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June 28, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Well, probably by the time you’re listening to this Neptune is retrograde. Hi, welcome to the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller here beginning the first of 160 days of Neptune’s retrograde 2022 version. I was thinking about this. If you took 160 times two, that’s three 20, sorry about the early math.

That’s darn near a full year. So it equates to about 40% of the year. Neptune is in retrograde. I mean, even right there, does it not look like the universe is telling us that we need to be doing inner spiritual work? And that’s what Neptune calls us to Liz Green’s book on Neptune was all about the redemption of the soul, returning to source finding our way back into the deep water from which we came.

It’s a great journey inward, but it also, if we were to do it all the time would make us functionless on planet earth. So that’s why this metaphor is really beautiful because it’s saying do your spiritual work, make it a big part of your life, nearly half of it, and then go live your life through your physical body in the physical world.

Now, before we elaborate more on Neptune, the more I’ve been thinking about this over the last couple of days, I’m just really feeling that this is super reflective of our times right now, and worth spending time and focus on. I may be giving this way too much importance, but something as I keep looking at the chart tells me not.

Retrograde begins today at 3 55 this morning, Eastern time, it will be at 25 degrees, 26 minutes on my chart, 27 in my honeycomb Almanac, that puts it directly by degree, semis sextile to Mars in Aries, semis sextile by a degree of orb to Saturn in Aquarius, putting it right at the midpoint, or basically like a conjunction.

Between the two ancient maleic. It also is trying to the south node in Scorpio, making it sextile to the north node in Taurus. And one more the moon is at 28 degrees, Gemini. It changes signs later this morning. So that puts Neptune retrograde square to the moon. So on that lunar note, it enters cancer at 7 53, but the new moon is at 10:52 PM.

Tonight in cancer at seven degrees, 23 minutes. And I almost forgot, again, I haven’t mentioned this, be sure to catch the big display of all the planets that are in the sky in the morning. If you can see it, it is quite a display, everything between mercury and Venus and Mars and Jupiter is up there and Saturn is up there.

It’s like, they’re all in this alignment. And people have been saying that they won’t be aligned like this for, I don’t know, a bunch of years, but if you’d like to see that in the morning sky, be sure to catch that it basically kind of fades out this week. So one of the things about this moment at 3:55 AM this morning is it really becomes the natal chart.

Of the next 160 days from an Neptunian perspective. So if it is at the midpoint of Saturn and Mars, now that’s basically like saying conjunct, the two of them together. Does that make sense? If you took Saturn and Mars and put them together, Neptune would be conjunct that that’s kind of the basic way of explaining a midpoint it’s like conjunction energy to both planets.

Maybe that’s a better way of saying. It is cooperatively aspected to the south known in Scorpio. And we haven’t seen the full story of that one yet. Now the square to the moon. So the moon is getting ready to enter its own sign, but it still is in Gemini as of this natal chart, if you will. And remember if we’re looking at it this way, the moon represents you and.

The people, our souls individually and collectively, now let’s paint some more Neptunian pictures here. And I mentioned yesterday, I went to sari’s manual of astrology for this. This is 18 hundreds kind of writing, but it’s also the type of astrology that Robert Glasscock even uses for his type of interpretations of the signs, the planets and the houses.

So here’s some stuff on NEPT. Remember, I have it on my son the same degree. So I’ll tell you when it’s on and when it’s off, most of this is on Neptune is nervous, susceptible, aesthetic, neurotic, inconstant inconsistent. In other words, warm. Moist and fruitful, I would say at times mostly, yes. Now, as we’re listening to this, we need to be thinking about ourselves individually.

Yes. Obviously, always starting there, but we also need to be thinking about the world we live in because everybody is affected by this retrograde. This is super important. Neptune governs the telepathic and psychometric functions. Let’s put it in terms we can understand fun astrology terminology. My buddy Hemmit says the home office Neptune controls our antenna to the home office.

It’s our intuitive perception. It’s that realm outside of ourselves, that is very much a part of our lives. We just have to tune into it. I would say an area that our collective is getting farther and farther away from some of that may be part of this retrograde. Here’s another one that became a big part of the conversation in our discord group over the weekend.

Neptune represents an undefined sense of tiredness or lethargy from a medical perspective, depending on where it is in your natal chart and what that area or those planets that are nearby or aspected to it mean in medical astrology and what areas of the body they govern Neptune can add extra weakness to that area.

I have the sun in Scorpio in the fifth house, which is ruled by Leo. And as I mentioned, Neptune and Mars are sitting right on top of that sun. When I was 53 years old, doing Kundalini yoga on my birthday morning, my heart went into an arrhythmia and it’s something that I’ve been living with ever since come to find.

All of that fits the chart right down the line. So that’s what sepal is saying here is that that area could put an extra strain on either characteristics of that. So like if I had known this 20 or 30 years ago, I needed to be on the side of a mountain singing kumbaya my li whole life. Instead of running around the country, producing television shows in a very stressful high velocity lifestyle.

That’s why I want so many of you to learn this so you can teach it to your kids, raise them consciously. All right. It also rules the lymphatic system, the pine gland. See there’s our, that’s the connection point. That’s where the antenna connecting to the home office hits us the pine gland, the thymus and the spleen.

It’s also directly connected with infections, poisons toxins, and the adrenals. Okay. So there’s that whole package of our wellness. See, and again, I think this is significant of where we are and where we’re headed for the next 160 days. It also rules all things, drugs, and pharmaceuticals. And I hate to do this, but that’s where we will stop for today.

We’ll come back tomorrow because this is worth spending time on wonder drugs, medications that you are on. Pharmaceutical mandates psychedelics. Let’s talk about all of that tomorrow. Have a great day. We are picking Neptune apart because we need to have a great day. New moon, 7 23 moon moves into cancer.

30 minutes later. Have a good one.