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June 29, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to our third day of talking about the Neptune retrograde 2022. This thing is somehow just stuck in my consciousness. Maybe that’s Neptunian . Maybe we’re supposed to go deep Rero grade. Wednesday the 29th, 2022, Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. We’re gonna pick right up basically where we left off yesterday, because it was kind of a cliff hanger, as we were saying that of the things that Neptune rules, drugs, pharmaceuticals, cetera, is a big part of that.

For the last nine years now, I have worked with Fred Dodson author, Fred Dodson, narrating audio books that have become quite a prolific collection of books over those years. If you’re new to that work, I would highly recommend you take a look at them. And levels of energy is a wonderful place to start.

But Fred lived in New Zealand for the last several years. And over the COVID years, didn’t travel to the United States. and then through a series of events that we’ve talked about on the subconscious mind mastery podcast, he left New Zealand and came back to the United States where he was, was sparsely populated.

And new Zealanders are very natural about many of the things that they do, including their healthcare. When he came back, he landed in Florida. Which is densely populated. And the thing that struck him the most was how many pharmacies there were in a square mile radius. Have you ever been to the doctor and they ask you what medicines you’re on?

If you answer like I do and say, well, none, they look at you. Like you’re an alien, you smoke. Nope. Drink alcohol. Nope. Stopped four years ago. I mean, literally they look at you like they’re documenting fraud, you know, it’s like, wait a minute. No, this isn’t what they see every day. And that tells you a lot.

When medical employees look at you, like you’re crazy. If you answer their questions that way and you see pharmacies on every corner, you get it. Now, there are some wonderful medications. I mentioned yesterday, my little heart issue, when it decides to get cranky, I take some medication for that as needed and it puts it right back into rhythm.

That’s pretty incredible. Some of the medications for depression have literally given people their lives back, literally, that’s incredible. And there are so many ways to look at this of the balance between the natural and the synthetic, but this whole umbrella is under Neptune’s rule. Whatever else is ahead of us, makes you wonder if people are going to turn more toward these substances collectively, or could this shift in consciousness allow people to just be okay with who they are.

Unmedicated is that part of the higher consciousness? I think these are all things we need to have our eyes on and explore and explore for ourselves. Now, another one that is big these days are psychedelics Ayaka mushrooms, et cetera. I’ve never done them. I’ve talked to people who have, and it opened up spiritual realms that they never dreamed they would have access to.

So I see a purpose in that. and what just resonates in the whole upper cavity of my body. Every time I think about this is if you can do it from inside as you, without a substance, that’s all the better. That is the straight connection with source. However, I would add this. If you are going to explore that area for yourself.

Far better to do the natural plant based than anything synthetic. In fact, I go back again to Liz Green’s book on Neptune, which is very difficult to read. Liz’s writing style is not easy to decipher, but her whole point is that if you go deep inside, Then you don’t either need or have room for these substances, basically because that inner depth is so deep, it’s as deep as the vast oceans.

That’s what I wish for you is that you explore those depths and be able to find them. Couple of other things here that are obvious Neptune rules, the artistic, the aesthetic, anything that is done from inspiration, it rules the literary genius. As sepal says, it rules the psychic and spiritual powers exhibited by phenomenal persons.

It’s that part of you that can take you into that dream world and you just literally float away. And then if you come back and create anything, artistic books, movies, et cetera, that come from that inner Neptunian inspiration chances are it’s going to be some brilliant work. Neptune also denotes uncertain, fortunes the rise or fall by the influence of women.

Watch that one coming up in the collective going forward. It is all about secrets, intrigues, covert alliances. It’s part of the watery triad. Pisces, obviously the sign that it rules cancer Scorpio. So if you’re born with it heavy in your chart, like I am, it rules things that are aesthetic, artistic, intuitive, sensitive, mystical, imaginative, highly emotional, enthusiastic, and on the shadowy side.

Unstable self deceptive. It rules ambushes, deceptions secrets. As we’ve mentioned, sudden, death assassinations, wanderings, exiles, secret societies, impositions, frauds, and disguises. So during this 160 day retrograde period. You kind of wonder if any, or all of those kinds of things might be amplified as the collective and we individually are being exposed.

If you are not 100% truthful in your life, in all areas. And that just starts with yourself. Use this time to go within and weed. That out that is working with the energy. You know, really what this boils down to is this whole time period between now and December is a wonderful time to go into that deep inner exploration and with your feet on the ground, but your soul in the sky or your soul connecting to source.

Use these next 160 days to really take a deep dive spiritually, a dive that never before to date that you’ve dared to take and see where it leads. You I’ll bet it’ll lead you to some amazing places. And then we hold the space for those who are not conscious, the greater collective. Those we see who. Not living this kind of life and they’re going to be pretty confused and they’re going to be grappling for things to grab onto.

So we support them with our love and hopefully they find some kind of conscious material that crosses their path that helps to wake them up. Have a great day will move on from here tomorrow onto other things. But thank you for staying with me over these three days. I just felt that they were important.

Have a wonderful day. We’ll see you tomorrow.