June 7, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the fun astrology podcast. Tuesday, June the seventh. Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. Hope your week is getting off to a great start. I thought we would continue a little bit of a conversation from yesterday. I’ve got some kind of cool stuff. That’s gonna be a bit provocative today. So put your thinking cap on, and we’re going to look at some current events compared to the chart, but first let’s talk about today.

First quarter moon. At 10 49, say 10 50 this morning. Moon goes into first quarter in Virgo. Now tomorrow we’ll have a quick little void, of course in the morning. If you want the numbers on that 8:08 AM to 11:22 AM, then the moon moves into Libra or a Libra Libras growing on me. I mean, you know, Delia uses Libra.

And I’ve heard several others library. If you look it up, it’s equal, you can use either one they’re interchangeable. Neither is right. Neither is wrong. Here’s what I thought we would talk about. Since this chart is locked down. I mean, there is nothing else moving around. There are some aspects and those we’ve pretty much talked about.

So let’s continue. This thought that we had from yesterday about Saturn going retrograde yesterday, we talked more about the combination of the blues brothers, Saturn and Pluto. But I was thinking about this in context of what may lie ahead. Now, this Saturn retrograde goes all the way until toward the end of October, it retraces seven of the 25 degrees that Saturn has progressed through Aquarius.

So I thought, Hmm. Aquarius technology. What has been a big signature really of the last several years technology. Now Saturn moved into Aquarius in March of 2020. None of us will forget March of 2020, January of 2020, February of 2020. I was seeing that my friend, rod Powell, in from veil, Colorado. His birthday would’ve been Sunday and rod was one of the first 305 people nationally to die from COVID and he died in the, I think it was the third week of March or the middle of March, 2020.

So Saturn is going backwards. We know we’re going to revisit, we’re going to revise. We’re going to reword everything that has happened through this aquarium transit. So I thought let’s go back and just have a look, blow the dust off of some of the things to remind ourselves what has happened over the last three years.

And I thought let’s focus on one of the classic aquarium characteristics in that being technology. I found a couple of lists that went back to 2020 and 2021. And I’m not going to comment on these. I’m just gonna say, let’s think together of how these have impacted us since COVID. So, first of all, one of the things that is in all the headlines these days is AI.

Artificial intelligence is exploding. I heard a talk by Tom Friedman. He’s a New York times columnist in Aspen. When I first got there, this would’ve been early 2016. He had just released a new book. It was called thank you for being late. And about the first third of the book, he was talking about this technological explosion since 2007.

And AI was one of the big things that he advocated is going to be in our future. In fact, he said, it’s a good thing. As a columnist, as a journalist, he said, it’s a good thing that my career is mostly behind me because there will be a time soon when the computer will write the article and I won’t have to.

Well, we’ve been seeing that. And of course you could add robotics to that category as well. And obviously that leads us to think about, well, what will happen to human workers, jobs and as Saturn, retraces this ground in Aquarius, we have to remember that by 2025, Pluto will be moving into Aquarius for the next 20 years.

So a lot of these things that Saturn is running the forefront. Pluto is going to bring to maturity. All right. Let’s keep our list going here. Virtual reality. In fact, during this period, Facebook changed its name, put on your glasses. And my son who works in biomedical engineering has already said that he said, dad, you better figure this out because that’s how you’re going to be talking to your granddaughters.

Here’s another one. Again, these are just, I’m just making a list. See how these resonate to you. 5g. Faster cellular. You could even add to that one, Elon Musk and his Starlink system that he’s launching so many satellites. And what do you think about so many satellites being low orbit space? Sometimes those rockets go up to in a week and launch 50 satellites each time.

What about space? Debris, and then conversations of six G by 2000. Is this too much? Look at what’s happened just in the last 2020 2021. And here we are about halfway through 2022, two and a half years. Look at all that’s happened. Here’s another one gonna get sensitive now, digital contact tracing. This was from a list of, from MIT.

So, I mean, I’m digging this stuff up from reliable websites. This was not from, uh, you know, fringe stuff. This was like, we have, I mean, since C one of the realities is your smartphone can track you. What do you think about that with Saturn retracing in Aquarius? And then Pluto moving into Aquarius. Where do you think that’s going to go for the next five months?

We’re going to be retracing this. Okay. I’ve gotta move quicker here. Uh, hyper accurate GPS. Like we can put something now, right on a dot remote communication zoom. Our favorite tool, telehealth, remote schooling, all popularized just in the last two and a half years. Here’s another one that I experienced autonomous driving.

I had a car there for a while that, I mean, literally this thing almost drove itself. It was crazy. It was amazing. And with that lithium batteries, this new battery power that lithium, uh, is in Lord Jupiter in the van. Those are lithium batteries and they work great. Couple of others that came from COVID personalized and predictive medicine.

This one we haven’t heard as much about, but I know that it is in the works. And basically this is just pure science. This isn’t, you know, let’s, don’t go off to the edges here, but basically they are going to be able to more accurately drill down into what you specifically need. Based on new technologies in medicine.

And then of course the thing that is highly controversial all over the world, the mRNA vaccine came about in this two and a half year, window and medicine already from its launch was saying that this is going to be a wave of the future. Blockchain technology. We’ve had an explosion and a crash in crypto, and again, a conversation around the world about digital currencies, not Bitcoin, but us dollar digital stuff.

And some countries have even adopted some of the cryptos as viable Curr. Well, I’m sorry, this went longer than I anticipated, but wow. What an incredible list. And to think that Saturn is going to retrace about 30% of the ground that it has covered and then go back over it again. Where do you think we’ll be when Saturn finally moves into Pisces on March 8th, 2023.

And that sets up a whole dynamic of itself and yes, of course we will cover it. Keep your eye on technology. Big, big, big theme in the chart over about the next 25 years. Have a great Tuesday. See you back tomorrow. Thanks for the extra time.