.

So for the next month, remember Venus is at home and let’s use that. It’s also a really good time for money. So let’s advance things financially, save money, restructure your budget, work on your financial plan over the next 30 days. And then we have my own rising sign, the sun and the moon together, the new moon at eight degrees of Gemini, Gemini ruled by mercury, even though in retrograde sparks, highly effective internal communication.

Self-talk, you know, we correlate the mind Gemini to the mind learning education, et cetera, and also to communication. Remember. The most important communication is to yourself. And what you say to yourself comes from your mind. So there’s a lot of power right now to transform any kind of thoughts or patterns or habits or thinking that doesn’t serve you.

All right. I’m outta here. Have a great holiday. Thanks for listening. We’ll see you back tomorrow with a week. Hopefully let’s do some listener questions this week. Go to fun. Astrology dot. At the top on the left is an orange button. It’s free. You don’t have to leave your email. You can make it anonymous and we’ll tackle those questions through the week.

Thanks so much for listening. Hope you have a great rest of the holiday. We’ll see you back tomorrow on the fun astrology podcast. I’m Thomas Miller. Thanks for listening.