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July 11, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the fun astrology podcast for a day, that is going to be memorialized as a big day. We’ve had a number of these together over the last three years or so three and a half years that we’ve been doing this, but Monday, July 11th is going to be a big day. Why? Well, because it is the second of three.

Complete to the minute Pluto returns back to the United States chart. This year, the first was February 20th. The last will be December 28th. And also on that one, there’s a yacht in the chart involving Mars, the south. No, to the moon and the sun. No, I’m not kidding. So this hit at 1 0 2 this morning. Of course, Eastern.

Here’s what’s interesting. So this happens at 27 degrees, 33 minutes, Capricorn. So it landed there at 1 0 2 this morning, and it will stay that way all the way until exactly 6:00 PM. Tonight, Eastern time, then it moves retrograde to 32 minutes. So one minute of astronomical time takes today. 17 hours on Pluto’s current or.

Now, you know, we said back in February that the day itself, February 20th would come and go, well, it did the 20th, but what happened on February 24th, Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, you know, we should have known right then because of how close it was to the Pluto return that this would involve the United States a lot more than it appeared initial.

Now the other significant thing today, especially in context of all of this, the moon during this second Pluto return will be in the late degrees of Sagittarius, but not void of course yet. So it still has several aspects through the day, including Arine with Kyron. An opposition to Venus sextile, to retrograde Saturn and a square to retrograde Neptune, all of that happening with the moon today, then it goes void of course, in Sagittarius at 25 degrees, 24 minutes before moving into Capricorn tomorrow morning at 5:01 AM.

And note that the United States simply chart is a Sagittarius rising chart. So the moon in S the second Pluto return, then the moon moves into Capricorn where the second Pluto return takes place, where it will be full on Wednesday afternoon at 2:37 PM. Full moon in Capricorn. Now I wanted to speak to something here for the rest of our time that came up over the weekend on our Facebook group, subconscious mind mastery and fun astrology podcast listeners group in Facebook.

Sarah in there. Put a post that I thought was just so provocative. She said, this was Saturday afternoon. How has everyone’s emotional level been this week? And she said that she had been crying at literally everything. Anybody else as I’m recording this 23 comments. Most of them, not all, cuz I had one in there announcing healing, convergence, but most of them along that same line and that is what we did healing convergence on last night, if you couldn’t make it, the recordings are both in that Facebook group page or on our YouTube channel fun astrology podcast.

So I mentioned the Pluto return. Second today. We also, if you look at the solar arc charts, Pluto is in very key configurations with other critical points in the us chart. Two more times. I’m not going to elaborate on that here. We’ve talked about it in some ways, but just know that it is also very prominent in the United States solar arc chart.

You know, I know you wouldn’t be here. If you didn’t believe that astrology is significant and a guiding force in our lives, the symbolism over the United States right now is Plutonian transformation, death, and rebirth. It also is around power. Pluto always represents powerful things. So I don’t know yet how that quite plays out and how that fits in, but you can certainly see the seeds of the transformation.

This also of course, accompanied by the gigantic alignment in the sky. Back on January 12th, 2020, when Saturn and Pluto conjoined in Capricorn first time since 1518, which began the Protestant reform. So I think we do have to set our mindset that what we’ve known as normal, all of our lives, whether you’re a teenager in your twenties, maybe just finishing college, looking at the future.

If you’re up here on the Northern end of the timeline of life, looking back, then we’re all just having to reframe what normal or what our future expectations. And yes, we are feeling it shifts are happening. And because you are listening to this, you are somebody who is trying to follow a conscious path.

So you’re more in tune and you’re feeling it for some, these are exciting times. A lot of people say scrub, the old system, it’s all broken. None of it works anymore. It’s all bought and paid for by not you and me. So let’s get it back. And the prospect of that is exciting. For others, the digitalization of everything, the world, moving to apps and technology.

And with that, a valid concern of privacy is scary. And that is certainly valid. So we are all seeing this through the lenses of our own perspective. And that’s why I say, I think right now, what we need to focus on is letting go of expectations. And most importantly, taking care of ourself. A really good time for self-care making sure you’re getting the sleep you need, making sure you are spending some time in meditation.

Like every day, journaling, eating nutritious, whole living, live food that nourishes your body at the cellular level. All important right now, watching what you put in your body. Additionally, and that’s all I’ll say there, you follow your heart and your soul and you’ll be. And then listening to that inner voice, we’ve put up some really amazing podcasts over the last week on subconscious mind mastery.

So if you haven’t heard those, I would really encourage you to go catch the last four or five number five is a meditation, but the last four before that, so, wow. Well, you know what I think of those famous words, let’s roll. We all chose to be here. We all picked this time to be on the planet. We could have delayed it.

We could have gotten outta here before we’re still here. So let’s roll. And I think of our favorite expression around our Facebook group now, too. What if up, what if it all worked out beautifully, wonderfully? We’ve got to hold on to love. And that’s what you’ll hear mostly here. All right. You guys take care.

Have a good day to see you back tomorrow.

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