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June 24, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

I know. I know, I know if you listened yesterday, I’m not supposed to be here. but this was just such a great question. And so timely right now. This is Jamie. I’m just curious if there’s any insight or transits or aspects that would indicate issues with tires or maybe the larger theme of travel. Um, both myself.

and I know of at least four other people throughout the United States, who’ve been dealing with tire issues like blowouts or flats or in my case, needing to do a full tire replacement on my car in the last week. So just curious if there is anything in the stars that is leading to that. Thank you. You’re welcome, Jamie.

Thanks for listen. And I would add number five and number six because our Sarah Wakeman over on our Facebook group, page subconscious mind mastery and fun astrology podcast listeners. Get this. She and her boyfriend both had their cars completely die. Cracked engine blocks this week. Now let, what do we do with this question?

Well, if you’re in the fun astrology 1 0 1 course, you would be thinking. Now, somebody asking just a transit or aspect question, you would be thinking Gemini, right? Because we don’t have a horror situation here. We’re not casting a chart at a particular time and asking a yes or no question. We’re looking for causes root causes answers.

So if we were just starting with the transiting chart, like we talk about every day, There’s really nothing, because we would look at Gemini and would, we would see it one degree, Venus and 11 degrees mercury. Well, they’re not causing any trouble and they’re not aspecting to anything that’s causing any trouble.

Now another thing you can do is cast your own natal chart and then put the transits over that. And that puts the, and then you read the transits relative to the houses that they fall against your natal chart. There might be something there. Certainly then in addition to Gemini, we obviously would look at the third house.

Ruled by Gemini ruled by the planet. Mercury, the third house represents all things, transportation, including cars and tires, but without a time, then we can’t lock on to a house. So right now we’re dealing with Gemini. The third house, if we could lock onto a particular chart, like your natal chart, or like what I chose to do, she said four people across the country.

She obviously lives here, Sarah and her boyfriend live here. So I thought, okay, there’s a common pattern. Let’s take a look at the United States chart. See if there’s anything there. The sly chart, July 4th, 1776, 5:10 PM. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And these solar arcs that we’ve been studying with the United States chart have been so prolific in talking about so many things that I cast also the solar arc chart.

And then I put the transits over both of those. Now in the United States chart, Gemini shows up in the sixth house and then it rests on the cusp of the seventh house. So I would look at, I would set that aside and I would come back and look at the primary ruling house of transportation first. So my eyes fall to the third house, which in the United States chart is ruled by Aquarius.

and in the third house is the United States moon. Ah, now we’re getting closer. The moon rules, the people, so people’s cars or at least collective energy. And what you’re describing is what have we counted here? Seven people that have had car issues, Jamie four friends, Sarah and her boyfriend, the moon in Aquarius.

Well, almost sitting on top of the moon in Aquarius is Mars in solar arc. It will be there in another two years. and transiting Saturn is in Aquarius. It is almost sitting on top of that Mars. Now it did turn retrogrades so it’s pulling away from it, but that’s Saturn sitting on top of Mars, sitting on top of the moon, the people.

What else do we have in the third house? In that solar arc chart, we have Uranus surprises, sudden happenings. Sarah told me that her car literally died in the parking lot. As she arrived at work. So, this is just a little microcosm. I mean, this is a little tiny thing of what Robert has been preaching. That is ahead based on some of these aspects of challenging times for the people collectively with Mars and Saturns sitting on top of the moon.

As I was talking to Sarah yesterday and she was telling me about this, I just had the feeling as I was listen. That there was something purposeful, something car, something much deeper than just an automobile going on here. And we see that reflected here as well because the other two planets that are in the third house are solar arc, Jupiter and Venus in Pisces.

The spiritual shift. Now, I know what you’re saying. Wait a minute here. You’re telling me that having to put new tires on or an a cracked engine block has spiritual implications. Well, here’s where I digress a little bit because when a question like this comes up or something like this happens with somebody like Sarah, I think spirituality.

Why? Because by nature, you guys are in a different spiritual league where you wouldn’t be listening to this podcast. And I think that there are going to be people who are going to lead the way spiritually. And sometimes this is going to be showing us the way of some things that might be happen. . So what happens when you have to retire your car?

Well, maybe you have a few days out where you don’t drive as much or with Sarah she’s playing wounded right now, renting a car from a friend’s discount from a, a car agency, and then she’s going to be scrambling to find some wheels. Slowing things down. Saturnian delays, Mars accidents, Uranus surprises.

Okay. Showing up with cars today, but where might it else show up? And if it continues in the third house, then we might look at other areas that the third house rules, or we could look at aspects to the third house as things present. At that time. They’re not there right now. Right now we’re talking about cars and we found a home and we certainly have found alignments for that.

And also knowing who’s involved that at some point there’s going to be a wonderful spiritual lesson and consciousness will move forward. Soul growth will take place, a greater trust in the universe. Maybe. Uranian unusual provision, an unexpected benefit or gift or some spiritual lesson that is communicated out to others to inspire them, that there is indeed a shift in consciousness.

Don’t leave Venus and Jupiter sitting there alone. not for a minute. So Jamie, Sarah, we are standing with you and yes. Thank you for an excellent question about a very relevant and timely topic. All right. Now we will see you tomorrow for the Ray Merryman broadcast later on in the morning. Thank you so much for tuning back in today for this little wonderful surprise.

We’ll see you tomorrow and back on Monday.