July 4, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the fun astrology podcast for in the us independence day, July 4th, 2022. Thomas Miller. Thanks for stopping by. We’re going to keep this short and sweet snappy here for the holiday. But I did have a couple of things because tomorrow is the really big day of the week and it all happens.

Most of it in the morning before the podcast will even be released. Three big sign changes. We’ll talk about that in just. If you have questions for the rest of the week, just leave them on speakpipe@thetopleftcornerofthefunastrology.com website. Be a good week to answer some questions. When we last spoke on Thursday, I told you that I knew that I needed a break and boy did I, and it was a restful one.

And part of what happened. During this break is told over on the subconscious mind mastery podcast. So certainly you can check that out and just a really big, uh, personal thing that happened over the weekend. So I would invite you if you want to hear that story to check over there. Another amazing thing that happened over this weekend was with astrology.

Was talking to a new friend in my life who hadn’t looked at astrology that much was certainly aware of it, but not applied it. So didn’t know the exact birth time. Those of you who had been listening to old soul new soul with Robert know that it was in one of our first three episodes that he talked about this rectification technique using the mid-heaven to find key events in our life and then dial them in to the exact.

This is a story that happened many years ago. So healing has occurred, but I did also ask permission if this could be used. So there was a 30 minute window of time that was known with an approximate time in the middle of that window. So that’s where we began. It was a very key event in this person’s life.

It was the death of a male sibling that occurred when this person was 25 years old. So we took a look at the approximated guest time and saw that the mid-heaven, which is the element that we move back and forth to align it with key events in the life was sitting at 25 degrees Pisces. Looking directly across the chart, because I knew that this was the death of a sibling.

I went straight to the third house and there was Mars at 25 degrees in an exact opposition to the Midheaven. So I asked how old were you when your brother died? I was 25. I said, look down here and see, this is Mars. What degree is Mars at long silence, 25. You’ve got to be kidding me. It was a direct, exact correlation with that particular time.

The Midheaven did not have to be moved. and then strictly using Robert’s technique. I said, was this somehow related to the head Mars ruling the head long silence. It was death by suicide to the head. And of course this story wouldn’t be complete without the following conversation about fate versus free.

My answer to that was very clear to me is that this signified the possibility that this could happen, but it didn’t have to happen. There were other options. It could have taken another turn. And then that Mars at 25 degrees, would’ve been interpreted, uh, a different way. So this is the incredible power of the astrological chart brought right down to.

Determining a birth time based on something that happened many, many years ago, astrology is truly amazing. Now we have three big sign changes for tomorrow. Mars. First of all, enters tourists at 2:00 AM. Eastern time. Then right behind that 2:25 AM mercury moves into cancer immediately. 10 minutes later, it’s sextiles Mars, both sitting on those respective cusps.

Then at 2:00 PM tomorrow two in the afternoon, two’s a big deal tomorrow. We need to look up the numerology on that. The moon goes void. Of course. Four and a half hours, then it enters Libra at 6:24 PM. So you’ve got Mars, mercury, and the moon, the three M and Ms. in the chart are all changing signs tomorrow.

Obviously the one I’ve got my eye on is that Mars entering Taurus because TAUs is the money area and the markets , we will see God of war. What do you have in mind? We’ll talk about this more tomorrow and we’ll set up the entire month of July on tomorrow’s episode, you guys have a great rest of the holiday in the us sending love to everyone.

We’ll see you back tomorrow. Bye-bye.