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June 27, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the fun astrology podcast. New week Thomas Miller, June 27th, 2022. Thank you so much for joining us. Boy, do we have to put our roller skates on because we have a Neptune stationing to go retrograde tomorrow. So we’ll talk about that in a minute. First. I wanted to just mention, wow. Jamie, you really let it up with that question on Friday about the cars and the tires, and the I’m telling you, people from all over everywhere were responding to that with all kinds of issues and saying, yes, we’re seeing it everywhere.

That is amazing how that one little issue coming up out of that third house of transportation in the United States chart is so prolific, right? And I was also seeing that some vehicles are now being delivered with like half of the functionality. Half of the electronic functionality is just not there.

So it really is incredible. What’s going on in that whole scenario in the United States. And of course it’s around the world, but are just using that base to focus from here of what’s going on with vehicles and transportation quick, look at the sky up over our heads today, 7 45 this morning, mercury in Gemini.

Sex tiles, the wounded healer Chiron in Aries. I’d love to elaborate on that, but we have so much else to do pay extra close attention to self-talk these days and make sure that it is serving you and moving you toward resolving those wounded areas of your psyche. No stink and thinking like Zig would’ve.

This evening at six 30 Mars. Sextiles Saturn. Now this is a big one because we also have Neptune right in the middle of that. And that’s where I’d like to spend the rest of our time is talking about Neptune going retrograde, but it’s happening right in the, in between, at the midpoint of Mars, Saturn. So Mars and Aries Saturn in Aquarius.

We’re already seeing so many of these things unfolding. I mean, it’s like things are happening quickly in the news cycle right now. They’re happening quickly in the chart too. So with that, we need to peek ahead to tomorrow. And as mentioned 3 55 tomorrow morning Neptunes stations to go retrograde, it will be at 25 degrees, 27 minutes.

Of course, if you’ve been following it’s in its own home sign ruled sign of Pisces. This retrograde will be 160 days, goes until December 3rd, where it will retrace to 22 degrees Pisces. So a full, almost half of the time, 40% of the time Neptune is in retrograde. So many of you have natal signatures of Neptune in retro.

I’m going to pop back over for a second here to the United States chart, because this happens in the USA’s fourth house, which rules, what. The Homeland exactly. And United States, Neptune is within three degrees of an opposition to its natal position. So natally in the United States chart, Neptune is in Virgo at 22 degrees in the 10th house.

This Neptune transiting at 25 degrees starts its retrograde. And between now and December, we’ll. 22 degrees. Exactly opposite. It will be when it stations in December to go back direct. The other significant thing is that this Neptune is in a sextile to Pluto toes return. Now it will be pulling away from that, not moving toward it.

So we will have at least that to observe, but these are very significant aspects in the United States chart. So with that, You thought maybe we could take a look at some Neptunian characteristics and I pulled so much stuff here that we probably will have to do this in two parts. But I thought it would be fun to go back to some of the roots.

This is what we’ve been talking about over on old soul, new soul with Robert. And one of the books that encompasses this so well is sepals astrology manual. It is available on Amazon, but it’s hard to kind of, you have to get the one that has all four books. It’s four books comprised into one, but these are some things that I pulled from Neptune, from sari, who is just, was brilliant at characterizing some of these things.

So as we think about this retrograde, think about this in your own life and think about this for the collective Neptune is a huge part of my life. And I will say discard, any arguments that people say, oh, Neptune is just an outer planet. It’s just about the generations. Come talk to me. Let’s sit down for a couple of hours over some Chi tea and have a little conversation about Neptune in our natal chart.

I see that we are going to run out of time. I’m going to have to make a decision, whether to do an extra expanded episode, which I might do or we’ll address this tomorrow, but let’s do the cookbook stuff right now. Okay. So in this time period, these 160 days, we might be more susceptible to illusions delusions.

Fraud just lies deceptions. Right? So that’s the shadow side. The positive side is because it’s coming internal. You might just be far more inspired over the next 160 days. I think which side of that you end up on is how you’re living your life and what are you choosing and what are you creating? Right.

We focus around here on creating the positive. Being aware of the shadow. If the shadow shows up, just acknowledge it, pass it on. We did a big part of our healing convergence last night was on that. So if you didn’t see it, you’d like to see a replay it’s in the Facebook group and the fun astrology podcast, YouTube channel.

The other area that is very NEPT and is confusion. So you might be floating around without direction or indirection. Things can seem confusing. That of course, is the shadow. The more positive side is you listen to that still small voice and you get inspirations, revelations, aha. Moments that come from above.

I don’t remember exactly the date that I got that inspiration to email Fred Dodson about narrating his audio books. But I think in looking back at 2013, that it may have come under a Neptune retrograde, not for sure, but it’s very likely it was right there at about that time. So if you remember that story, if you’ve heard that story, if not, it’s in the new book, it’ll be out soon.

So you’ll get to hear it again. Fresh. The thing about that story was I took immediate action on a definite inspiration. We’ll talk about this more tomorrow. I’m looking ahead. We have time tomorrow and Wednesday, so we can expand this over the next two episodes, but I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention the caution because Neptune also rules everything addictive.

So if there’s anything that you are addicted to for any other area of your life, whatever it is that you can’t do life without. That you put into your body. Or a physical action that you do, or an addiction to whatever, fill in your own blank. This is a time that you should really think about a reset retrogrades are made for resets.

So we’ll talk about that more tomorrow. But this is another really big aspect that sets us up for a highly active fall this fall. So we are going to spend some proper time on this over the next two days. Thank you guys so much. Have a wonderful one. See you tomorrow.