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May 20, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Good morning. Good afternoon. How are you? Thomas Miller, May 20th, TGI Friday fun astrology podcast. Thank you for stopping by. We have to put our roller skates on and move because we have a lot to talk about today. You’re going to want to search up the Robert Glasscock old soul new soul podcast. We are starting a new series on the nodes of the moon and the combinations of the nodes.

This is going to be incredible information. And a lot of you want to know more about the nodes old soul, new soul pod with Robert Glasscock. Those episodes are going to be released all through next. Now we have a wild and wacky weekend, especially at the border crossing between Taurus and Gemini. , it’s gonna be wild right around there.

So let’s go through this sequentially because it is kind of wild, how it unfolds. 8:00 AM this morning, Friday, May 20th. The moon goes void, of course, in Capricorn for a whopping 53 minutes. So those of you on the east coast who start your day around 8:00 AM, you can answer all the trivial emails and play all the video games you want until five till nine, that moon is safely crossed into Aquarius.

And then you can just kind of tell everybody at the office don’t bother me for the rest of the day. I’m being aquarium. They’ll understand if not refer them to the podcast or the 1 0 1 course. all right, then get this 9 22. These times are all Eastern. the sun moves into Gemini. We’re not going to do our normal Gemini treatment today.

We’ll do that on Monday because I want to stay with the rest of the activities today. But obviously this changes the complexion of the chart in so many ways. Oh, and remember, yesterday we mentioned that the sun sexting Pluto perked up the ears of the financial astrologer market was down yesterday, over 1100 points.

You can’t make this stuff up folks. So we began Gemini season later this evening, or for those of you on the west coast around dinner time tonight. Now, if you think about what is waiting right inside Gemini for that new Gemini sun. Retrograde mercury. Exactly. You say, but didn’t they just conjoin in TAUs.

Yes, they did. Mercury was forward action. And now it’s backwards. So they meet again for a quick hug. That’s Saturday afternoon at three 17, according to my honeycomb Almanac. Then on Sunday we have another void of course, moon. This one is a long. Starts at three 20 in the morning, basically goes all the way up until noon.

When that aquarium moon fades into Pisces. Now this is Sunday, then 6:15 PM. We do our healing convergence Sunday evenings at. 8:00 PM. So I’m looking at this. If you’d like to join in on that, I would love, love, love, love, love to have you. If that’s a time that you can make work 8:00 PM Eastern, you find us on our Facebook group, fun astrology and subconscious mind mastery podcast listeners, or the fun astrology, YouTube channel 8:00 PM Eastern time.

It’s just been an amazing group time. Well, right before that, Mars. Sextiles Pluto. All I can say, there is glad it’s a sex tile, but in about what six weeks, it will be a square then right after we finish healing convergence yes. There’s more that mercury retrograde in Gemini crosses back into Taurus. Now, normally over the course of a linear timeline, you know, let’s say 5, 7, 10.

You’ll have a planet change signs or you’ll have a major aspect or two in there, but here we really are changing the seasoning and the flavoring of the chart all in about a three day window, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, boom, boom, boom. We get a different moon on Friday. We get a different sun Friday night on Saturday that mercury retrograde looks right square at us and says, oh, hello you again.

And then on Sunday we get another moon change. A major trigger planet hits Pluto, even though it’s a positive sex style will take it. And then the seasoning changes, again, as that mercury retrograde very influential goes back into Taurus, leaving its own sandbox. So there will indeed this weekend be some energy bouncing around whether you feel it or not, will just depend on the space and the area where you are, but you can see there’s going to be some shifting and maybe even some tension a little bit there around the Torian things and the Gemini things, which of course are quite different.

TA wants balance and peace and serenity. And Jim, and I just wants to go, go, go, go, go multiple things at a time. Two podcasts, start another 1, 3, 2 audio books go here, go there. Blah, blah, blah, blah. I mean, it’s going to be mentally mercury, right? Gemini mental. It’s going to be chatty talky communicative.

It’s gonna be bouncing around the twin, but then it, it. Goes back. So then they crisscross. So that energy just completely shifts right over itself. Almost like morphing an X, like what I do on my audio timelines, when we mix two tracks, one just blends into the other and let’s, don’t forget the new trend of Gemini being that dual characteristic, the twin.

More than one. So we might see things start to pop over the next 30 days, more than one more than one theme, more than one personality involved, more than one thing happening at a time. And of course not to forget, we chose this time to be here and we have a purpose and we are going to continue to do as much as we can around here.

And the podcast and the Facebook group and the new podcast with Robert Glasscock to make you aware of all of it, Fasten your seat belts and stay in there for the ride. Wishing you a wonderful Friday. Thank you so much for listening. I love you guys so much, Mary Susan, we continue to pray for your family and we’ll see you back here on Monday.