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August 16, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

All you know, the tale of two cities, the novel written by Charles Dickens around the French revolution. We have a tale of two cities in the chart today. Let’s talk about that. Hi, Thomas Miller on the fun astrology podcast for Tuesday, August 16th. Well, and just sitting here, looking at the chart and I’m thinking, well, we do have two things going on here that are worth noting.

So the exact aspect of today we talked about yesterday really is mercury is shining Uranus. Part of that one, two, well, three punch as it hit the north node yesterday, Uranus today, and then Mars in a couple of weeks kind of has to go hunt Mars down now. So that’s one dynamic going on in the chart. And we think about who is in control of the chart right now.

And I would absolutely think that we would have to agree. Uranus is why. Well, because it is stationing to go retrograde next week. So it’s slowing down, so it’s getting stronger and once it goes retrograde, it will be returning to that square with Saturn. They will once again, be pointed toward and moving toward each other.

They have three degrees to close, which they do in early October, yet down to 18 degrees and the minutes close there in the first couple of days of October. So once Uranus makes the turn next week into retrograde, those two will be pointing toward each other. That will be the fourth time. That they have been in the same degree now they won’t get there by minutes, but 18 degrees.

And you remember, they hit exact three times last year, and this is the same aspect that was there during the great depression during the civil war and during the revolutionary war we’re in that same phase. Of the Uranus cycle saw an interesting video on that. In fact, while I was kind of convalescing over the weekend, wasn’t an astrology video, but it was so close to the Uranus cycle.

It was talking about the 80 year cycle. Well, as you know, Uranus orbits the sun in 84 years and it was breaking those those 80 years down into four 20 year sections. See here’s where astrology messes you up watching something like that. I’m yet. Yep. Those are the uist squares. there they are. But obviously it’s a coming out of the ashes phase is the first one, basically.

And then we hit the pinnacle and then we start to decline and then we hit the crisis was the fourth of their fourth stages of the cycle. and obviously we are in the fourth stage, the fourth 20 year bracket that began in 2020 of the Uranus phase or this Uranus cycle, this 80 year cycle that began after world war II.

So there’s the argument for Uranus being the dominant dog on the block for right now in this chart. But in our tale of two cities, we do have the two Benefic planets, Venus and Jupiter are moving into Arine alignment with each other. So we get to enjoy that energy between now and Thursday. So let’s count points here.

Jupiter is in, uh, Aries at eight degrees. Then Venus is over in Leo to fire signs, right in trying at five degrees. So if you have woken up over the last day or two with a really strong desire to get something done, to move something forward, to start or complete a project, well, you have a really good tailwind at your back to get that.

Aries Leo, put it out there. And when you get a wonderful, juicy trying between the two bene planets in the chart, let’s take it because this was one of the reflections as I’ve been pondering over my own situation over the last few days seems that the pace of things is getting faster. Isn’t it? So we have to anticipate faster and we have to react faster.

This trying helps us remember that it’s all about action, Jupiter in Aries. It’s all about putting it out there, Venus in Leo. And it’s about finding a really good, wonderful aspect in this chart and leaning into it. In other words, taking faster action. Now that’s ahead of that’s ahead of two things that we need to take note of in TAUs.

Because the next thing that Venus is going to do is square. Those Taurus planets, the north node, and Uranus. Then the Mars square will take place in Gemini and Virgo, Mars and Venus both will have changed signs by the time they catch up with each other. Speaking of TAUs. We have a moon headed in that direction.

Four, 18:00 PM. Eastern today, the moon goes void. Of course. And then it crosses the county line into TAUs at 10:22 PM. Don’t you love the precision of all of this? don’t say that the spiritual realm is not precise. It is. Precise. All right. Got a couple of quick announcements. Fred Dodson put a video on YouTube yesterday.

I grabbed and asked him if I could make a podcast out of it. So it’s also a subconscious mind mastery podcast now, but it’s on self muscle testing and boy did he nail it? So the title of the video is self muscle testing, true versus false. And it’s under his own Frederick Dodson YouTube channel. And then it’s also podcast number 3 0 4 on subconscious mind mastery.

The other thing is I’m getting all the details wrapped up on the October birthday bash trip to North Carolina. Yeah, what we did just before was our kind of our beta run. Right. And now we’re going to have the big October birthday bash. We have several birthdays, including my own that we’re going to be celebrating.

So if you would like more information on that, go to fun, at the top of the page as the red. Click on that. And it will take you right to that little landing page where you can also make reservations at the hotel where the group is staying, or you can stay someplace on your own. All the details are there.

If you’d like to come join us, we would love to have you all right. Am I feeling better? Yes. Thank you. Just a little bit. Crawling back. Got a little walk in yesterday. So we’re making progress here, so thank you for that. All right, we’ll see you back now. Listen, if you got a speak pipe question. Go ahead and put that in the top of the fun astrology page as well.

See, you guys have a great Tuesday back tomorrow.