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June 20, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller. Let’s kick it off a new week here on June 20th. You know what that means? June 20th means the next day is June 21st, which is the summer solstice. . We’ve got a great week this week. Full of some really good aspects, pivot points as we’re talking about now.

And the following, I was looking into July and, oh my goodness. When we get into July, we are gonna be in business around here. It’s July 20, 22 is made for fun astrology aspects. We got a bunch of stuff going on. Hope you caught the financial special on Saturday. If you’re interested, if you’re not no big deal, but, uh, we had pretty good reviews, I think in the Facebook group where we had some good comments on fun astrology and subconscious mind mastery podcast listeners group in Facebook.

And then also just mention the fun astrology discord channel is really where the astrology conversation is going on spearheaded by the amazing Kristin Lawhead. But it’s just kind of interesting observing that Ray’s newsletter was of a heavier, more somber tone on the week that I decided to start doing it.

And I promise to keep fun astrology, light as possible, but also not to shy away from things that I see in the chart that are worth mentioning so that you and your family can have meetings check in with the home office as Heit says and make your own decisions. But I can assure you, it will always be tied to some very legit.

Analyzed astrology. Meanwhile, around here, we will keep looking two or three steps forward and one step back and try to keep the wheels on the bus. And then occasionally sprinkle in some what if up because it’s all going to work out for the best. That’s for sure. Well, this is a cool week to be looking ahead because obviously tomorrow is the summer.

If you’re in the Northern hemisphere, winter, if you are in the Southern solstice with the sun entering cancer, even though it happens early 5:14 AM Eastern time. We’ll talk about that more tomorrow on the day. Today is actually a fairly busy day, even itself, 3 46 this morning, 3 45 this morning, quarter to four Eastern time mercury sex tiles.

Jupi. Then today wraps up with a void of course, moon for just 25 minutes, starting at 11, 10 this evening, Eastern time. Last quarter of the moon starts one minute later at 1111. For those of you like who like sequential numbers and then the moon enters Aries at 1136 tonight, I will be in bed asleep and hopefully and then , and then we roll into tomorrow, which is super loaded.

I’m going to kind of be flagging these, especially since we’re skewing a little bit of financial focus. Tomorrow, Venus Tris, Pluto. And again, that’s early four, 23:00 AM. So we are in very much the applying energy of that right now, Venus trending Pluto, big financial potential pivot aspect as well. And then of course the.

Sun enters cancer at 5 0 8, the solstice officially at five 14. I’m gonna give you one more here. Venus enters Gemini on Wednesday. So we’ve got a big sign change with a planet, major planet, especially relating to financial astrology, which I’m kind of thinking again, could lead to a market pivot this week.

I don’t know. We’ll see. Maybe some of this downward track will stop for a little. In fact with that moon in Aries and then subsequently in Taurus, eh, actually this could be a fairly decent week, but we’ll have to see again, as Ray explained, who’s got the wheel. So I love that this little window of let’s say the next 48 hours is kicked off today by mercury sex tiling, Jupiter, because that brings a really nice positive element to our communication, to our own self talk and to our knowledge and understanding the knowing or the mind side of mercury.

And we are in Gemini season for one more day. So we’ve got the sun and also mercury at home. So just, I like the seasoning of that aspect. And then we go through the day today wrapping up the moon in Pisces. So we have our. Home office as I, I texted him it yesterday, thinking about the solstice very special time of year for him and said, you know, that normally they would be having a get together with his Kini community, which they’re not having this year.

But I said, you would’ve been plugged in with your high speed land cable to the home office. for a few days as that’s really what we’re talking about is this hypersensitivity of awareness. And the piecy moon just gives us more of that kind of energy and then today as well, because this is the last day of applying energy, Venus, Rines, Pluto threw another log on the fire.

I mean, this is getting really strong and powerful and that’s Venus and Pluto, probably two of the most influential financial planets. That’s why I’m saying is maybe there will be a shift because. The solstice is when the sun is obviously in June at its highest declination in the sky, the native Americans.

I love the native American traditions around the solstice. They’re just pure magic because they observed the sun slowing down, peeking out, rolling over. There’s your image for today and tomorrow. We’ve been talking about these pivot points in the chart, right? We get four of them when the sun changes into angular points in the chart.

So here we go again, moving from immutable to an angular sign processes of recreating, starting over, do overs, take twos, new projects, new illuminations, leaving. What was behind, behind. The moon is doing that in its rotation because it moves into a Cardinal sign. So, you know, what I guess we should do is really plug into this and detach from other things as much as we possibly can with whatever is realistic, but just.

For the next two days, especially three days really stay in this space of connected with our higher self, with our source, with the inner guide that is within us, that is illuminating our own paths and just kind of blocking the rest of the stuff out super special time to be connected with that energy in particular.

Have a great day. We’ll talk about the solstice specifically more tomorrow.