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June 17, 2022

Is it just me or is it like Gemini season is almost over it’s the 17th of July Thomas Miller. Hi, welcome to the fun astrology podcast. Thanks for stopping by. Let’s set up the sky. Talk about a couple of pivot points. In other words, daily aspects. I’m loving this. I am loving this pivot theme and we’ll talk about that.

Then answer a couple of listener questions and send you off into the weekend. So if you have Gemini business to conclude, including celebrating a birthday, you have it until through Monday, because about five 30 in the morning on Tuesday, we are caner season. And if you don’t think that’s a pivot, that’s like probably the monthly epitome that in the moon.

Right. We’ve got all these little nuances in the chart. All right. No new aspects today. The moon changes signs tomorrow. The void of course, and Capricorn. 2:50 PM tomorrow. And then the moon enters Pisces at 7:00 PM. These are Eastern Asheville, North Carolina times. So there’s certainly a pivot of energy, right?

From Sirius and dower and structural and getting things done to Lala Sunday, Sunday, LA LA land, because you get to float around like a butterfly and be piecy and be in the dream world. Be in the imaginary world, be in the. Ethereal world, but make sure that you are grounded and that you are telling the truth and that you are not believing deceptions either created by yourself or from others.

If you find yourself in that position, think pivot, go the other way. Don’t go the other way. Run the other way. the energy is with you. Use it. All right. And then Sunday, early, early, early, like midnight ish. So that’s Eastern time zone folks. Everybody else gets this at the end of the day, Saturday 12:06 AM.

Eastern time. Venus sextiles Neptune. That same Neptune that is ruling the moon on Sunday. I don’t know, but y’all that just seems to have a really kind of potentially hyper sensual tone to it. Those of you in intimate relationships. Well, I’m not gonna go there. Hey, Thomas, I had a question. Why is it that some people like myself can totally feel.

Full moons and their effects. And some people look at you like you’re crazy. And like, they have no idea what you’re talking about. Those people still feel it. They just don’t acknowledge it. Or I don’t know. There’s my question. Thanks. That’s Lacey, she’s the one who on Wednesday did the super Howell it was just so fun and great Lacy.

This is an excellent question. It’s been on my mind. So I’m really glad that you brought it. because it’s this whole thing of what do we feel and what are we sensitive to, I’ll give you the cookbook astrology answer is that you have some kind of aspect to probably your natal moon that activates these full moons, or maybe you were born on a full moon, but there’s some kind of correlation to these things triggering on a regular monthly basis, some aspect in your natal chart.

Now that’s the cookbook astrology answer. Then you have to apply that to your life. You have to look and see, is that really true in my life? Does it show up? Is it patentable? We don’t want things that just show up every now and then randomness. We want things that we can at least have some predictability.

I’ve had people ask specifically to always tell the void of course, times, because they’re so sensitive to it. I haven’t patterned that in my own life. So see, here’s one person who is hypersensitive to it. Here’s another, who may not be now. I think there’s another very important component to this and that is where are you spiritually?

Where are you on your journey? Because a lot of people, and I still am understanding this every day I get new insight into this is some people are just comat sleep. I mean, they are living in this reality, but this reality alone. So they don’t feel it because they’re just not in tune to it and they don’t care to be numb.

It. Fun it up, spend it up, sex it up, whatever it is to live almost hedonistic without any spiritual attunement whatsoever. That’s not you because you’ve found this. So at least you have some spiritual awareness. The other is that that frequency just doesn’t vibrate for them. So somebody could have spiritual attunement.

They might even be hyperspiritual very spiritual, but they don’t feel full moons or they don’t feel voids. Of course, or they don’t feel eclipses or whatever it is. And that’s not because of their path. It’s just because that’s not part of their spiritual journey. I think of my audiobook author, brilliant mentor.

I owe my life and this work, I wouldn’t be able to be talking to you. If it weren’t for Fred Dodson, I know he doesn’t follow this. He was not out hoing at the moon. And yet he is my spiritual teacher. What he tunes into is his own intuition. So I think that’s the basic combination it’s between what you might be aspected with.

In other words, energetically wired DNA wired from the sky where your natal energies lie versus what you’ve done with that. Where are you on your path? What kinds of things are you either consciously or subconsciously being sensitive to? Okay. I hope that helps Lacey. Thanks for a great question and for a wonderful how here’s one more.

Hi, Thomas. This is Candace and I am a pretty brand new listener to your podcast. So maybe this is a question that you answer. Um, but I am brand new to astrology and I am wondering how you. When a planet is in a certain sign based on what the actual sky looks like. Well, Candace, thank you for listening to the podcast.

Welcome. And thank you for finding astrology. I’m thrilled. This is something we’ve talked about. It’s in our fun astrology 1 0 1 course. If you’d like to take a website. And it’s something that I like doing periodically, because those of you who are practicing astrology are answering it with me.

Aren’t. So, yes, you are absolutely right. There is a difference between what we’re seeing on our chart. And then when you look at your star app on your phone, what constellation that object is that you’re following is in a different sign right now. Hinted at it yesterday. It’s called Prees P R E S E S S I O N Prees of the equinoxes.

And it’s easily searchable on Google. There are some diagrams. If you look at the images and a picture is worth a thousand words, but the short answer is that the Earth’s orbit is on a wobble. That wobble, magnifies as the earth orbits the sun and it completes every, are you ready for this 25,772 years?

Very, very slow. I use the typical Western tropical Zodiac system. That system begins with the spring Equinox. Steve Forrest went into this in depth, in the book of fire, part of the elements series. If you’d like to pick up the audio book that keeps us going around here, but yes, he talks about springtime the beginning of our tropical Zodiac.

It begins on the spring Equinox, regardless of what the wobble has been doing. The wobble affects the chart. One degree every 72 years now, Vata astrology is based on the cial system and that is the actual planet’s position in the skies. So things in our charts move backwards in tropical Zodiac. I am a six degree Scorpio Vidic I am 13 degrees Libra.

So the last time that tropical would have matched sidal. Was approximately 2000 years ago. And that now has moved to what we see as the offset of approximately 23 degrees. In other words, from 13 Libra up to zero degrees, Scorpio would be 17. And then add those six to where my son is now. And it would be 23.

I hope that makes sense. I really like the astrology king blog. It’s written by Jamie Partridge out of Australia, and he has an article entitled procession of the equinoxes. If you’d like to read that, it’s great from an astrological perspective. Hope that helps. And never, I never mind answering that question because we all get to participate and learn something every time tomorrow, Ray Marryman and let’s do some financial astrology and see where this goes.

And then of course, we’ll be back on Monday, check out old soul new soul. We’ll have some new episodes there and I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful weekend sending you love. Bye-bye.