June 22, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the hump day. Midweek fun astrology podcast for June 22nd, 2022. Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. We have a sign change, Deda bump, bump bump bump. Today. Venus moves into Gemini. It’s not until tonight. Really 8 35 Eastern time. So we still have a Torian Venus at 29 degrees for the rest of today.

But then it does move into Jim and I’ll come back to that here in just a second. My little Gemini rising brain is bouncing around. Remember that today we still have, for those of you early birds, the sun is still at its solstice declination until eight 30 Eastern time. This morning. 23 degrees, 26 minutes after eight 30, it starts its way back down.

But if you catch that morning meditation, if you catch a sunrise meditation today, you’re gonna be in that same declination of the sun. Okay back to Venus. Sorry. I just had to drop that before I forgot back to Venus moving into Gemini. So what does this mean? Well, you know, I tend to think that many times, not always, but often when a planet moves from a sign that it rules into the next sign.

It’s a little awkward. It’s a little Grum. In other words, it’s like you, if you’ve been kicked out of your house ever, I dunno if you’ve ever have, I never had, but if you got kicked out of your house, all of a sudden, well, I got kicked out of, yeah, I guess I did get kicked. Um, it’s awkward where you, you know, the next thing is awkward.

You’re off your roots. You don’t know where stuff is. You’re fumbling around. You’re trying to get your footing again. Now I’m just kind of looking at this Venus ingress into Gemini, though. See Mercury’s there. And mercury is very at home in Gemini. So it’s almost like you’ve got two fast moving planets.

These two know each other well, and it’s almost like mercury is kind of like, Hey, come on in over here. So let’s play with two possible scenarios. First of all, find Gemini in your. And then regarding money regarding love regarding balance aesthetics, art, et cetera, all of those Venus areas. Maybe now it goes from that grounding that digging our toes into the soil in TAs, into outward expressions, into more connectedness, maybe the plurality, the duality of Gemini, the twin two, maybe there’s more than one of something going on in one of those areas for you.

What would it look like on the shadow confus? You know, just the ping pong ball. Like I can’t get grounded. I just was grounded. Now I can’t get grounded. What would it look like on the positive side, new things coming in in those areas? Or as we said, multiplication increase new knowledge around financial stuff that happened to me yesterday during solstice.

I gotta say . I was sitting there looking at the market stuff and I just sat right through solstice, but I was so connected. internally that I was getting exactly what I was supposed to get, because I came up with a whole new trading technique that dropped in exactly during the hour of solstice. So I was doing what my heart wanted to do you think?

Well, you should have been doing Kini. You should have been meditating. You should have been singing O or something. No, I was doing exact, my heart was following my heart early, early in the morning. That’s exactly what it wanted to do. And voila, there was a new technique just waiting. So see, it’s that kind of thing that multiplication new discoveries, new knowledge and awareness that is so Gemini.

So we’re still at 29 degrees for most of the day, but as it closes in on eight 30 Eastern tonight, we will start that transition. And then you’ll have actually a pretty quick transit. July 17th is when it ingress on into cancer. So. Pretty quick one, but take advantage of it. Oh, and taking advantage of one other thing.

Let me just put this out. Speaking of Venus, it’s in the morning sky, still along with Mars and the moon is up there right now and Jupiter. So you can see a great show in the morning sky. If you’re up early. All right. Got one other thing I’d like to just sneak in here real quick from Mindy. A question about our financial program on Saturday, she said, thank you.

We’ll keep it up. Absolutely. And she was asking if this could be a seven year cycle. So that would take us swell depending on when the cycle started. 20 27, 28, 29, 30. And through there. Big macro picture. We still are under the 250 year Pluto cycle that culminated with Saturn and Pluto in January of 2020, then a very key cycle that WD GaN, uh, incorporated into his financial astrology was the 20 year cycle.

That was that cycle that said that us presidents didn’t do so well on. 20 year cycles. So FDR in 1940 did not finish his term. JFK in 1960 did not finish his term. Reagan broke the pattern and George Bush broke the pattern. Now, as far as seven year cycles, we have two influences in astrology for seven year cycles.

One is the Uranian sign change, which happens every seven years. The last time Uranus changed signs was 2018. So right now it’s about halfway through TAUs. So that won’t change again until 2025. The other seven year division would be the Saturn square. So if you think about the Saturn return being at around 29 and a half, say 28, you’ve got a seven year window there, approximately of Saturn going one fourth of the way around the chart.

So the Saturn square would be a seven year pattern as well. The other big thing that we are watching are the solar arc patterns, and those are continuing to unfold. And those are more of a 20, 24, 25, 26 kind of timeframe. But if we back it all up to Saturn and Pluto, to me, that was, as I’ve said to me, it’s the equivalent of the ball drop in times square in New York city on new year’s Eve.

That was the era change. And these other micro moves within that are yes, certainly cycles. I don’t know that we’ve got a clear marker for a 20, 22 beginning a seven year cycle, but certainly if we go back to 2020, that was the pivot point of a new era on planet earth. Certainly no surprise that astrology has had its own Renaissance as that began and more and more and more people all the time are getting interested in this.

So if you have friends that are interested, Hey, turn, ’em onto the podcast. We’d love to have them. Listen in and see if they can pick up something from this. Thank you so much, Mindy for that question. Appreciate it. We’ll see you back tomorrow. We’ve got a, just a lunar change tomorrow. So we’ve got a fairly quiet chart after a wonderfully powerful day yesterday.