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May 23, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the fun astrology podcast for Monday, May 23rd, 2022. Thomas Miller. Thank you so much for joining us. Let’s start a new week with a bang. . How about starting the new week by taking something off of our astrological charts? Well, I don’t know if you’ve done this, but as you, if you’ve followed this for a while, you know that I have been watching the planet Aris for probably about a year.

Actually probably longer than that, but anyway, it sits still, primarily it moves so slowly. It’s at 24 degrees Aries it’s path. It’s orbit around the sun is like 565 years. It takes forever. So it’s almost like with fixed star and I’ve been watching aspects against it. The reason I mention this is that there is one aspect today, 10:52 PM.

Venus conjuncts Aris. I’m going to bet. I’m just going to bet that for the most of us. Relationships and money will still be intact tomorrow morning. I hope so with that sun sexting Jupiter, the markets should be happy today. Let’s hope that is the case as well. I’m taking Aris off of my chart. I just haven’t seen enough there that I’m going to keep watching it.

So I’m taking it off the front stage and just moving it to the back of mind. And if something happens where it becomes significant, we’ll pull it back out, but I’m not going to keep mentioning things around it. I just don’t think they’re that significant, but that sun sex tiling Jupiter is significant.

We need that kind of energy right now. So we’ll take it. The sun is at two degrees Gemini today, sex tiling, Jupiter there at two degrees in Aries, fire, fire air, and a Cardinal mutable sex tile. I’ve been working on this latest audio book for Fred Dodson. The book is called you can heal anyone and it’s about healing.

But one of the things that he talks about in there is command manifestation or in this case, command healing, but kind of wraps it all into the same thing where basically he reminds us that we are so powerful. That we can command things to come into our reality. We forget that we’re that powerful. I think of that book, as I’m thinking about this aspect, this is a definite command and it shall happen kind of aspect.

In fact, it shall happen quickly. You speak the words under Gemini’s son and Jupiter in Aries will get busy, fast, bringing it about my suggest. Give it a try. Don’t worry about technique. Just do it, just command. I command this and see what happens, do it in love. And you have to believe that what you’re saying can and will come about.

He talks about that great verse in the Bible about if you have faith, the side of a little tiny mustard seed, you can move mountains. I’m kind of excited about this energy because we need it. Let’s zoom out now and just take a look at a little bit of chart structure here of where we are in this last decade.

8th of May, 2022 with the sun moving into Gemini. Last Friday evening, we are finally kind of seeing a whiff. A bear with of what the chart is going to start doing over the summer. We are still a good, about two months out before this really starts to thin out. But the chart by August, September, October, November will actually be able to say opposition.

It will really thin out the energy instead of this stacked stuff. Like we have had. Starting in about July. We will see that energy dispersed around the astrological chart. And of course that means around our lives as well. The energy that we will be feeling every day will be a lot more dispersed around the various areas of our life.

So late July, August, September, October, even into November, we’re going to be feeling and experiencing that more balanced. We’ll also have more balanced aspects, so we will have more squares and more tryings and more oppositions, and it’ll be great. But then by December into January, they stack up again, starting in Scorpio and Sagittarius and move on into Capricorn so that after the first of the year we’ll have five planets back in Capricorn.

Here we go again. One other energetic change in the chart this week, Venus moves into Taurus that happens on Saturday. I’m going to be taking Friday off. At least my buddy Hemmit from Colorado is coming into town to see me. And we’re going to go play around the area for a few days this week, this coming Sunday, if you’d save the date, I’ve been doing these healing convergences on our Facebook page, subconscious mind mastery and fun astrology podcast listeners group on Facebook.

We also SED on the fun astrology YouTube channel, where we do this healing convergence and this coming Sunday. And I know it’s during a holiday week, we are going to do a Kini with Hemmit, some gong meditation with my friend Dawn SIUs and probably we can get old Hemmit to play a gong too. These are two of my very dear spiritual friends who we have roots back to about five years ago in Aspen.

It is going to be a wonderful delight to spend this weekend with them and be able to have this healing convergence next Sunday. Hope you’ll check that out. The Robert Glasscock, old soul, new soul podcast. We are going to continue our series on the nodes of the moon. So some great episodes coming out there on the nodes.

Plus Lizzy grace asked a really good question about the equal house system and we’ll tackle that this week too. That’s on the old soul new soul astrology podcast with Robert Glasscock. Lot going on a lot of aspects today. I’m going to leave you with the big one. And that is to command manifest. Let’s use this sun sexting Jupiter.

Let’s milk it all day long. Let’s create positivity in our lives and in the lives of those around us. Sending you love. See you back tomorrow. I’m Thomas Miller. Thanks for listening.