July 26, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the fun astrology podcast for Tuesday, July 26th. Marking the day today. This one’s going to be interesting. Are you ready for this? We’ve been talking about it. So the big time is 2:00 PM this afternoon, at least according to Mike charts, set to Asheville, North Carolina. And the Astro gold calculations set for the nodes of the moon is to the mean calculation or basically the average calculation of the nodes of the moon.

Why do we average them? Why would that calculation exist? Well, it’s basically because the nodes are erratic on their movement around that ecliptic intersection point, you can choose to smooth it. It’s the calculation. Steve Forres uses for his evolutionary astrology work, looking at our collective journey.

Our soul’s path doesn’t want that gritty of detail of the nodes of the moon. So today at 2:00 PM, Eastern, that average calculation Uranus conjoins the north node at 18 degrees, 34 minutes in TA. And as that is happening, Mars is four degrees away at 14 degrees tos. Now, why? I think it’s important to understand this window is because today, Tuesday, all the way to Sunday, and then Monday we are applying toward or waxing toward or growing toward when the actual position of that node in the sky, the true node position conjoins Uran.

And then Monday Mars, which is sitting right next door, gets them, both hits the north node in the afternoon, Uranus in the evening, I’m thinking of a Batman movie, pow wham, zap . And with Uranus, it’s going to be a surprise, whatever it is. And since we’re talking about the nodes of the moon, we’re in a moon wobble that culminates on August 10th when the sun squares that nodal axis.

And that always brings some interesting, fun and games to the party as well. All right. So what are the possibilities here? Well, one is, this is a stage setter for something that might be embedded in the consciousness that could happen later, but we go right on by and nothing happens. That’s possibility.

One second possibility would be the opposite of that. Something really big and really surprising. And because it’s Mars, it could be, you know, along those lines of Mars, darker characteristics, conflict war tension. All right. So two possibilities, two extremes. What else? Well, we kind of queued up something could happen later.

Maybe something paired with the eclipse even. I mean, that’s a little bit far down the road for this, but maybe this puts something into the space somewhere that collectively we’re not aware of that dominoes and triggers down the road. The other thing is that this could be more of a, just an interpersonal aspect, not a collective one.

And let’s put this in pure. Positive consciousness terminology. Okay. So this is, you are riding on the positive side of all aspects. Well, Taurus rules, money, Uranus rules surprises. Did you ever get money under the door when you were a kid, or did you ever get a surprise envelope that had a big check in it?

Did boss ever call you into the office and say, uh, I need to meet with you at one 30. There’s something we need to talk about and gave you a 50% raise. I mean, Mars is big. Mars is expansion. Mars is Aries. Mars is let’s start a big project and follow it through. Remember, like we talked about yesterday, Jupiter is sitting there in Mars sandbox.

So if you’re on the positive side of this and you are choosing expansion and great things to begin, then you’ve got Jupiter on your side right there. Boom. And remember yesterday we said that this is all sex to Venus. The love planet and the moon is at home in cancer. Guys, if you’re listening and you set intentions, get some wonderful finger food, a Jupiter sized bouquet of flowers, sneak in and draw her bathwater.

Put that beautiful meditation music on with some candlelight. And both of you will thank me and the planets in the morning. Venus love the moon at home. Mars Mars is not only the God of war. It’s God of something else. And Uranus hoo. You’re welcome already. Ladies, if your man is not conscious. Well, just tell him to listen, tell him to listen.

We’ll take care of him. we’ll get him there. All right. You guys have a great day. Thank the positive sides of these aspects and enjoy your bath.