June 9, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the fun astrology podcast for Thursday, June 9th. And we’re going to set up the weekend right on through. And I’m going to take a little break tomorrow. If you guys don’t mind, hope you’re doing well, hope your week has been going good so far. We’ve got a couple of things in the sky just to set up and then I’ve got one little thing that we might keep our eye on.

So let’s talk about what’s ahead of us. The. Three days. And really from a very macro perspective, I’ve just, I’ve been thinking about this a lot, the first couple of days of this week, first three days of this week and into today. And I just, you know, this is the first week after Saturn went retrograde and it has been a very quiet week in the sky.

The Shoeman resonance chart has been fairly quiet. For the most part, the news has been quiet so far. The equity markets have been quiet in fact, boring this week. oh, it’s almost like the sky is honoring the process of retrograde. It’s almost as though the sky is saying, go to discord and chat it up with Kristin in the gang in the fun astrology podcast channel on discord.

Perfect. Get the course and review some of the modules in the course, memorize some of those things perfect. Or get a good audio book or an astrology report and dig into those perfect. Today in the sky, no changes from yesterday, nothing moves. Now. I am looking at the moon this morning and it is in early degrees of Virgo, nine degrees as I’m looking at this chart.

Well, this is pretty early this morning. It’s like, Ugh. So yeah, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 degrees today, which puts it at a big opposition to all of the Aries planets. So that’s Jupiter, Mars, and Chiron. The moon can trigger. The moon is in between phases. So let’s just remember that it is opposite Mars. There’s a lot of power.

I mean, still a lot of power in Aries right now. So think of that moon as a potential trip wire and watch for something around that. If anything, I think that would be what would show up primarily right now today, tomorrow on the 10th, the moon enters Scorpio at 4:40 PM. So see, we’ve got all today and then most of tomorrow, If you like to follow voids of course starts at one 30 tomorrow.

And then just one little aspect on Saturday, and that is about 7:00 PM. Venus will conjunct Uranus. So obviously even if you hadn’t remembered, Venus moved in Uranus has been in Taurus forever. So we are talking about Taurus here, find 16 degrees of TAUs and you’ll see exactly where that conjunction is happening in your own chart.

If you are in a relationship because we are talking Venus, which rules TAs. If you’re in a relationship, surprise him or her this weekend, if you are not in a relationship and you are interested in being in a relationship and you are not online or doing whatever you need to do, don’t go to a bar. You know what I think about that?

Please keep your consciousness up, but in a high consciousness way, then you need to be out there on the. And if you’re not, then you probably want to be single. And if you are on the court, say yes to all reasonable requests, you gotta be careful. Gotta be careful. Do you ever have to be careful, but you know what I’m saying?

There’s magic in the air around Venus and Taurus, combining and igniting surprises around veian things, love and money and beauty and aesthetics and your musical career and your art project. Now we do have a Scorpio moon for the weekend. So once it moves in tomorrow, we’ve got it all the way. Until Sunday night, 6:30 PM.

It moves into Sagittarius would love to invite you to our healing convergence it’s on the Facebook group, fun astrology and subconscious mind mastery podcast listeners on face. Book. And then also it’s on the YouTube channel of the fun astrology podcast. Live 8:00 PM. Eastern. If you can join us, we’d love to have you there.

I’m gonna keep it brief and let’s just honor what Saturn and the sky is telling us. And let’s be in quiet, contemplation. How about that? I think that’s a great way to wrap it up and I’ll take tomorrow off. See you back here on Monday, sending you all kinds of love. Thank you so much for stopping by and thank you for your time.

This week. Have a great weekend.