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July 28, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Well, this is a big day. This is one we’ve been waiting for. Well, sort of several this week. This is one we’ve already cleared. One. Here is number two. And then number three will be Sunday, Monday. So really combining that into one. Hi, Thomas Miller. Welcome to the fun astrology podcast had a SpeakPipe message from one of you mentioning that she had just recently moved to North Carolina.

Said she had been drawn to the Asheville area and wondered where we’re originating. Well, we’re near there about 45 minutes west up in the mountains and we have a group coming next week. The August trip, people start arriving mid next week and we will be recording podcasts ahead, but oh my goodness.

That’s going to be a wonderful time. And then. The October trip is still wide open. If you’d like to take a look at coming up here and hanging out for fall colors, two of our birthdays will be in October mine, and one of our other participants. If you’d like information on that, go to fun. Let’s look up above our heads and see what we are dealing with this morning. The moon entered Leo. So now we have that double fire fire. The sun was already there. The moon is moving into position. The new moon in Leo is at 1:56 PM. This afternoon. So as you are getting up, you are right there in the middle of that new moon energy first thought this morning, what would you like to create?

The sun is at home. The moon is tolerating. The heat. talk about the hot summer. Well, we’ve got it hot in August in fiery Leo. So seriously, what would you like to have come into your life? Be thinking about that? And the other big thing that happens today is that Jupiter stations retrograde that’s at 4 37 this afternoon.

It’s gonna be a long one. It’s gonna be a really long one because November 23rd right now from this perspective, seems like about 10 years away. Doesn’t. But on this retrograde, Jupiter will return back into Pisces on October 28th. Not very far, it makes it a degree in a few minutes, basically. So 28 47 is where it turns back around.

Then it exits Pisces for good in late December. If you have a spiritual project that you are working on, we’re going to be moving toward that. So be sure to capture that November, December energy related to your spiritual practice or spiritual project, or maybe if it’s something that you’re creating a new business that involves spirituality, maybe you want to start reading or doing terror or doing Reiki or doing astrology and be some good support for that toward the end of the.

A lot of people ask about Jupiter retrogrades. So does this mean that my life is on hold until the end of the year? No, not at all. Not at all. First of all, the planets are guides. They’re not puppeteers. We’re not hanging on a string from these guys. Here’s another way to think about it. It’s your birthday, your friends and family want to take you out to celebrate.

So you pick your favorite restaurant. It’s Italian and you load up on wonderful Italian food. It’s rich, but boy, it sure does taste good. Going down little Terra, MASU for dessert, lots of good stories, memories, accolades, and wishes for the year ahead. And then what do you need more than anything in the world?

A nap, right? But it’s dinner time. You need to not Gorge for about the next three days. Your body needs it. Your digestive tract needs a break. And that’s perfectly healthy. So in the cycles of our life, we need sometimes for expansion to digest, it’s not healthy to always be pushing forward and not taking that step back for evaluation.

I hope you have a morning routine to that effect where you do that on a daily rotational basis. We do it following the moon patterns where twice a month, at least we stop to reflect on the moon’s position relative to the. We create and then we release and then we create and we release, it’s a cycle.

It’s a beautiful cycle. So in this retrograde, this retracement mode until the end of November, look at your plans. Look at the year ahead. Look at the year behind. Good friend of mine who happens to be a physician says, take a look at the last 18 to maybe 24 months of your life. And most of the time for most people, you can project that out over the next 12 to 18 months.

In other words, really, we don’t fundamentally change that much unless of course the pain is too great and you have to change. But if you want to think about what life might look like for the next two years, just look back over the last two years. And that’s pretty much, you can expect a stamp of that forward, but then you say, wait a minute.

That’s the point here. You don’t have to relive the past because as conscious creators, following the map, the Google map of our soul, our life treasure, we understand these key points while they’re happening and we take advantage of them. And this one’s actually really good because Jupiter is in a fire sign.

As it’s stationing to go retrograde, it’s going to go back and retouch its own turf. Kind of like the very touching pictures we’ve seen of our service men and women. Kissing their spouses, as they embark to the jet way to leave for in this case for Jupiter, 12 years before it gets back to its spiritual home of Pisces, then it will be setting its sites on Aries.

Again, where I think is new beginnings and new buildings and new expansions of a new consciousness. Don’t, you know, that’s what’s going on right now. So the whole thing. Is how are you going to prepare for the next wave for the next phase? What is stuck? What needs to be unstuck, what new positionings for new opportunities and the new future is going to await you and how are you going to be positioned in it?

Looking back over the last 18 months saying, yeah, let’s just roll it forward. Or are you looking ahead and making new creations, especially under this new moon in where in fiery go touch the world. Leo. Absolutely. Let yourself roar with new creations and leave the past behind hope. This helps have a great celebration of this Thursday, July 28th.

We’ll see you tomorrow.