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July 14, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the fun astrology podcast. Let’s do this Thursday, July 14th, Thomas Miller O no, not today. That was yesterday. But did you get to see it? You know, I saw that it looked like especially Tuesday night, last night, most of the United States was under cloud cover. So if you got a good moonshot from the full moon and you’re in our discord group, drop it in our discord group, we’d love for you to show it off or our Facebook group.

So how do you find those. On Facebook, it’s subconscious mind, mastery, podcast, listeners and fun astrology podcast, listener long group name, just type in subconscious mind mastery podcast. You’ll, you’ll find us it’s private groups, but, uh, the discord channel is open. You can subscribe to that. And that is where the ongoing astrology conversation particularly.

Continues. So that’s just the fun astrology podcast on discord. But yeah, if you have a good picture of the full, I know a picture, never does it justice, but drop it in there. We’d love to see it now. Shorter episode today, longer tomorrow. I didn’t get to all those listener questions on Sunday. So we have basically a fairly quiet sky tomorrow.

So let’s do them tomorrow. That gives us today. And really the theme today is exactly what we’ve been talking about this week. Now, frame up and watch the, I got a funny story on this. I’ll have to tell you Venus squaring Neptune today, and then the aspects, the big one, really the Rines between the sun and mercury trining NEPT.

You know, I’ve tried little fits and starts to do some video. And I am it’s in the back of my mind. I just have to figure out how to make it work, but I do scroll TikTok. Now it kind of got me addicted and I’ve got my little algorithm program to what I like to see. So in scrolling TikTok, um, somebody popped up and they were talking about.

Watch for lies and deceptions over this next week. I’m like, you must be listening to this podcast or she’s tuned into the same thing, man. That is it. And it wasn’t an astrology person that was talking. It was something else, but that’s the theme is watch for it. But Sunday’s aspect is this trying. So I’m saying if we hop over the square today, we get past that Venus square Neptune.

Remember we mentioned the other day, finances, relationships, money, beauty, art, et C. And with that square, the inspiration could flow out of the crisis or the challenge or the scratchiness, the difficulty, if you will. So always this weekend be watching for both the shadow side is the deception. The positive side is the pure God-given inspiration.

It’s that inspiration that comes from the soul. So that Venus aspect happened at 1 23 this morning. That’s behind us. The other thing that’s basically behind us is the moon entering Aquarius. So for most of you picking this up, not the 3:00 AM Eastern time release, but for most of you picking this up that has already happened.

Moon is in Aquarius, pulling away from Pluto. So the full moon energy now will be diminishing slowly at first, then even moving towards Saturday’s quarter moon. For those of you keeping score, there is one other mercury sex tiles, the north node of the moon. Of course, that’s the follow up to the sun sex, dialing it a couple of days.

Now I’m gonna scoot outta here. I got a couple of things I need to do for my radio show, but that sets us up. The big eyes are on the sun, mercury trying to Neptune. All right. So the inspiration point of view, I love it. I love these inspiration aspects. So we’ll take the shadow to get the positive. Have a good day.

We’ll be back with listener questions tomorrow. I can’t wait to answer the one on the St. Oh, I love St. See you tomorrow, guys. Have a great day.