June 13, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to a new week on the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller here. Thanks for joining us. It’s Monday, June 13th. You know what we have tomorrow? Don’t you? Oh, getting it warmed up. We’ll do the big one tomorrow. Yeah, let’s talk about that full moon for a second, because it’s going to be a doozy. This one is a super moon.

You probably have been seeing that. Have you seen why it’s because this June moon, this June full moon is in Perge meaning that the moon is the closest in its orbit to the earth. So it appears about 10% larger. Then an average full moon. Can I hear an amen or a howl? Oh, that’s worth howling about, so you know how typically we hear the moon is about 225,000 miles from earth.

That’s kind of a number that everybody throws down. Well, specifically, technically tomorrow it will be 220, 2098 miles from the earth. Actually that rounded up number of 250,000 is almost at Apogee because the moon’s farthest point from earth is 250, 2,500. And now, you know, aren’t you glad you got up early this morning to hear this that full moon will be in the sign of Sagittarius tomorrow.

I have it on my chart at 7:52 AM. That’s set to Asheville, North Carolina, and it will be at 23 degrees, 25 minutes. Opposite the sun. So the moon and Sagittarius the sun opposite in Gemini. We can talk more about this tomorrow. I wanted to mostly just go over the week today, but they are forming a T square to Neptune in this conjunction Neptune in Pisces.

And you know, I’ve had on my mind and I’ve just, I’m going to fight and resist not going into this today. Maybe we’ll go into it later in the week, but my mind is also on Friday’s market action. The stock markets between Thursday and Friday dropped nearly 5%. There are folks who follow lunar cycles in the markets.

And typically what you look at is from a new moon, the market contracts, and then bottoms out around three days before the full moon. And then after a full moon, the market expands and tops out about three days or so before a new. Now that is broadly general. It is not an absolute, just like everything there is elasticity, but I went back and looked since the January 3rd top of this market.

On every wave since as the market has been working its way down, every wave down has come after a new moon. And that’s exactly what happened last week. We’ll talk more about that in the middle of the week. I wanna spend the today and tomorrow on the moon, let’s stay with that. Now the other thing. Oh, couple of things.

First of all, Kristen is just, or Christie Ray, as she is in discord is just doing a fantastic job there. So if you kind of like what we’re doing here, she is picking up the conversation and continuing it in our fun astrology discord channel. She’s doing a far better job than I ever could, and is really engaging around all kinds of topics in there.

And she has other categories listed out. I mean, it is fantastic. So if you’d like another astrology resource, be sure to go on discord and join the fun astrology podcast page. She’ll pick it up and take it from there, but you can join in, in that conversation. It’s really cool, Christian. You’re doing an amazing job girl.

Thank. I know a lot of you have left questions for Robert Glasscock on SpeakPipe and those we are working our way through them. So we will get there now, mercury coming out of retrograde reenters, its home sign of Gemini at 1125 this morning. I am a Gemini rising and I am glad to have my chart ruling planet back home, even though it’s going to just be a fast three weeks.

I mean, it mashes the gas and moves right on through about three weeks. It’ll be in there, but this is a really wonderful time as we talked about when it moved in there, the first time for inspirations for just going out, you know, like I like to go hit the hiking trail. But whatever you do, go to the gym, go jog, go do yoga, go get a massage, whatever it takes to get you in that meditative kind of Zend out zoned out state is your mind will be communicating certainly aggressively, but if you have it under control, you can really get some good inspirations.

During this time, all things communication, full green light go mash the gas. Since mercury rules, knowledge, education, facts, the accumulation of facts, et cetera. I find it interesting that as it crosses into Gemini today, it will enter in a separating square from Saturn, which is in retrograde. And a separating trine from Pluto also in retrograde.

So if you look in your software, you’ll see kind of a V-shaped aspect coming off of mercury, both going to Saturn and Aquarius, and then next door in Capricorn Pluto. I just can’t help, but to think that maybe somehow, and this is going to be really fast and the aspect is separating. So I probably am stretching it a little bit here, but in some area in your life, there may be new discoveries, something that was hidden under Saturn and Pluto that might come to new light.

You might learn something about yourself or another that you didn’t know before. So, like I said, I’m kind of reaching deep for that one, but it is there. And if it hasn’t happened over the last few days, maybe this crossover into Gemini over the next few days, and it wouldn’t be long that this would hold because mercury moves quickly.

So this aspect will dissipate over this week, but just keep a, keep an eye out for that. You might learn something. So in the meantime, communicate head over to discord and check out, say hi to Kristen over there, Christy Ray and tell her what a great job she’s doing. And we’ll see you back tomorrow for you.

Got it. Oh,

have a great Monday.