June 23, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the Thursday edition of the fun astrology podcast, June 23rd, Thomas Miller. Thank you so much for joining us. I hope that this solstice week has just been a real blessing for you. It has been amazing up here in North Carolina, and I thought what I would do if you guys don’t mind, let me have tomorrow to kind of prep for Saturday because there is.

I mean, it is skinny in the sky between now and Sunday. Literally today at 7 57, let’s say eight o’clock this morning, the moon moves into TAs. Of course, that’s Eastern time. And it always depends on where you live as to exactly when that happens. Friday, no changes. The moon will be in its Crescent phase on Friday, starting at 8:00 PM.

And then Saturday night at 7:15 PM. Moon moves in to gem. That’s it follow the moon. We have mercury happy and Gemini Venus just stepped into Gemini, still all that Aries energy. And then Pluto is still in Capricorn for a long time. Saturn is in Aquarius until early next year. Neptune is in Pisces for several more years.

Jupiter is in Aries for the rest of this year. See all those are just remaining the same and Uranus of course, in TA. So for the rest of this year, we’re basically going to be chasing the faster movers around the chart. Something that has been on my mind, really since what, since Tuesday, I guess since solstice day has, when I was up on the mountain, kind of doing my little sunset meditation thing.

The south node came into mind, especially the south node in Scorpio, because I have a lot of stuff in Scorpio, but wherever your Scorpio and TAs are. Remember that there’s a whole paradigm there of cleaning up that Scorpio. Carmen, in other words, digging deep down into those areas of your life, where Scorpio might touch.

And for all of us, as we think about getting through these times that we’re in right now. The north node is really shining the light for us toward TAUs. You know, if you think about what does the planet need right now? Peace grounding, balance harmony, right? All those Torian wonderful earthy characteristics and ruled by Venus.

It just needs love. And lots of it. If you’re not busy at 8:00 PM Eastern time, Sunday night, that’s what we do for about 45 minutes to an hour on Facebook or YouTube under the fun astrology podcast channel is we get together and create love and send it out into the world. It has been an amazing community of people.

So we’d love to have you join in there. Our face. Page is the fun astrology and well, let’s see, let me start it off the official way. The subconscious mind mastery and fun astrology podcast, listeners group, and Facebook, that’s a lot to type in, but that’s how you find us or it’s SEL casts on the fun astrology, YouTube channel.

And, you know, that’s exactly what we’re doing. We’re putting out that TAUs Venus energy into the world, and I think that’s what we all need to do in our own lives. And collectively. So the message of the nodes continues to be allowing the south node in Scorpio to go in and clean up and clean out and dig out any old stuff.

This is almost like cleaning out the old closet of everything. This is an opportunity to sweep your karma. Why Scorpio deep everything right. Get to the bottom of it all. Not to fear it because you are working with it. So allow it to come. Release it gladly move toward TAUs. If I were to leave you with a theme to be thinking about over the weekend, that would absolutely be it.

And what a message for our time. We’ll be back on Saturday with the Ray Merryman special probably will be out mid to late morning. Saturday. I get those on. Friday night need to digest them and kind of do a little bit of my own research. So late to mid-morning Saturday. And then we’ll see you back here again on Monday morning.

Thank you so much. Have a great time. Oh, and of course, Sunday night on those two channels of four mentioned have a great day. Couple of days. We’ll see you Saturday. Bye-bye.