July 25, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller on Monday, July 25th. Glad you are here. Let’s start pivot week. that’s really what this is going to be is a pivoting week in the sky because some things are going to be aligning and happening this week. Then as we roll into August, it really is almost just a name change of the month because the energy in the sky continues.

Right. It kind of is boom, boom, boom. For the first three weeks of August and mostly what’s happening is these breakaway planets, these faster moving breakaway planets. So mercury the sun Venus in particular. Are getting in position to aspect the slow movers. So that first bunch of mercury sun Venus, and then Mars will come behind it.

Sex tiling, squaring trining, and then opposing Pluto, Saturn Neptune, Jupiter, and even Uranus. Little bit later on. So that’s the big picture of what we’re going to be expecting. And of course that even sets the stage for the upcoming eclipses in late October, early November. Let’s take a look at a couple of key things this week coming up, and then we’ll talk here for a minute.

I just wanted to visit with you guys about something that I’m seeing going on out there a lot right now. So for today, we’ve already had the big one today. Venus in cancer squared, Jupiter in Aries talking about one of those squares, two 13 this morning. So the two ancient good guys, Jupiter and Venus.

Little bit of friction going on under their roof right now, Venus feeling very caner, little bit emotional, little bit grounded, little bit homey, wanting peace and Jupiter in Aries. Like monkeypox seriously mean that’s Jupiter starting to slow down, starting to say, Hey, I’m going back to Pisces. Yo yoyo.

See Jupiter, doesn’t go back to Pisces until the end of October, but I’m starting to really zoom this camera out now because I think we have to start looking at between now and the end of the year as a big macro really. So even though we’re not there yet, we’re waxing into all of these things, including the eclipses.

So it really is fitting these micro parts into the much bigger macro picture, which is very critical right now in interpreting these bigger things that are going on. The other thing today is a very long void. Of course it goes nine and a half hours begins this morning at four 14 until the moon enters cancer at 1:53 PM.

Eastern time that moon coming home will certainly help Venus with its square to Jupiter right now. And that really leads me to the other thing that I wanted to talk about. And that is how many of you are feeling angst, right? So, not only have I been hearing it, but I too had a couple of days with it late last week and into the weekend.

Mine was more the general kind of angst. I felt on September 10th, 2001, many of you don’t know that story, but I felt just this quake of tension the evening before, it was just for a split second, just for a minute. But I was with a group of people and I mentioned it and they were all calling the next day, asking how in the world did you, what did you know?

You know, it’s like, whoa, because I was right there with what was getting ready to happen. So it was more of that kind of angst for. I’ve heard everything from panic attacks to just feeling off to bouts of depression, spoke to my son over the weekend and he’s right smack in the middle of his first Saturn return and is going through some challenges himself.

So I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers for him. His name is David. You know, this tension is quite vividly depicted right here in the chart, in this square between Venus, which just by itself, loves peace and harmony and love. And healthy relationships itself in the sign of cancer ruled by the moon soul emotions, our inner self, our subconscious, the very soulful essence of who we are.

Put those together. You get this picture of just wanting this loving harmony, this home cancer, the home, the crab carries its home. We want peace in the land. We want peace in our world. We want to look out and see hopefulness. And there’s Jupiter in Aries, expanding everything. It touches fiery Aries ruled by Mars, the God of war Mars sitting over there right next to Uranus.

In fact, the, a version of the Uranus north node conjunction happens tomorrow afternoon when it conjuncts the mean node or the average node, if you will, of the north node of the. Which, as we say, we’re under this moon, wobble is in this waxing, upcoming square with the sun August 10th. So there’s Jupiter sitting over there in Mars sandbox where it just left, not too long ago saying you go for it, buddy.

I got you on the backside. And probably kind of wondering if being in Aries is not more fun than coming from its home sign of PIs. Could it be saying, you know, in Pisces I have to be all good and I have to be religious and spiritual and everything. And over here in Aries, I can be a bad boy, especially with the owner of that sign Aries being over in Taurus, where it went in with a bang stock market dropped about 800 points that day before finally recovering some in the afternoon.

So do you see or feel that tension? And, you know, the moon has been going over all of this over the last week. So as the moon has been transiting, everything from Capricorn, Pluto, Aquarius, Saturn, Pisces, Neptune, Aries, Jupiter, and Chiron. You see the picture here. It’s almost like the moon traversing. All of this has brought the conflict of this chart straight into the heart of our own emotions.

I can almost feel the emotion of Venus sitting there with its arms. Just open wide, looking back at zero degrees cancer saying moon Luna, please come in here. I need a big hug. So that’s what we get to do for the next couple of days. So with the moon at home, Let’s just give ourselves a big hug to couple of days of processing, couple of days of just being with it, couple of days of self love and just knowing that it’s all going to be okay.

I mean, we’re going to get through it. We’re going to get through it one way or another and it’s all going to be just fine. We will be supporting each. So let the conflict be. The world is changing Saturn and Pluto are doing their thing and we are awake to all of it. And we’ll be watching and guiding and directing as the chart shows us the best paths.

All right. Take a big lunar fresh breath. See you tomorrow. Have a wonderful Monday. Bye-bye.